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How To Boost Your Cannabis Yields Indoors

Indoor Growing Tips and Tricks

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: July 21, 2022

How To Boost Cannabis Yields Indoors

How To Boost Cannabis Yields Indoors

Growing cannabis in a controlled environment is the best way to ensure you make the most out of your Weed Seeds purchase. But how you get the best yield is rather a matter of science. There are a number of ways to ensure you get the biggest buds and the best possible harvest, and once you’ve got the medium dialed in and the grow space doing its thing, the first step is training. Creating as many branches and bud sites as possible will boost the potential of your plants. Light is also a major player in how your cannabis performs and it pays to remember that red light helps to grow the plant and blue light makes it compact. The same is true for flowering phases and the effects of light on buds, and it pays to provide as much light as your plants can handle. Nutrients are of paramount importance when growing cannabis. Plants require nitrogen (N) to grow, potassium (K) for structure and phosphorus (P) for flowers. A high P count and low numbers on the rest during the flowering phase will ensure that your buds will turn up in fine form. For indicas, we recommend Sea of Green (SOG), whereby plants are packed together and flowered young and fast. For sativas, we suggest Screen of Green (ScrOG), where you spread branching out to balance bud sites. Ventilation is always important as well, and there is a lot to be said for CO2, if you have the experience.

Seed Selection For Bigger Yields

When you want the biggest yields from your cannabis gardens, you must start with genetics capable of delivering massive hauls. For this, it pays to know how to select seeds. Of course, there are hundreds of high yielding strains out there, most members of the Critical family for example. But the seed itself has a lot to do with how successful you are in the grow space. A perfect cannabis seed is big, dark, shiny and it will have darker veins running the length of its body. New seeds, immature seeds and often male seeds, are small and whitish green, and you want to stay away from these ones. They are either not fully matured, they’ll be duds or they will turn out to be boys. If you know that you want indica plants, you might like to know that indica seeds are generally much darker than sativas, and sativa seeds can even be a solid color, without the veins we are used to on most seeds. It is true that small seeds will grow as well as big seeds, but the big seeds are the most mature, and are therefore the most promising. For the best results come harvest time, choose something pure or relatively early in the breeding chain, and make sure it’s a yielder to begin with. Since automatic strains are so small and compact, photoperiod strains are what you want to choose if you want the truly gargantuan hauls.

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