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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 8, 2022
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If you are new to this and curious what a hemp plant is, there’s more to know than you might think. Hemp seeds are low in THC and, just as much as is cultivated for medicinal purposes, lots of the hemp seeds grown in America are for industry. Buying these weed seeds online is easy with Weed Seeds USA, where we house hundreds of the most promising field-loving flowers in America.

We want to help increase the health of our country’s soils, its economy, and more than anything we want to elevate your cultivation experience. If you are a licensed hemp farmer in any of our fifty states, you probably know how much simpler hemp can be to cultivate than some other crops. It grows fast, requires little care, and it is versatile so it can be sold on to almost any industry. This includes sustainability sectors, since hemp is not only used for fibres for rope and clothing, but is also an apt specimen for fuel, food, durable and edible plastics and building supplies.

So that all farmers under our nation’s flag have access to the best hemp seeds in the business, Weed Seeds USA takes care to top up our collection. We offer high quality hemp seeds at prices that won’t break the bank. The charges we house range from pure hemp to dual purpose seeds and we offer wholesale purchase options, complete with deals on larger orders. Make an account today and buy hemp seeds online from Weed Seeds USA.

Buy Hemp Seeds Online in the USA

Hemp Seeds For Sale

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What Are Hemp Cannabis Seeds?

To understand just what hemp cannabis seeds actually are, we must only look to the fundamental species of cannabis and what qualities are considered industrial and which are considered recreational. We leave medicinal out of this list because medicinal seeds low in THC can also be farmed for industrial purposes. For those who want to keep on pushing forward, we offer a comprehensive cannabis glossary, just in case you get stuck.

There are two sides to cannabis: marijuana and hemp. Marijuana is the description given to any strain housing volumes of delta-9 THC, and these strains remain prohibited on the federal level for anyone unregistered with specific medical marijuana programs. This is funny since delta-8 THC and 11-hydroxy THC are not prohibited by law anywhere in the US, though they are both psychoactive compounds. Originally, hemp cultivars were those of cannabis sativa. This plant is inherently low in THC, grows strong, tall and fast and produces some of the straightest and toughest fibres in the plant world.

Hemp cannabis seeds are those stones which are collected from plants with low THC counts and which are cultivated for industrial purposes. Of course, certain medical markets make it possible for hemp crops to be grown from CBD seeds as well and, though the medical world utilizes both indica and sativa cultivars, indicas are a bit small to see high industrial returns from.

How Are Hemp Marijuana Seeds Made?

Just in case you were wondering, seeds are made in a variety of ways and just like marijuana seeds, hemp seeds are no different. We know hemp cultivars are those with inherently low THC counts, below .3% to be exact. Though this ceiling can be properly managed, even in seeds with an inherently higher THC potential, most hemp cultivars are of the low to no variety and these seeds are easy to make.

There are a couple ways to make a seed. The first is to allow male and female plants to flower together. This is practiced by breeders who have chosen specific males and females in attempts to make new strains. It is also practiced by hemp farmers looking to create seeds for future grows, for food or for animal and bird feed. Where hemp seeds are concerned, it is primarily this first action which delivers the goods, year after year. This free-flowing pollen can cause problems to neighboring farms though, so effective management may be critical to positive relationships with neighbors.

Conversely, those looking for strictly female specimens can opt for the process of feminization. For farmers running dual purpose industrial/medicinal grows, and who aren’t running clones, feminized seeds are another option. In order to make feminized hemp seeds, a female must be chosen, shocked with silver to produce pollen, and that pollen collected and used to make seeds. This results in a feminization rate of about ninety nine percent, pretty stellar when you want nothing but flowers.

What are the Benefits of Growing Non-THC Seeds?

Just so everyone is clear, it is not because there is a chemical component to THC which negates the industrial value of hemp. It is only because of fear that delta-9 THC is illegal, and nowhere in past or contemporary times has THC harmed anyone.

That being said, hemp is a very useful product, the fibres of which are ideal for broad scale utilization, so there is no doubt as to the many hemp benefits intrinsic to growing non-THC seeds. A non-THC experience which includes CBD and other cannabinoids, terpenes and the comradery of it all are able to increase quality of life for most anyone. Though THC plays a massive role in transforming causes of PTSD and depression, the psychoactivity of its chemical makeup can create psychological stressors. This is a non-issue with non THC seeds, and their produce goes into the manufacture of thousands of the products we use every day.

Another bonus to collecting and growing non-THC seeds is that you aren’t going to get into any trouble for it. Since hemp seeds lower than 0.3% THC are legal across the country, no one is getting more than a slap on the wrist for getting caught with a hemp plant or two in their gardens. It pays to understand your local regulations though; there’s no point in causing yourself trouble trying to grow a plant designed for peace.

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