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When two worlds collide, miracles happen. That’s precisely what happened with Afghan Haze. Combining two strains with their roots closely tied to the origin strains equates to a powerhouse hybrid – sativa that will lift users up and gently bring them back down to earth. Packed in each premium seed is a robust plant ready to grow into a bud that has upwards of 25% THC and around 2% CBD. Flowering in as little as ten weeks, this strain combines the best of both worlds. Which will impress nearly anyone who has had the chance to try it.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 25%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield350-450g m/2
Outdoor Yield350-450g per plant
Flower Time10 weeks
EffectsHappines, Relaxation, Creative
Aromas & FlavorsHerbal, Pine, Peppery, Woody
TerpenesMyrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Phellendrene, Eucalyptol, Alpha Humulene, Phytol, Valencene, Borneol

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Afghan Hase is a strain that combines the famous Haze sativa strain and the infamous Afghan. If you are not aware, Afghan is as close to the origin strain that you can possibly get in today’s modern world. Haze has also earned its spot in the cannabis hall of fame, thanks to its impressive children. Afgan Haze combines the best qualities of these to incredible strains and improves in nearly every aspect. This tremendous strain has 22-25% THC and < 2% CBD. If you are looking for cannabis seeds that will add a special touch of magic to your grow, you will most certainly want to purchase Afghani Haze Photo Fem seeds. One of the best ways to acquire these babies is to buy Afghan Haze in our always popular 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack. You won’t be disappointed when you see the yields that come out of this combo-hitting plant. If you are an indoor cultivator, you will be looking forward to 350-450g/m2 come harvest time. If you feel left out, well, outdoor growers, rejoice as you can expect to pick 350-450g per plant. Thanks to the indica genetics of this strain, it produces beautifully. The buds are dark green, and depending on the climate, might even have some purple streaks flowing through the almost crimson-colored kief-covered buds. Afghani Haze is the ultimate in hybrids thanks to its incredible lineage. Beyond the obvious, such as excellent yields and a phenomenal THC and CBD, this strain’s hidden talent is just how tasty the dried flowers are. If you like the forest and all its smells, you will adore this strain. Each puff feels like you are walking up a mountain path that’s full of lush life.

How to Germinate Afghani Haze Photo Fem Seeds

There are many ways to germinate Afghani Haze Photo Fem Seeds, but there is one method that has been the norm for as long as people have been popping seeds. For this method, you will need to prepare a few things. The first item you will need is a flat service that you won’t mind getting a bit wet. Next, get a couple of sheets of paper towel and run them under some water until they are just a touch damp. You don’t want it to be dripping water all over the place, which might drown the seeds. Now that you have all the required items, lay down one of the damp paper towels on the surface and carefully take the seeds out of their packaging. Use tweezers if you can, as the oils in your hand might damage the integrity of the seed. Take the seeds and place them on the paper towel next to each other. Make sure you leave about two inches so that they have enough room to burst forth from. Now that you have placed each seed with enough room between them on the paper towel, the next step is to take the other damp sheet of paper towel and place it over top of the sleeping wonder seeds. Double-check to make sure that each seed is adequately covered with enough space between them. Now that you have your germination tray all set up. The final step is to take the surface and place it in a dark, cool area. A cupboard or even a spare room will do. Now put the seeds in there and let them work their magic. It will take around 3-5 days. Each day make sure to check on them. Once the taproot pops out, you will know they are ready.

