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Marijuana Plant Stages

Cycle of Life of Marijuana

by Neal Brown . Updated: January 20, 2021

The Life Cycle of Cannabis Plants

As cannabis is becoming legal in many places, it is gaining social acceptance. Medicinal marijuana is now legal in 33 states, which allows patients to access the plant upon a physician’s recommendation. However, quality weed is costly. Some states allow medicinal users to cultivate their own cannabis seeds, which is much cheaper than buying it from a licensed dispensary.

In other places, like Washington and Oregon, recreational marijuana consumption is legal. Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Alaska also allow any person of legal age to cultivate cannabis at home, but there is a limit on the number of plants a person can have.

If you are planning to grow cannabis, we suggest checking your state’s laws and doing some research on the cultivation process before getting started. In this guide, we will look at the life cycle of cannabis and the processes behind a successful harvest.

Why Is it So Important to Learn About the Life Cycle of Cannabis?

When cultivating cannabis, it is crucial to learn about the stages the plants go through during their life. Cannabis is considered an annual, meaning that it goes through a full life cycle (from seed back to seed) within a year or less. In most instances, cannabis concludes its life cycle within four to 10 months.

Basic knowledge forms the foundation upon which growing experience is built. By learning about the life cycle of cannabis plants, you will understand what they are doing and what they need at every stage.

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