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What Mistakes Not to Make ?

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 25, 2021

How to Avoid Common New Grower Mistakes

Theoretically, all that’s needed to grow a marijuana plant is to put seeds in a pot of soil, add water, place the pot in a sunny location or under a grow light, and then wait.

The reality is usually very different, especially for beginning growers. Fortunately, even the least experienced grower can begin to harvest robust plants once they learn to avoid common beginner mistakes.

Growers Need to Be Cautious

First-time growers may create problems for themselves if they fail to take simple security precautions. For instance, growers must understand local marijuana laws. Even in the most liberal areas, regulations can vary widely.

Regardless of local laws, limiting the number of people who know about plans to grow marijuana is wise. Friends may tell other people, which can start a chain of events that results in a crop being destroyed.

To be on the safe side, growers should cultivate plants in secure areas where they can’t be seen. It’s also wise to avoid posting photos of plants on Facebook or anywhere else.

Preparation Is Essential

Beginning marijuana growers are often so excited at the idea of cultivating their first crops they jump in without much preparation. But, like any skill, learning to grow robust plants means finding a reliable resource and doing some homework.

It is essential to decide whether to grow indoors or out and learn what equipment is needed for each method. Growers need the right seeds for their environment. They must understand plants’ growing cycles as well as water and nutrient needs. Outdoor cultivation also means learning how to protect crops from pests.

Invest in High-Quality Seeds

New growers often consist of patients who need the highest-quality medical marijuana or people who want to control cannabis purity and quality by growing their plants. However, new growers can still end up with inferior plants because they use poor-quality seeds.

Bad Seeds Produce Poor Results

As obvious as it may seem, high-quality seeds are required to produce healthy, robust plants. Beginners often make the mistake of planting the seeds they find in their favorite bud, but using them will lead to disappointing results.

Recognizing Healthy Seed

New growers may also have problems because they buy seed from the least expensive seller, rationalizing that they are just starting and don’t want to spend extra money. Unfortunately, money spent on bad seeds is wasted.

Spending a fortune on seeds is unnecessary when learning to grow, but it is crucial to avoid unhealthy and genetically inferior seeds. Growing marijuana requires an investment in time and equipment, and the best way to protect that investment is to buy seeds from a trusted source.

According to 420 Arena professionals, there are noticeable traits that identify the best seeds. Healthy seeds are hard and not pulpy. Buyers should also look for dark, mature seeds and avoid those that are yellow or green since they are immature.

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Learn to Prevent Growing Mistakes

Preparation is Key