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How to Grow Big Buds

Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors – Grow Bigger Buds Indoors

by Neal Brown . Updated: January 7, 2021

How to Grow Huge Cannabis Buds

Every cannabis seed grower knows that the most crucial step in a successful harvest is to get their plants to grow the biggest and most potent buds possible. However, accomplishing that goal is quite a challenge. Through trial and error, we have discovered a few basic ideas that, when understood properly, will help you grow bigger buds. Here, we will look at some of these concepts and show how they can be applied in your California or Minnesota growing space.

A Brief Introduction to Cannabis Buds

Though cannabis plants have many beneficial parts, buds are the most recognizable. The buds (flowers) contain THC, which gives marijuana its potent psychoactive effects. THC is also found in the plant’s leaves, albeit in smaller quantities. Because the buds contain more THC than any other part of the plant, it is only natural that they get the most attention from growers and consumers.

Cannabis plants go through several life stages, including vegetative and flowering phases. Buds emerge during the flowering stage, but the vegetative stage is equally important. During this time, proper cultivation techniques lay the foundation upon which healthy, robust buds grow.

Why is Marijuana Bud Size So Important?

Though we already know that buds are rich in THC, they also contain a rich assortment of other cannabinoids with medicinal benefits. When buds emerge during the flowering stage, growers know that harvest time is drawing near.

While a cannabis plant’s sugar leaves are covered in THC-heavy trichomes, there is much more in the buds. That is why growers are so proud of the sticky, dank buds the plant yields after months of dedication and effort. When growing smaller plants from autoflower seeds, growers will want to especially focus on these techniques in order to maximize the value of their crop.

Many mistakenly assume that male plants do not produce smokable buds. Male buds look much different, and although they can produce potent weed, it is not as powerful as that coming from a female plant. The biggest problem is that male plants pollinate females when they are grown together. With cross-pollination, female plants produce less THC and more seeds. Experienced growers tend to separate plants by gender and only use male cannabis plants for seed production. Female plants yield buds about two weeks later than male plants do. In this comprehensive guide, we will show how lighting, training, feeding, pruning, and other factors help grow larger buds.

Finding the Highest-Quality Seeds

The biggest buds start with the best seeds. Selecting the right seeds for a grow op is one of the biggest decisions a grower will make. The success of the harvest depends on it! As a cultivator, you probably already know how crucial it is to buy top-quality feminized cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank like Weed Seeds USA. However, it goes much deeper than that, and not all top-shelf strains will work in every garden.

Late-blooming, stretchy Sativa strains are not the best choice for small grow ops. Autoflowering and Indica varieties are a much better fit for these growers. Additionally, landrace cannabis strains are better for outdoor growers than other, less hardy strains. A successful home growing op is about synergy more than anything else, and by choosing the right strain for the growing environment, you are more likely to produce big, sticky, and potent buds. Our selection of 710 seeds are specialized with high percentages of cannabinoids to make good quality cannabis oil and concentrates. You can also grow enormously big buds that will not get your high with our CBD-dominant seeds. The choice is yours, but always choose a trusted source for your seed purchase.

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