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Growing Marijuana Indoors in Soil

Growing Weed Seeds Indoor

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: February 13, 2021

Growing Indoor Marijuana with Soil

There are many reasons one might consider growing plants from weed seeds indoors, including personal use, earning a profit commercially, or simply just passing the time with a new hobby. Indoor grows allow the plants to be cultivated year-round, instead of only during warmer seasons. They give the grower control over the smallest details, allowing them to produce a higher quality pot plant with denser buds.

Growing indoors is the ideal setup for getting a fresh, hands-on experience when first learning how to grow marijuana. Having an indoor grow operation is especially helpful for growers who live in colder northern climates such as Pennsylvania or Vermont, but whatever the reasons might be, growing indoors with soil is a fun and intimate way to see marijuana buds come to life.

Soil vs. Hydroponics

Hydroponic systems can be a costly and time-consuming investment, with a very steep and unforgiving learning curve. They use timers, pumps, and reservoirs with nutrient-enriched water to feed the cannabis plant. These systems need their own maintenance, oversight, and a unique foundation of knowledge to get them off the ground.

However, hydroponic systems can potentially cut out a lot of the daily routine required to care for these plants. They also discourage pests from making a permanent residence alongside the plant.

Working in soil is entirely hands-on, from seed to harvest. Since the earliest points of human civilization, people have been finding ways to grow crops in whatever land was available, mastering those techniques, and the history of growing cannabis isn’t much different. A vast wealth of experience, information, and knowledge is readily available through the internet and gardening publications when it comes to growing marijuana in soil.

Chronic seed growers can dive deep into the growing process, allowing them to learn from the experience and be better able to recognize and pinpoint mistakes. This will enable them to adjust for future grows, letting them improve their results continuously. Additionally, the upfront investment is less, making it a better value to new growers.

Whether it is hydroponics or soil you choose, you will want to have your seeds ready.

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