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How to Grow Marijuana in a Greenhouse

You have plenty of options when it comes to growing weed seeds. From a small indoor room to an outdoor garden, there are choices for just about every situation. Greenhouses are an ideal option because they allow you to control the growing environment without having a big setup indoors. With this information, you will learn how to grow marijuana in a greenhouse without a lot of stress.

Why Should You Consider Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse?

There are a lot of reasons many experienced pot seed growers choose a greenhouse setup over an outdoor garden in California or indoor grow room in Mississippi. Growing cannabis in a greenhouse allows you the best of both worlds. You get the protectiveness of an indoor grow room with the elements of nature.

Growing in a greenhouse also eliminates the tiring complexities involved in growing cannabis indoors. The following are just a few of the reasons so many American seed growers choose to set up a greenhouse for growing their marijuana plants.

  • Greenhouses are often less expensive than some types of indoor grow rooms because there is less equipment to purchase.
  • A greenhouse is naturally warmed by the sun, so it more closely mimics the warm temperatures that are necessary for healthy cannabis growth.
  • With a greenhouse, cannabis plants can be grown year-round, so plants are always ready to be harvested throughout vthe year.
  • Greenhouses offer protection from the elements and prying eyes. A greenhouse allows for a higher level of discretion and security than growing in the outdoors or an indoor grow room.
  • You will need fewer lights when growing in a greenhouse, so it is possible to save a lot of money on energy costs. Sunlight flows through the panels of a greenhouse, giving your plants the energy they need. You will need to balance light and darkness according to the needs of the plant.
  • Growing cannabis in a greenhouse allows for greater stability and reliability. Once you have a few harvests under your belt, the process becomes very streamlined and straightforward.

Now that you are aware of some of the many benefits of growing cannabis in a greenhouse, it is crucial to understand what is involved and how to get started. This information will guide you through all the information that is necessary for successfully growing marijuana inside a greenhouse in New York or New Hampshire.

Greenhouse Vs. Outdoors

When people start considering growing marijuana, they often wonder which method will be best. While the outdoors certainly offers benefits, there are some drawbacks. Growing marijuana outdoors poses the following risks.

  • Plant damage due to exposure to high winds, heavy rains, and extreme temperatures
  • A lack of security leaves plants vulnerable to thieves
  • Growing outdoors can lead to plant damages done by pests and animals

Greenhouses put you in control of the growing conditions. When plants are grown outdoors, you are going to need to monitor weather conditions regularly, and this can lead to stress. Growing in a greenhouse is a much more laid back approach with fewer risks.


Misconceptions of Greenhouse Growing

Misconceptions are still being perpetuated in the marijuana community. Often, these misconceptions are a product of a lack of knowledge on the subject. It is essential to dispel the rumors and stick with the facts.

You can only grow cannabis in a greenhouse in the summer.

Greenhouses absorb energy from the sun and heat to a higher temperature than outdoors. You can easily grow cannabis all year round in a greenhouse, though some months of the year may require additional heating elements.

It takes a special greenhouse to grow cannabis.

Once again, this is a fallacy. You can grow marijuana in any greenhouse. Although there are greenhouses that are manufactured exclusively for marijuana, this does not necessarily make them any better than a traditional greenhouse.

You do not need lights when growing in a greenhouse.

This is not true. Cannabis plants, especially during the vegetative stage, will require up to twenty-four hours of light exposure a day. The sun cannot meet this demand, so supplemental lights are going to be needed.


Growing in a greenhouse is more expensive.

Many people mistakenly believe growing cannabis in a greenhouse is going to end up costing them more in the long run. Truthfully, many people end up saving a lot of money because they can rely more on the energy of the sun and less on lights. Yes, the initial investment in purchasing or building a greenhouse is something to consider, but the long-term benefits often outweigh the burden of cost.

Everything There Is to Know About Growing in a Greenhouse

While a greenhouse setup may seem a bit intimidating, it is not difficult. As long as you know how marijuana grows and have the right equipment, a greenhouse will become a lifesaver during the growing process.

One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to plant cannabis directly in the ground, in containers, or using a hydroponic system. Each of these options can be beneficial in different ways.


Growing in containers allows you to move the cannabis plants when needed. It is vital to purchase containers that are large enough for the type of cannabis being grown. Another advantage of using pots is being able to control the level of growth by the size of the container.


Growing directly in the soil also offers benefits. One of the biggest is the ability of the cannabis plants to take deep root and develop large and strong. Plants that are grown directly in the ground also benefit from being able to seek out a water source deep within the earth so they can survive if you forget to water or the temperatures rise higher than usual.


The advantages of hydroponics are less water usage and a more sterile growing environment. Growing in a water system allows you to remain in greater control of the nutrients being fed to the cannabis plants.

How to Maximize the Growth Potential

When it comes to growing marijuana in a greenhouse, some tips can help ensure your crop is a healthy one. Having the right setup is a must for allowing your plants to receive all they need for healthy growth.

