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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 5, 2022
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What Is A Hybrid Strain Of Cannabis?

A hybrid weed definition in short form is basically a cross-bred offspring from a sativa and an indica plant. There are exceptions with this simplification as it is possible to have a four-way sativa cross, or a simply sativa-indica cross. Some hybrid marijuana will lean more on the indica side of perceived effects (i.e., sleepy, body high) while others may lean more heavily on the sativa side (i.e., euphoric and energetic). This is all based on the dominance and recessive nature of certain genes and which copies it gets from each parent strain. Generally, cannabis hybrid strains will give the user at least a taste of both types of high, which is a nice well-rounded option for using for mental, medical, or recreational purposes. So, when asking the question ‘is hybrid weed good’ the answer is just about always yes, because there is a unique strain out there with just the right hybrid weed effects for every type of consumer. Trust the professional supply team at Weed Seeds USA to provide only the best Weed Seeds Online.

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