Growing Afghan Haze From Seed At Home

Growing Afghan Haze from seed is a unique and thrilling experience. Since this strain is one of our feminized seeds, there will be little worry about having to dig through a large batch of seedlings to see which ones are female and which ones aren’t. Since you are growing this strain at home, you will want to make sure that your grow room has a good amount of space between the floor and the ceiling. As this is a sativa hybrid, you can expect it to reach upwards and stretch out like the lanky beast that it is if your room is all set up with lights and vents. The next thing you will want to do is start the germination process. Once you have germinated your seeds, plant them in whatever growing medium that you are using. This is where the fun begins. If you are using LED lights, switch them to a nice cool blue color. This will help the plants in their beginning stages of growth. As the palaces mature, slowly make the light warmer and warmer. Once Afghani Haze has entered its flowering stage, switch the lights to red or even far-red. While you are going through the growing process, try and maintain a schedule of when you go and visually inspect the plants. If you are watering by hand, that’s a great time to just flip over leaves to check for pests or cut some dead leaves off the plant. Come harvest time, and you will be glad that you took the extra care because you will be greatly rewarded. Your grow room will be filled with green treasure, and your bounty will be just as impressive as the dank buds, with most producers yielding 400 grams per meter squared.

Flowering Time For Afghan Hase Feminized

While the vegetative phase is the foundation for healthy, robust, and vigorous plants, most people look forward to the flowering stage much more. It’s plain to see why, in the veg phase, you get to watch the plants slowly mature, which, while neat, can be a tad bit too tame for many people. When people think of growing cannabis, most people will envision giant colas, buds covered in a thick layer of trichomes, and the thick scent of skunky cannabis wafting through the air. When Afghan Hase crosses the threshold of vegetative and moves into flowers, your grow room energy will change drastically. Much like the transformation of the plants, your lighting should change as well. Turning all LEDs to red or far-red will help boost the production of buds. Making the turn into giant nugs dangling from sturdy branches because of the love you put into the plants while it was in the vegetative stage. Once the Afghan Haze has reached flowering, it will only take ten weeks for it to finish its flowering stage. Those weeks will fly by as you await the moment that the buds are fully plump and ready to be picked. Chop down your beautiful trees and get ready to dry and cure. Once that has been completed, it’s time to sample your delicious buds. Watching pot seeds slowly transform from the peppercorn-sized pebble and then into the giant cannabis plants that you see near the end of the flowering cycle is a reward all on its own. If you happen to be looking to spruce up your garden to be able to watch hundreds of different strains grow and flower, our 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack is now ready to be delivered right to your door.

What Makes Afgan Haze Strain Popular?

A Haze is a truly remarkable and incredible strain with its parents being so close to the origin strain, and it’s easy to see why this strain has become so popular all around the world. The sheer relaxing vibe of the indica Afghan being crossed with the energetic sativa Haze has to go on to be one of the best combos that have ever been made in cannabis. The tastes and aroma of both those strains mingle together in perfect harmony. From the rich earthly fist taste to the spicy afternotes on the exhale. As for the fragrance of this strain, it’s truly unlike anything you have smelt with cannabis before. When growing, it will make your room smell like a misty morning, and when dried and cured, the fresh smell of trees is so strong that it will seep through almost any bag. This is a strain that seems as if it was made for consumers. It’s not just a delectable treat though. The THC and CBD of this plant also appear to work in perfect harmony. With THC in the mid-twenties and CBD floating around the two percent mark, this strain is popular with both new and old users alike. The CBD tames the THC making the experience of smoking Afghan Haze a truly well-rounded and wholesome one. Besides being the offspring of two of the most famous cannabis strains around, this strain has become very popular with growers as well. This is all thanks to its massive output and pest and disease resilience. This is a perfect strain for growers who are taking their first steps into the world of cannabis cultivation. Sometimes the stars align, and when two major cannabis strains have a child, it can be hit or miss. This time, however, it’s a home run.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Afghani Haze Photo Fem

