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How to Clone Marijuana Plants

Cannabis Clones

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: January 14, 2021

How to Make Marijuana Clones

One of the most essential skills of successful plant growers is having the ability to clone your most prized plants. One of the most reliable ways to have a bumper crop year after year is to clone the plant that has the highest percentage of attributes you are looking for. Marijuana plants will vary within each crop, so when you find the one that has the exact characteristics you are looking for, it is very beneficial to make a copy of that plant and take the element of variability out of the process.

Main Reasons for Cloning Plants

Marijuana plants are created from seeds that are produced by a male and female plant. Each plant produced from seed will carry some characteristics of the parent plants. Cloning plants is unnecessary to produce plants, but it removes the variability in plants which can give a more consistent and reliable harvest. That being said, there are some downfalls with cloning as well, which we will get into a little further on.

The quality of marijuana plants comes down to potency, taste, and buds. When you grow a plant that hits high marks in each of these areas, then cloning that plant will allow you to have a consistent way to produce high-quality plants. When you clone a plant, you are building the code from the mother plant into the clone. This allows you not only to grow a plant close to the original, but to produce an exact copy. The genetics within the cloned plants will not change. It is also possible to keep a genetic line of a plant going for many years. One mother plant can produce many clones each week. This gives you the opportunity to reproduce your perfect marijuana plant many times over. Clones can be planted outdoors in Colorado or California, and they can also thrive indoors in grow rooms from Texas to New York – the choice is yours.

When you have a good harvest, you might think it would just be simpler to take seeds from the successful plants and grow more marijuana from them. While this can produce more plants, the THC levels within them will be lower. Each time a plant gives off seeds, the plants grown from those seeds will have lower levels of THC. If you want to all but guarantee yourself a successful growing season year after year, then cloning is a wonderful option.

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