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Marijuana: Operation Clones to Flowers

by Neal Brown . Updated: September 24, 2021

Growing Marijuana Flowers From Clones

What Is A Clone?

Have you ever heard someone ask, “how to grow marijuana clones”? A clone is a term used to describe a genetically identical copy of an organism. When it comes to cannabis plants, it means essentially the same thing but specifically means that it is a genetically identical copy of the mother plant. When you are able to acquire a clone from a reputable breeder, you are going to get a young female plant that has stable and desirable genes.

Marijuana clones are the perfect examples of what is known as asexual propagation. This is what happens when a lone parent plant is going to reproduce. A clone is a true starter plant and is desired because it is retaining tried and true, tested genetics from the mother plant. A cannabis cloner is going to select the best phenotypes from a crop and want to ensure that the genetics are passed on. There are many mother plants for clones that are hotly sought after so it only makes sense to ensure that the best of the best continue being the cream of the crop.

When it is time to buy marijuana clones, be sure to deal with a reputable breeder that is going to have a solid track record.

How Are Marijuana Clones Made?

Learning how to clone marijuana can be a valuable skill for any grower. Making a clone is easier than you think and far less difficult that it was made out to be in the 1990’s movie, Multiplicity, starring Michael Keaton. The first thing you will need to do is grab the required tools. A pair of scissors will be needed for cutting off the branches from the mother plant. A razor will be used to trim up the cuttings. A simple rooting setup is required. This can be in the form of a dome, tray, root cubes or if you want to get fancier, an auto cloner. Lastly, there is the need for a rooting hormone.

Some common rooting setups will include rockwool, rooting cubes or something more like soil, such as foam or peat. If you decide to go with cubes, then a dome, tray cell insert and a tray are needed. Clones go into the cubes, cubes are then placed into the tray cells and finally into the tray where the water sits. The dome over the tray helps keep the humidity inside. An auto cloner is more expensive but takes much of the labor out of the equation.

If you want to know how to clone weed step by step, follow along. When ready to take a cutting, select the mother plant and ensure that it is a sturdy and healthy plant. It needs to be a minimum of two months into its growing cycle as well. Ensure that the mother plant is not fertilized a few days before the cutting takes place. Using gloves and disinfected equipment are going to ensure that it is a sterile environment. A strong and healthy branch is required, and it should have at least two nodes. A healthy clone is going to lead to a healthy plant. Next, cut the clone off of the mother plant and ensure that the cut happens above the node on the parent plant. Grab your razor next and then cut below the node on your fresh cutting at a 45 degree angle. Immediately place the fresh cutting into the rooting hormone. Lastly, you are going to want to ensure that any unnecessary leaves near the bottom are removed and take the tips off of any remaining fan leaves.

This may seem like a lot of extra work compared to starting your marijuana garden with Autoflower Seeds. The truth of the matter is that it can often be, but it does not always mean that the effort is not worth it. Another option is to grab some marijuana clones for sale from someone else and begin your journey there, and there are advantages and disadvantages for each choice.

What Are The Advantages Of Starting With Cannabis Clones?

We have just covered how do you clone a marijuana plant? Now let’s take a look at some of the advantages of how to grow marijuana from clone babies. While starting with weed seeds is often preferable for many growers, including beginners, there are some advantages of grabbing some cannabis clones for sale and wandering down the path of caring of your cannabis clones.

The first advantage of beginning to care for cannabis clones is going to be that you get to skip the beginning stage that must be undertaken when growing with ganja seeds. The step we are referring to is germination. When you plant a cannabis seed, you are going to have to wait a while for it to germinate. It could take as little as 24 hours but could also take up to 7 days in some cases. From start to finish, the seeding process can take up to 2-3 weeks when growing indoors and up to 6 weeks when cultivating outdoors. Starting with clones is going to allow you to skip this entire process as the clone’s mother plant has already gone through it and the clone represents the genetically remarkable by product of this process. With a clone, all you have to do is let it plant its roots and then you are magically in the vegetative phase immediately.

Another advantage of cutting and transplanting cannabis clones is that it can be cost effective. When you are growing your pot at home, buying seeds can be costly, depending on the strains and source of your cannabis seeds. Some seedbanks are predatory in their pricing unfortunately. Thankfully if you want high quality seeds at great prices, a place like Weed Seeds can get you started for a fraction of the cost. If you are going to be planting many plants over a longer period of time, keeping a healthy and stable mother plant for cuttings can be a major advantage.

While many growers who begin with regular seeds know, a male plant can spread its wings and pollinate many, many female plants and ruin a harvest. Many have chosen to go the route of using Feminized Seeds when beginning their gardens for just this reason. This leads right into an advantage of starting with clones. All cuttings are going to be from female plants and thus female plants themselves. This is a great way to ensure that your hard work and hard-earned dollars are not going to be wasted. This removes the headache of having to sex your plants and worry about overactive male plants being pollinating machines, which often leads to disappointment. One thing to keep in mind though when cloning is that “over-cloning” or other major stressors can increase the chance of a hermaphrodite plant. A hermaphrodite plant is one that contains both male and female genetics. The best way to avoid this is to put a cap on the number of times you will clone the mother plant before moving onto another mother plant. To be on the safe side, cloning a maximum of four times before moving on is the best option.

Another advantage to starting with clones is that they are predictable, and you know exactly what you are going to get. Some say that a package of cannabis seeds is, as Forrest Gump says, like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you are going to get. That is of course, unless you buy your ganja seeds from a reputable seed bank like Weed Seeds and then you are going to get an outstanding germination rate and high-quality plants, but let’s not get off track here. Clones are stable and easy to forecast. They are replicas of the outstanding mother plant so starting a marijuana garden with these little puppies is going to produce phenomenal genetic results.

Lastly, starting with clones can allow more harvests per year or growing cycle. This is the result of being able to skip the germination and seedling process. It saves enough time to squeeze one more harvest when growing outdoors. When growing cannabis clones in soil or another medium indoors, it allows you to have a constant grow all year round and produce more than you may have hoped for.
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