If you have ever had the blessing to try either the Afghani or Haze by itself, then you might be expecting it to have a similar taste. Afghani has a very kushy and earthy smell and taste to it. At the same time, the Haze has a very light, almost berry aroma. Normally, strains seem to lean one way or the other but this gifted strain seems to want to carve its own legacy and destiny. The first scent you will notice while it is growing is a light herbal smell. This herby smell will be ever-presence present no matter what stage of development the plant is in. It will even transfer over to the dried flower, although it will only exist in fragrance as once the flowers have appropriately cured, a whole slew of powerful new flavors and smells will emerge. One of the most potent aromas that are transferred over to the taste is the overwhelming woody taste. Many people report that it leaves them feeling like they just ate a whole forest. To complement this woodsmen vibe is the strong presence of pine. This bouquet of forest power will bring you back to when you were a child first exploring nature and breathing in the fresh mountain air. Now one thing that you wouldn’t expect from this strain is the premise of an aura that adds a bit of kick to each puff or each smell of the fresh buds. This peppery explosion that darts in and out of each toke can sometimes be missed, but if you spend enough time with this plant, it will reveal itself to you as your tastebuds acclimatize. It will, however, leave you second-guessing that idea of having a giant toke out of a bong.

Effects of Afghan Haze Feminized

The strain Afghan Haze is as if two meteorites crashed into each other and disintegrated into a beautiful array of effects that will sweep you up and bring you on a star-studded adventure. Since this strain is a sativa leaning hybrid, you can expect most of the effects to be cerebral. The Afghan genes are incurably strong, so while this will feel mostly sativa high, there is a deep sense of relaxation guiding the experience. You will not feel overly tweaky like how some sativas can leave you. Since you will feel so calm and relaxed, it will be rather easy for you to slip into positive emotions as the stress washes away. The most commonly reported feeling this strain provides is a sense of happiness and a general aura of peace and wellbeing. This joyful state will carry on throughout the high, making even the simplest things seem humorous. It’s incredible what feelings can arise as you let go of stress and allow yourself to breathe a bit deeper. When you enter those states on this strain, it’s as if a lightning bolt strikes your inspiration. Be prepared to feel surges of creative energy as you carry on about your day while under the effect of this strain. This is one plant where the effects will linger for hours even after the more potent effects dwindled. As the high retreats, you will notice a general uplifting of your mood and more positive thoughts. As with many sativas, you might not even feel that high until you go to do something you usually do sober. There is a tiny burnout felt by this strain. You will gently slide back into a lucid state with a smile on your face.

Overview of Afghan Hase Photo Fem Stats

Our Afghan Hase is one of the most well-bred strains available today. This is a shining example of what an ultimate sativa hybrid can be with roughly 25% THC and 2% CBD. It’s also a heavy-hitting one. The yields are phenomenal, with 420 grams per meter squared on average when cultivated indoors and when outdoors, you will be able to collect around 420 grams per plant. Once this rock star enters its flowering stage in only ten weeks, will you be able to manage these potent buds? The effects of this fire strain are incredible, as are the flavors and aromas that are supported by a slew of potent terpenes. Myrcene is found in mangos and can help users get a good night’s rest. The intense pine fragrance and flavor are all thanks to these two terpenes, Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene. These two terpenes are fantastic for helping with asthma issues. Beta-Caryophyllene is mainly found in basil and helps with pain. One terpene everyone seems to know is Limonene. This terpene comes from the peels of citrus fruits and works great as an anti-anxiety. Alpha Phellandrene comes from the eucalyptus plant and works well as a way to reduce pain and increase energy. Another terpene that comes from the eucalyptus plant is Eucalyptol. However, this terpene acts as an antioxidant. Alpha Humulene is found in hops and helps with appetite. Phytol is the terpene found in green tea and helps as a sedative. Valencene is found in grapefruits and a few other citrus fruits, and it can actually repel mosquitoes and ticks. Finally, we have Borneol, and this is a little-known terpene that is found in cannabis. It’s located in ginger and thyme. The scent is potent and will repel insects.

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Afghani Haze Seeds

When two worlds collide, miracles happen. That’s precisely what happened with Afghan Haze. Combining two strains with their roots closely tied to the origin strains equates to a powerhouse hybrid – sativa that will lift users up and gently bring them back down to earth. Packed in each premium seed is a robust plant ready to grow into a bud that has upwards of 25% THC and around 2% CBD. Flowering in as little as ten weeks, this strain combines the best of both worlds. Which will impress nearly anyone who has had the chance to try it.

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