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How To prevent Weed Smell

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: March 11, 2021

Tips & Tricks to Prevent Odor

Cannabis enthusiasts know that marijuana produces some seriously potent odors. That unique, easily recognized smell is loved by many, but when it comes from a grow room rather than a smoking session, it can lead to issues because of the mixed opinions and laws about growing marijuana seeds. Whether you grow outdoors in California or Montana, or have an indoor grow room in Kentucky or West Virginia, these tips will be helpful for you to keep your growing project as discreet as possible.

Do not wait until the grow room is set up and the plants are already producing to investigate options for combating odor. This article provides information on ventilation, carbon filters, air purifiers, odor neutralizers, and indoor climate controls utilized in the development of low-odor indoor grow operations.

Why It is Important

Before looking at specific methods for dealing with cannabis-related odors, it is worth discussing why growers would be worried about the smell to begin with.

Consider these factors:


he last thing underground growers in Kansas want to do is alert everyone in the neighborhood to the fact that they are cultivating pot seeds nearby. No matter how large or small their operation is, publicity threatens the security of a marijuana crop. If everyone within several blocks knows exactly where the smell of marijuana is coming from, it attracts attention from neighbors, police, and sometimes thieves. As anyone with experience growing regular or feminized cannabis indoors knows, it takes a lot of investment capital to set up even a small grow. Indoor cultivators prioritize air circulation as much as light-hours or water-levels, rather than risk having odor leaks jeopardize the security of their project.

Respect for Neighbors

Marijuana enthusiasts usually love the smell of the plant, but their neighbors might not feel the same way. To avoid conflicts with neighbors, growers can use equipment and supplies to prevent odors from escaping the grow room. Keeping the smell of marijuana down in most neighborhoods is a respectful and normalized custom, regardless of the local marijuana laws.

The Health of the Plants

It is often the case that excessive odor is at least partly because of unhealthy environmental conditions, such as excess heat and humidity, poor ventilation, or lack of air circulation. All these issues can negatively impact plant growth, so look at dealing with excessive odors caused by environmental conditions as an opportunity to reduce local attention while also ensuring the optimum conditions are provided to the developing plants.

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