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Marijuana, aka Mary Jane, has been a staple of American culture over the last 50 years, and thankfully the production of this harmless herb is now largely separated from the crime and violence that once ruled the trade. More than half of the individual states have now decriminalized marijuana, and at least 17 have made it fully legal. Acquiring seeds is also easier than it once was, where you may only have a choice from a handful of strains from a guy that your friend knows. Now you can choose from hundreds of different genetic varieties, some old and some new.

At our marijuana seed bank, you can find all of the latest feminized and autoflowering options, but we also help fulfill the niche of old school growers who want to grow regular seeds. By regular, we mean that the seeds are unsexed. This retains the excitement involved in hunting down your male plants early in the growth phase and separating them from your females. Although it may seem like an unnecessary challenge, there are certain benefits that go along with growing regular seeds.

When you buy marijuana seed that is unsexed, it gives you the freedom to play with your own controlled pollination events, giving rise to brand new strain combinations. This is a great novice-level endeavour as it does take a careful eye to control the males when growing for recreational buds. You basically need to monitor the pre-flowers for small banana shaped sacs that lie under the branch’s node. As you may have experienced, the cannabis family of plants is anything but regular. Even the natural thoroughbred varieties that grow in the road-side ditches of India will get you high if you smoke enough of it. We invite you to try our incredible selection of regular marijuana seeds that can satisfy every taste and budget.

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