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Hailing from the ancient and mountainous Hindu Kush region of Northern Asia, Afghan is one of the few pure landrace indica strains on the planet. Grapey, piney, spicy flavours and a whiff of incense, strong, relaxing and sedating effects with an enduring euphoria round out a smooth smoking or vaping experience. Afghan is also adept at relieving cramps, muscle spasms, spinal pain and physical discomfort, lack of appetite, hypertension and symptoms of depression. Our Afghan Photo Fem has been tested at nearly 20% THC and 1% CBD which are high readings for any Afghan strain. Growers report user-friendly cultivation and, after just 7-10 weeks in the flip, these girls have been known to produce anywhere from 400-500 grams per m2 inside and up to a whopping 600 grams per m2 of dense, colorful buds outside. For fast and reliable growing of some of the best weed this Earth has to offer, check out Afghan Photo Fem cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridPure Indica
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield400-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time7-10 weeks
Mold ResistantYes
Wellness BenefitsCramps, Depression, Hypertension, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Muscle Spasms, PMS, Stress
EffectsRelaxing, Sleepy
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Flowery, Spice, Sweet, Woody
TerrpenesOcimene, a-Pinene, a-Myrcene

Afghan Seeds For Sale USA

To buy Afghan Photo Fem seeds online in the USA and enjoy the incomparable experience of growing a strain with some of the most cherished roots in marijuana history, shop Weed Seeds. Whether you are the proud proprietor of a commercial grow operation, or are at home, managing your own medicine, Afghani is a physically medicinal, high-THC indica matriarch, worth the time it takes to parent some potent pot. Discovered centuries ago, this hardy and resilient strain has parented hundreds of others since and our Afgani feminized weed seeds are the finest examples of what this timeless temptress has to offer. Soothing and sedating, relaxing and euphoric, able to heal many wounds, there are few which can hold a candle to Afghan.

Afghan Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

To grow top-shelf cannabis, you need to start with top-shelf seeds. When you buy Afghan Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds, you are certain to get the best. Our trusted breeders are always at the top of their game and our staff is trained in selecting and preserving only the cream of the crop. Ordering online is easy, payment is secure, and your nondescript package will be shipped within the week. We respect the timeless beneficial recreational and medicinal qualities of Afghan indica and we do right by her seeds. When you want the best, you have to shop the best so, for the very height of quality Afghan feminized seeds, proudly shipped all across the country, shop Weed Seeds USA.

Growing Afghan From Seed

The plants grown from these Afghan Feminized Seeds produce a weed of such high quality, we thought to keep these peas all to ourselves. To grow from seed can be a stressful affair, but through the process of feminization, males are a non-issue. Also alleviating some of the stress of regular grows are our Afghan Kush Fem and Auto Afghan Fem seeds. Because of this strain’s resilience to cold and mold, outdoor cultivation is also a cinch. Due to the compact nature of this green creature and the ability to control photoperiod, it is possible to employ a number of indoor cultivation methods, such as SOG (Sea of Green, which involves growing many plants in a small area), ScrOG (Screen of Green, a method that includes weaving the branches of new growth through a screen placed above the grow), or au naturel. A seedling grows best under balanced light, such as a T5, but can handle full light for the vegging stage.

Is Afghan Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Due to the dense and compact nature of Afghan, it is easy to grow at home. Once you have parented your pot through the vegging stage, your grow op or home grow will require a flip to a 12/12 lighting schedule, simple through the use of a basic timer. Indica Seeds like these require less nitrogen and more phosphorus and potassium during the flowering stage. Calcium and magnesium are always a must in growing Afghan and maintaining airflow is crucial, though this strain is resistant to mold. Once flowering commences, it pays to cut out the undergrowth. This is to redirect energy to the colas, rather than forming small, spindly buds lower on the plant. Whether hydro or soil, Afghan Photoperiod Feminized seeds from Weed Seeds are easy to grow at home, perfect for beginners and experienced growers alike.

What Makes Feminized Afghan Strain Popular?

Commercial grow ops, breeders and home-based growers all love our feminized Afghan seeds. Utilized in the manufacture of ceremonial and recreational hashish for centuries, this ancient strain has become one of the most popular pure indicas to date. Because of its small stature, it can fit anywhere and, because of its ability to bounce back from hard pruning, it is a shoo-in for large-scale sea of green applications. Huge THC Seeds like these are known for producing ganja fit for royalty and these feminized Afghan seeds are no exception. The terpene profile includes ocimene, sweet and anti-inflammatory; pinene, a sap-centered antimicrobial and anti-tumor agent as well as the citrusy and herbaceous myrcene, which is a relaxing and medicinal sedative.

Wellness Application of Afghanistan Feminized

The wellness applications of Afghanistan landrace cheeba cannot be overestimated. Those experiencing chronic, debilitating physical conditions such as muscle spasms, cramping due to PMS, neck and back pain and hypertension have been known to find lasting relief through regular and responsible dosing with Afghan indica. Psychological symptoms associated with these maladies, such as headache, migraines, stress and depression may also be lifted when the pain is assuaged. Greenthumbs buy chronic seed from Weed Seeds USA so that they can enjoy quality of life, and that is exactly what these magic seeds do by relieving debilitating symptoms so that you can get back to enjoying a good life, free of pain.


