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SCROG – Cannabis Grow Technique

Learn to Scrog at Home

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 26, 2021

Learn How To Scrog In 5 Easy Steps

Marijuana growers are always looking for ways to maximize their yields, and scrogging is a method that many find useful. The word “scrog” is actually short for “screen of green” because the method involves placing a screen or net above young plants. As the plants grow taller, the tops are guided through the screen and trained to grow horizontally so that more buds are exposed to the light.

What Are The Benefits Of Scrogging?

Under normal growing conditions, with no screen, only the upper canopy of the cannabis plants gets full light exposure. Scrogging ensures that branches grow to the same height, and all parts of the plant get an equal amount of light. The more light plants receive, the bushier they grow. That means growers can obtain a higher yield from a smaller number of plants. Some secondary benefits include better air circulation, less mold and mildew, and fewer pests. Also, the screen provides support for heavy branches that might otherwise bend and break off.

When Is It Not A Good Idea To Scrog?

While scrogging can be an excellent method for many growers, it’s not the right choice for everyone. For one thing, if you’re planting multiple strains that will grow at different rates, scrogging is not the best method. If you are starting with pot seeds for more than one strain, you’ll need to set up separate grow tents for each strain. Furthermore, a screen is a tool that needs to be put in place early in the growing process. If the plants are already mature, it may be too late to implement the scrog method.

How To Set Up Your Grow Room

If you’re a new grower, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you set up a scrog. A successful scrog requires the right plants and the right setup.

Choose Your Strain

The first step is to choose the strain you want to grow. Scrogging is suitable for most strains, though some growers say that they prefer Sativa-dominant varieties since they are flexible and naturally extend toward light. However, it’s best to avoid autoflower strains because they have such a short growing time.

Every strain has unique characteristics. You may want to consider the percentage of THC and CBD in a strain, the flavor and aroma of the buds, and the size of the plants at full growth.  It’s important to bear in mind that while scrogging leads to better yields, it doesn’t necessarily cause plants to make bigger buds. The size of buds a plant produces depends on the plant’s genetics, so research the seeds you want to grow if bud size is a factor you care about.

Scrogging can be fun

Learn the scrog for your next marijuana grow

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