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Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

Growing cannabis at home is a real gift, and if you’re legally permitted to do so, it’s a great idea. Even if you can afford to buy the best bud from a local dispensary, you’re still missing a great opportunity. What makes at-home cultivation so special, and why do thousands of people invest their money, time, and effort? Here are a few reasons to grow your own weed at home in Michigan or Washington instead of buying it.

It’s Easy to Get Started

It’s never been easier to grow cannabis seeds at home, especially for those investing in automated indoor gardening systems. There are many resources, both in print and online, to guide new at-home growers. As easy as it is to begin, why wouldn’t you want to grow your own?

It’s Convenient

For medical cannabis users suffering from serious illnesses, the concept of a dispensary visit can be exhausting. It’s just as difficult for those without reliable transportation. However, with a home garden, medicine is always there.

No Surprises

When buying cannabis on the black market, it’s difficult to know just what you’re getting. Buying from a licensed dispensary is one matter, but millions still buy their weed from street sellers. In these cases, buyers have no idea which strain they’re smoking or how many chemicals were used in growing it. Like having a home vegetable garden, cannabis cultivation allows the grower to exert greater control over the final product.

Having Enough Bud to Go Around

In areas where home cannabis cultivation is legal, adults can grow anywhere from four to 12 plants. In consideration of the fact that just one plant may yield up to two kilograms of consumable flower, that’s a substantial stash. It’s more than most enthusiasts can smoke, which means you’ll have plenty left to preserve, gift, or turn into creams, tinctures, and edibles. Even with basic equipment, it’s possible to grow a lot of weed with next to no effort.


Room for Experimentation

Growing cannabis at home gives a gardener the chance to get creative. With a surplus of bud, it’s easy to start new projects. Home growers often make their own hash, create new tinctures, and make concentrates. All this can be done with cannabis that’s almost free, so it’s less costly if things don’t go as planned.


As cannabis becomes more legally and socially acceptable, dispensary prices will continue to increase. This is primarily due to additional taxes on cannabis sales. Dispensary visits are expensive, and with time, the costs will start to add up.

Even if you’re purchasing top-quality cultivation equipment, the returns will far exceed the investment. The dollar value of the cannabis produced by just one plant is surprisingly high. Spending thousands on premium bud seems excessive, especially if at-home cultivation is an option.

Many people, especially medical marijuana patients, struggle to afford dispensary weed, and they turn to homegrown products. It doesn’t take in-depth expertise or costly products to grow great products, and many patients find that they’ve recouped their investment after just one successful harvest.


A Learning Opportunity

The more you learn about cannabis plants, the more exciting the experience becomes. Watching videos and reading books is one matter; growing cannabis from scratch is another. Home growers learn as they go, developing an even greater appreciation for these beneficial plants.

Pride and Satisfaction

There’s something extremely satisfying about consuming something you’ve grown yourself. Even if the first harvest isn’t the best, it is still something to be proud of. There’s a great deal of satisfaction to be had, and no matter how challenging it is, at-home cannabis cultivation brings rewards on an entirely new level.

Strain Selection and Customization

When recreational and medicinal cannabis users grow at home, they’re the ones controlling the strain selection process. This is a significant benefit for medical patients, as they can find strains to treat specific conditions. In areas with few dispensaries, this is a major advantage. For instance, if the closest dispensary offers mostly THC-dominant strains, rather than those with CBD, a patient may miss out on big benefits.

Not only do home growers get to choose the strains they produce, but they can also buy a variety of seeds from local seed banks. Various strains and hybrids allow for greater customization. For instance, a medical cannabis patient can buy a variant with more CBD than a traditional strain. This is crucial, as most of today’s dispensaries sell traditional versions. Our growers also have the option to purchase autoflowering versions of their favorite strains, making it easier for new growers to negotiate the lighting needs of their plants. Autoflower plants can bloom in any light schedule, not just the 12/12 routine demanded by most regular and photoperiod strains.



For those living far away from big cities, getting to a dispensary may be challenging. This makes access to safe, legal cannabis difficult, as many would rather not drive hours to get products. Growing cannabis at home eliminates these issues, and if you stay within your state’s laws, you’ll do great.

Organic Products

As America’s legal cannabis industry flourishes, commercial farms will grow in scale. With more growers shifting toward the mass production model, pesticides and other harmful chemicals are becoming commonplace in dispensary products. This is one of the biggest benefits of home cannabis cultivation, as it allows users to know just what they’re consuming.

Whole-Plant Benefits

No matter how homegrown cannabis is consumed, users benefit from the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids in the plant. In the entourage effect, these compounds are much more potent when combined than when ingested separately. The whole plant is a powerful anti-inflammatory pain reliever, and when it’s grown at home, you’ll get all the advantages it has to offer.

Making Compounds and Edibles

Home cultivation of cannabis will leave you with a nearly endless supply of CBD- and THC-rich plant matter. Use these trimmings, leaves, and stems to make concentrates for smoking and cannabutter for homemade edibles.