To plant, grow and harvest, dry, trim and cure your own harvest of the world-famous Afghan landrace indica is something truly special. Her mountainous scents mature and develop over the course of the flowering stage. Grape, pine, musk, sandalwood are all flavours inherent with Afghan, and a thick smoke delivers crisp charcoal, mineral-rich earth and flavorful hashy undertones. These flavours are trademark of landrace strains from this region, and they are always improved and amplified when we garden organically. No matter what the day has thrown at you, the flavours and effects of the weed you grow from our Afghan feminized beans are sure to do the trick.


Reminiscent of temple incense blowing off the top of a stupa high on a Himalayan plateau, the fragrances inherent to this delightful strain are earthy, flowery, woody, sweet and spicy. Afghan’s olfactory bouquet has a richness and a depth to it rarely found in more contemporary strains and, when fresh, it can tickle the sinuses, leaving a bit of a pinch behind the eyes. Soon, the air around you will smell like burnt hash and charcoal, as the carbon is burned up during your smoke or vape session. Another heavily scented strain in our vault is Afghan Kush X Super Skunk Fem or, for something a little more laid-back, our Afghan Jamaica Fem. When you grow Afghan from Weed Seeds, you will taste the essence of the mystical East.


420 lovers may want to stay away from this beast, unless it’s past dusk. Heavily relaxing and near instantly sedating, Afghan is known as a true nighttime toke. Effects generally come on fast with no creeping qualities, though the more time that goes by, the deeper you may sink into the couch. Crushing pesky pains immediately, Afghan relaxes the entire body through a calming euphoria which lasts until the moment you drift off into a deep, dreamless sleep. Anxiety is generally a non-issue and, though our plants have tested quite well, THC levels do not usually exceed 17%, making this a perfect indica for those who enjoy only mild psychedelia.

Microview of Afghan Cannabis Plant

When we do our research and pay attention to the plant’s needs, home grown cannabis is always the best. We mentioned Afghan’s terpene profile a little earlier-on, but let’s take a closer look. Known to be sweet, minty, woody and herbaceous, Ocimene is also known to be an efficient anti-inflammatory and auto-immune booster. The piney scent and flavour of Pinene doesn’t go to waste with Afghan and neither do its natural antimicrobial and antidepressant qualities. Pinene has been used in the treatments of cancer, asthma, bronchitis and memory-loss. Myrcene helps insomnia, muscle spasms and general pain, as well as being an effective sedative. Flavours of myrcene include cloves and citrus, though it is more the prior which is present in our lovely Afghan.

Buy Afghan Strain Seeds Online in the USA

There are a millions strains of weed out there, but to grow a garden of the best landrace indica you will ever smoke, buy female Afghan online through Weed Seeds. We are a top customer-rated distributor of the finest marijuana seeds to be found anywhere in America, and we deliver everywhere. Shopping with us online is easy. Our informative product pages are designed to assist you to find the strains you need, and our expert staff make the experience fun and exciting. Payment is secure and shipping is fast and discreet. When you want to plant a plot of feminized Afghan indica pot, primed to please, trust Weed Seeds USA to deliver the goods you need, and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Buy Afghan Photo Fem Wholesale Seeds

Commercial grow operations and breeders buy female Afghani online through Weed Seeds because we offer wholesale packages at below industry-standard pricing. We deliver packages of 100, 200, even 500 seeds or more and can split packages for ease of storage and maintenance. Just as all of our clients have come to expect, we hand-select each seed and package them all with the love and attention they deserve. When you buy Afghan Photo Fem wholesale seeds from Weed Seeds, you can say goodbye to running out mid-experiment or worrying about whether you are going to find the right plants, housing the characteristics you need for mass-cultivation of killer colas.

Afghan Strain Seeds in the USA

Considered one of the oldest strains of cannabis on Earth, this plant has been cultivated for its numerous recreational and medicinal benefits for centuries. As breeding became popular throughout the 60’s and 70’s in California and the Netherlands, Afghan became a staple in creating some of the finest indicas and hybrids known to the world of weed. Folks who know a good cheeba know that Afghan delivers on all fronts. Sweet, spicy, grapey and piney, the nugs grown from our Afghan seeds have been tested at up to 20% THC, massive for Afghan. A 1% CBD count rounds out the consumer experience, delivering the user from pain and stress. When you want top-quality Afghan seeds in the U.S., you want Weed Seeds.

Afghan Seed Bank

Buy Afghan feminized online when you want a 710 experience designed to lull you off into a deep and dreamless sleep, free of pain and anxiety. Our Afghan seed bank is packed to the pistils with the highest-quality seeds to be found anywhere in the U.S., including our L.A.Confidential X Afghan Kush Fem strain. We offer multiple payment options, and our delivery is speedy and discreet. We offer orders suited to home-based growers, commercial operations and breeders alike and we can split packages for ease of management and storage. When you want the best Afghan cannabis seeds in America, Weed Seeds makes sure you get them quickly and ensures they are packed with love.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Afghan Marijuana Seeds

Our Afghan Photo Fem seed store is ready to serve all your indica needs. Those who grow from seed report enjoying a higher quality of life as they are more connected to the natural source helping them be free. Contact us to buy Afghan photoperiod feminized online, tell us what you need and we will get back to you in no time flat to confirm your order. Growers report these seeds to be the best they have found yet, and our lab tests confirm that, when cultivated with love, the pure indica goodness you get from them is beyond comparison. Shop Weed Seeds today to get started on the garden of your Afghani photo fem dreams and get on board with a winning strainnline in the USA.

Afghan Seeds For Sale USA

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