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If you’re a boutique industrial grower looking for the best bang for your buck on quality genetics, look no further than Weed Seeds! We carry over six hundred and fifty varieties of cannabis, including more than eighty of the kindest unsexed photoperiod regular strains on the market. You can pick up to fifteen to fill our seven hundred and fifty seed variety packs. You select the strains you’re after, and we deliver them faster than anyone else in America with a carefully packaged and ready to germinate. These fabulous, unsexed variety packs are the perfect way to get both male and female plants for selective breeding to start new lineages. Check out our regular seeds and start your Weed Seeds journey today!

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What is a 700 Regular Mixed Pack?

Weed Seeds’ seven hundred seed regular mixed packs combine the incredible deal of buying in bulk with the variety of buying in small batches. We love small business growers, and pass what we save on shipping and administration onto you. Many of our high-quality regular seeds range in price from six to ten dollars per seed, but this pack gives you any of our regular seeds for just two dollars and sixty-four cents each. Pick seven strains of 100 seeds each of our numerous regular strains to fill your pack with, and we ship them to you discreetly. We love building relationships with fellow industry professionals. When you buy bulk with us, you can expect exceptional customer service. All our regular seeds are unsexed, meaning each seed has a fifty-fifty chance of being male or female. If you’re looking for seeds you can use to breed and grow your own line of artisanal strains, these are the seeds for you! Always remember that when working with unsexed seeds, it’s important to separate the males from the females right away even when hoping to breed them. This makes sure that you use your matchmaking powers to create the sweetest crosses possible. But when you’re working with our genetics, every cross is likely to be a winner. That’s the Weed Seeds difference!

How Does a 700 Regular Mixed Pack Work?

Ordering bulk from Weed Seeds is almost as easy as ordering take out online. Simply peruse our eighty plus regular strains and read all about the ones you like. We take the time to write extensive strain reviews and helpful growing information for all our products. Take note of which of our strains you find the most intriguing and write them down. You can put this selection in the notes section of our checkout We know you’ll want to check in on an order of this size and we’re eager to build a relationship with you. Our customer service email is always open, and our phones are answered during business hours. The quickest way to get our attention is to open a customer service ticket on our website, but we aim to respond to all emails within a business day of your first contact. Next, search for our 700 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack product page. Add a seven-hundred any unsexed regular strain pack to your cart and check out. We take all kinds of payments including Venmo, Zelle, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and debit and credit using Mesh. WS USA is the fastest domestic novelty cannabis seed shipper in America, and your seeds should arrive within five to fourteen business days of your payment being processed.

What Can I Buy in a 700 Regular Mix Pack?

Small-scale business and personal medical growers love our Wholesale Seeds packages. We can’t be beat for price, choice, quality, or swiftness. You can curate your selection to provide yourself with a mix of classics and new hybrids. Or why not go full-hog on either side of that spectrum? It’s possible to just get three hundred and seventy-five each of two different strains, or you can get 100 seeds each of seven different strains. With more than eighty strains to choose from including popular classics like Great White Shark, Grapefruit, and Northern Lights, or newer hybrids like Gorilla Zkittles, Alien Technology, and Do Si Dos, your imagination is the limit! You might want to focus on all Fruit strains and get Agent Orange, Tangie, Pineapple Skunk, Banana Kush, and Gorilla Lemon Fire. Or you could go classic and get Columbian Gold, Mazar, Afghan Hash Plant, Skunk, Master Kush, and Purple Thai. Selecting right down the middle is fun, with a bunch of hybrid classics like Sour or NYC Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, God Bud, and Grandaddy Bruce. In fact, you could actually get all of those in one shipment! We have all of these strains and more in unsexed, regular style so you can get all the cannabis pollen you need to make the next generation of primo dank hybrids.

The Best Regular Strains of 2022?

While all our seeds are the best ones, here’s a few strains we’re really loving right now. A sour and refreshing blend of two greats, Gorilla Pellezino Photo Reg plants create up to six hundred grams of bud in just two to three months of flowering time. They carry up to twenty-one percent THC and an uplifting but mellow high. A legendary godfather strain, Afghan Kush Photo Reg seeds give you the power to make traditional high CBD hash, males and all, with that delicious pungent herbal flavor. These plants grow flowers of twenty-one percent pure indica, with more than a pound per plant or per square meter. The ubiquitous classic, growing Jack Herer Photo Reg plants will keep you grounded in tradition. With up to twenty-four percent THC in this hybrid sativa, their pollen could go a long way in seeding a new lineage. BC God Bud Photo Reg seeds make short work of growing problems associated with temperate climates. Huge yields and twenty-four percent THC genotypes make hungry, sleepy phenotypes of sweet, floral, and chocolatey weed. If you’re looking for a pick me up, Amnesia Lemon Photo Reg seeds can grow active, sativa-dominant buds with up to twenty-one percent THC. The lemon pepper crack of its smoke goes down like a glass of orange juice in the morning. Try them all!

700 Regular Mixed Pack Seeds For Sale USA

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  1. Kash Ray

    Had really good luck with my last order of 750 seeds. Had over 90% germinate this time

  2. Emelia Pennington

    Good price, fast delivery, success rate of over 90%

  3. Jefferson Mcclain

    I have ordered the 750 pack twice now and i have been satisfied with the seed quality both times. Good germination

  4. Alice Weeks

    Placed a bulk order two days ago and they have already shipped the order. Quick service

  5. Adelyn Erickson

    Placed an order on Sunday, received the order on Friday. Super fast delivery.

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