Fully automated systems are a bit expensive, but well worth the investment, especially if you plan on growing many plants throughout the year. These systems can be set up to automatically water your plants, make temperature changes, or address problematic humidity levels.

An automated system is not necessary for growing in a greenhouse, but it makes things easier. Many growers prefer the hands-on experience of taking care of the watering and other chores themselves. If you have little time to devote to plant care, an automated system is a sound investment.


Security Measures

Most people choose to grow in a greenhouse because they do not want to announce to the world they are growing cannabis. If the greenhouse is not located in a private area, there are a couple of tips that can be used to camouflage your growing plants.

White shade paint can be applied to keep prying eyes out, effectively concealing your plants. The paint is easy to apply and still allows sunlight to warm the interior of the greenhouse.

You can also conceal marijuana among other types of plants. Basil, sunflowers, lemon balm, dill, and coriander are all complimentary plants that can help repel insects and lead to more vigorous growth.

Darkening Systems Help with Flowering

Once it comes time to flower, darkness is your friend. A darkening system will help to keep your greenhouse incredibly dark, even during the peak of sun exposure during the day. If you want cannabis to flower quickly, it will need twelve hours of sunlight and twelve hours of complete darkness each day.

Although you can grow cannabis in a greenhouse without a darkening system, the vegetative process is going to last longer. During the darkness hours, no light should be let in at all. Although they are on the expensive side, you can even have an automated darkening system installed.

Grow Marijuana All Year Long

Because the environment inside a greenhouse can be so heavily controlled, there is no reason you cannot grow cannabis all year long, even somewhere colder like Montana. Being able to have more time to grow cannabis means being able to linger longer in the vegetative stage of growth.

When cannabis is allowed to continue in the vegetative phase for a longer time, it can grow much more abundant, which equates to a more significant yield. The bigger the yield, the more bud there is to enjoy.

The key to being able to grow cannabis even in the winter is to make sure there is ample heat inside the greenhouse. Depending on where you live, it is likely going to be necessary to install a heating system inside the greenhouse. This system will help to keep the greenhouse nice and warm, even when the outside temperatures are frigid.

Tips for Growing Marijuana in a Greenhouse

Although growing cannabis in a greenhouse is much easier and more effective than other methods, there are a few things to keep in mind so you can obtain the healthiest yield. Consider the following tips for getting started on greenhouse growing.

  • Soil composition and nutrient levels change with each harvest. It is necessary to change out the soil between each planting. Reusing the same soil could lead to nutritional deficiencies and stunted growth.
  • While security is increased with a greenhouse, you should still practice caution. Keep the greenhouse locked at all times and put up fencing, if possible, to keep people and animals away from the greenhouse.
  • You must keep the greenhouse clean at all times. A dirty environment can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and disease. It can also attract unwanted pests to your greenhouse. Carefully sanitize the greenhouse before each new planting.
  • The smell of growing cannabis can be quite intense and should be handled with a carbon filter. You do not want marijuana smells inviting unwanted attention to your greenhouse.

How to Choose a Greenhouse

There are a few things to consider when it comes to purchasing a greenhouse for growing marijuana. As stated before, you do not need to buy a greenhouse that was designed specifically for growing cannabis. Any greenhouse will be sufficient as long as it is sturdy and has enough space to meet your needs.

Lean-To Greenhouses are Beneficial

Lean-to greenhouses are attached to the side of your home. The exterior wall of your home supports these greenhouses. One significant advantage of using a lean-to greenhouse is the shedding of interior heat from your home helps to keep the greenhouse warmer, without any further energy expenditure. This type of structure can help to cut down on the need for heating, depending on the climate. One of the biggest drawbacks of lean-to greenhouses is the lack of space because they are typically half as big as a traditional greenhouse.

Free-Standing Greenhouses Offer Plenty of Space

If you plan on growing a lot of cannabis, a free-standing greenhouse is likely going to be the best choice. Free-standing greenhouses offer more space than lean-to versions, allowing you to have more room to grow all the cannabis you want and store supplies. Although added space is advantageous, one drawback is the frame. Free-standing greenhouses are constructed with wood or aluminum frames, and sunlight cannot go through either. To avoid too many shadows in your greenhouse, choose one with a thin, yet sturdy frame.

Some types of greenhouses can be connected. Commercial growers primarily use this type of setup, but recreational growers may find it beneficial. Before purchasing any greenhouse, it is wise to carry out research and learn as much as possible about the options.


It is clear to see that greenhouses are helpful for growing good quality chronic in the USA. With the right setup, growing marijuana will be an easy and rewarding experience.

Greenhouses allow you to plant any time and expect a healthy harvest multiple times throughout the year. With a greenhouse, you extend the available growing options and can increase the yield exponentially from your regular or feminized weed seeds. Consider this information to determine if a greenhouse will be right for your needs.

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