700 Autoflower Seeds Mixed Pack

Select 7 different strains of 100 seed each or 700 seeds of one strain

Our seven hundred seed autoflowering mixed pack is the perfect way to fill your acreage or greenhouse without worrying about light blocking techniques. Naturally resistant to mold and pests, these seeds don’t need a prolonged period of dark to tell them when to flower, they bloom when they are ready and that’s that. And now you can order up to Sevendifferent autoflowering strains all at one time at a huge discount. When you order any of our almost one hundred and fifty autoflowering strains from Weed Seeds USA, you’re not just restocking your growing space, you’re starting a professional relationship. We want to be where you go for the highest quality genetics at the lowest possible price.

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What is a 700 Autoflower Mixed Pack?

Weed Seeds is the fastest shipper of domestic cannabis seeds in America, and we’re the best place to go when you want variety and bulk discounts at the same time. Our seven hundred and fifty autoflower mixed pack allows you to combine up to seven of our autoflowering strains with an incredible discount, sometimes as much as seven dollars per seed! Autoflowering plants are the same sativa, indica, and hybrid strains you know and love, but they’re crossed with a third kind of cannabis called ruderalis. These plants are smaller, tougher and accustomed to the mountain and interior plateau highlands of Central Asia. Instead of blooming based on a photoperiod change, they bloom based on how old and healthy they are. That means you can grow these plants outside any time the temperature is above seventy degrees Fahrenheit, and they will bloom no matter what the sun does. Autoflowering plants will also grow indoors of course, and their flowering periods tend to be a little shorter than photoperiod plants. They like slightly fewer nutrients than others, and are as close to a plug-and-play crop as you can get. When you buy your genetics from WS USA, you can bet on having an amazing yield full of potent flowers that you can basically grow in your sleep! We take weed seriously.

How Does a 700 Auto-flower Pack Work?

Weed Seeds has turned ordering cannabis seeds online into an art. It’s never been easier to find the strains you want and order Wholesale Seeds from your couch on a Sunday morning. Find the strains you’re looking for, make a list of them either on your computer or on a piece of paper, and then look for the 700 Autoflower Mixed Pack by searching 700 in our search bar. Add one of them to your cart, give us some vital information about yourself, and at checkout you can write us a list of all the strains you’d like included in the order. We take an ever-expanding array of payment forms including Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. We also take debit and credit orders using Mesh, Venmo, and Zelle. If you’d like to pay cash we can arrange it, though your order may take a little longer. We excel at customer service, and our phone and email lines are always open if you have any questions or just want to confirm with a human that your order was received. You can open a customer service ticket here on our website and we’ll likely get back to you within one business day of your inquiry. Your seeds should arrive within five to fourteen business days of your payment clearing.

What Can I Buy in a 700 Auto Seed Pack?

We carry one hundred and fifty different varieties of autoflowering seeds for all manner of ailments and recreational styles. Read all about them by typing autoflower into our search bar and browsing through the ones that look appealing. It’s possible to order a large amount of just a few strains, or you can order up to Seven strains at a time giving you 100 seeds per strain. If you’re interested in a bulk order of just one strain, we recommend you use our one thousand packs instead. If you’re looking for non-autoflowering seeds to be included in your order, we recommend using the 700 Feminized Mixed Pack instead, which can have a combination of photoperiod and autoflowering seeds in it. You can buy any of our autoflowering seeds in a variety pack, from nine dollar per seed strains like Durban Poison and White Widow Meth to the cheaper ones like Afghan and Blueberry. It might be your fancy to get a series of strains all from one place or all one line, like our extensive families of Critical or Northern strains. You could mix and match autoflowering sativas and indicas to create a variety crop that pleases crowds. When you take advantage of our amazing bulk discounts, our astounding variety of stock looks even better. Why shop anywhere but WS?

The Top 10 Autoflower Strains?

Our best-selling autoflowering plants are a mix of legends and popular new hybrids. Grapefruit Auto Fem is a classic strain used for mental health and inflammation. Heady and potent, White LSD Auto Fem plants have an energizing and stomach settling high with up to twenty-two percent THC. The pure indica Domina Afghan Auto Fem is ideal for people needing to relax and sleep, with seventeen percent THC. Afghani Domina Auto Fem is a similar strain with a berry flavor and nineteen percent THC. It’s great for reducing nightmares and restless leg syndrome. For even more berry blast, Cherry Pie Auto Fem seeds are ideal for inflammation and low moods. For the same ailments but a totally different taste, try Critical Cream Caramel Auto Fem seeds. They carry up to eighteen percent THC and do phenomenally indoors. OG Kush Auto Fem also thrives outside, and has a wide variety of medicinal applications from PTSD to chronic pain. LSD Auto Fem is a trippy and potent indica with up to twenty-three percent THC that will have indoor growers seeing double, their yield that is! Devil XXL Auto Fem seeds grow lovely sativa-dominant plants with a very calming and pleasing high. Finally, Magnum Auto Fem is a balanced hybrid with up to fifteen percent THC and an inflammation busting high. Check them out now!

700 Autoflower Mixed Pack Seeds For Sale USA

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  1. Lance Lozano

    Friendly service and fast delivery. 5/5 i recommend weed seeds

  2. Zain Gonzales

    Ordered the 750 pack 5 weeks ago. We got 721 seeds to grow out of 750.

  3. Nathan Tanner

    Best pricing around

  4. Kian Villegas

    Good price for 750 seeds

  5. Meadow Brennan

    Im stoked to have found Weed Seeds. I just received the 750 pack and the seeds look really good. No complaints from me. Got my order in less than a week. $2.46 a seed is the best pricing ive found and ive been all over the internet

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