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How To Grow Your Own Weed

Grow Your Own Supply of Weed

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: March 8, 2021

Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabiss

Growing cannabis at home is a real gift, and if you’re legally permitted to do so, it’s a great idea. Even if you can afford to buy the best bud from a local dispensary, you’re still missing a great opportunity. What makes at-home cultivation so special, and why do thousands of people invest their money, time, and effort? Here are a few reasons to grow your own weed at home in Michigan or Washington instead of buying it.

It’s Easy to Get Started

It’s never been easier to grow cannabis seeds at home, especially for those investing in automated indoor gardening systems. There are many resources, both in print and online, to guide new at-home growers. As easy as it is to begin, why wouldn’t you want to grow your own?

It’s Convenient

For medical cannabis users suffering from serious illnesses, the concept of a dispensary visit can be exhausting. It’s just as difficult for those without reliable transportation. However, with a home garden, medicine is always there.

No Surprises

When buying cannabis on the black market, it’s difficult to know just what you’re getting. Buying from a licensed dispensary is one matter, but millions still buy their weed from street sellers. In these cases, buyers have no idea which strain they’re smoking or how many chemicals were used in growing it. Like having a home vegetable garden, cannabis cultivation allows the grower to exert greater control over the final product.

Having Enough Bud to Go Around

In areas where home cannabis cultivation is legal, adults can grow anywhere from four to 12 plants. In consideration of the fact that just one plant may yield up to two kilograms of consumable flower, that’s a substantial stash. It’s more than most enthusiasts can smoke, which means you’ll have plenty left to preserve, gift, or turn into creams, tinctures, and edibles. Even with basic equipment, it’s possible to grow a lot of weed with next to no effort.

How To Grow Weed At Home

Growing The Best Weed

Grow Your Own Weed Indoor Or Outdoor