Helping the Planet

With sustainable cultivation techniques, growers can save money while helping our planet. When using organic methods, you’ll reuse the soil with each crop, only adding what’s necessary to keep the growth medium balanced. Alternatively, with hydroponic systems, the medium isn’t reused, and the runoff is often toxic. With sustainable, soil-based growing techniques, you’ll use fewer pesticides and more natural products.

Staying Safe

The only way to be certain of a product’s safety is to grow it yourself. In California, almost 85% of marijuana samples tested were deemed unsafe because of high pesticide levels. Cannabis cannot be seen as medicine if it is grown with toxic pesticides and man-made fertilizers. Say ‘no thanks’ to toxic products with undesirable side effects; start growing cannabis today!

Fun and Relaxation

Many medical patients begin home grow ops for related reasons, and in many cases, they end up fascinated with the cultivation process. In the end, growing weed is much the same as any other kind of gardening, and it’s very rewarding to watch these plants grow from tiny seedlings into massive buds.


Legalization is changing the way the world sees cannabis, and no adult should face charges for the cultivation, possession, consumption, or sharing of this beneficial plant. However, legalization has led to greater consolidation within the industry.

As large-scale farming operations become common, the gene pool’s diversity diminishes. These farms often focus on a select few strains that grow easily and have commercial appeal. The second type of consolidation occurs when these companies acquire market share by buying out competitors or marginalizing them through the economy of scale. Both factors are an existential threat to the industry and the plant species. The best way to fight against consolidation is to become a small-scale cultivator who focuses on rarer strains.

A Greater Chance of Employment

There are numerous job opportunities within the growing legal cannabis industry. If you have a garden and have learned about lighting, irrigation, hydroponics, trimming, cloning, seed germination, and other factors, your skill set may help you land a job at a legitimate facility.

A manager of a successful legal grow op may earn upwards of $75,000 per year, with some growers making over six figures. If you’re in a career rut or are looking to get into business for yourself, a home grow op may be just the ticket.

Reasons to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Though it seems as if outdoor cultivation is fraught with risk and difficulty, it can be quite satisfying. Here are a few reasons to grow your own cannabis outside.

Eco-friendliness: With the commonality of indoor cultivation comes increased energy consumption. Indoor grow ops require ventilation systems, lighting, and other equipment that uses a substantial amount of electricity. However, outdoor growers only need air, water, and sunlight. There’s no carbon footprint, and it contributes to the ecosystem.

Higher product quality: Outdoor grown weed has a distinct flavor thanks to the fresh air, natural soil, and sunlight in which it grows. Apart from its aroma, outdoor growers know that they’re producing great products because they’re the ones growing it.

Cost efficiency: One of the biggest reasons to grow your own weed outside is the free sunlight, fresh air, and rainwater. Plants need these elements to flourish, and with good seeds from weed-seeds.com, you’re more likely to succeed.

Higher yields: Growing an outdoor home crop will likely lead to a higher yield and bigger buds. With natural lighting and carbon dioxide, the plants’ leaves will grow larger and absorb the energy needed to create those large, dank buds everyone wants. High yields are useful, especially to medicinal users, and it’s almost impossible to grow such large plants in an indoor, large-scale operation.

Greater security: Safety and security are primary issues for outdoor cannabis growers. However, the right outdoor garden is much more secure than a commercial-size indoor grow op. Ownership of outdoor gardens is tougher to trace, and there’s a lot of plausible deniability.

These reasons illustrate why it’s better to grow your own weed outdoors than it is to rely on large-scale growers. If cost-efficiency, safety, and stress relief don’t convince you, simplicity might. Just like other gardening skills, you’ll need knowledge and patience to succeed. Once you do, though, it’s incredibly rewarding.

Why You Should Grow Cannabis Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors requires more effort than simply covering the plants. Despite the additional work requirements, there are many major advantages to indoor home cultivation. We’ll discuss some of these benefits below.

Improved hygiene: With an indoor home grow op, you’ll have complete control of the growing environment. If the space is well-maintained, it will be much cleaner and more hygienic than a large-scale commercial operation. This is particularly important for home growers who hope to make medicinal use of the product. When weed is grown for medical use, it must be free of fungus, parasites, germs, and other harmful microorganisms.

Climate control: When indoor home grow ops are carefully crafted, they provide excellent conditions for cannabis cultivation. With enough light, ventilation, and CO2, as well as the right nourishment, your plants are more likely to get what they need.

Multiple harvests: Though outdoor cultivation has many benefits, growing seasons aren’t one of them (especially if you’re living in a colder climate). Cannabis plants are annuals, with just a few flowering periods each year. If the conditions aren’t perfect, your harvest won’t be, either. With the usage of continual harvesting techniques, it’s possible to raise several crops per year.

Indoor home cannabis cultivation ensures a higher-quality product, unlike street-sold products that vary in quantity and potency. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why more people are growing their own cannabis indoors.

In Summary

Growing cannabis in a home garden is satisfying and enjoyable in ways that must be seen to be understood. The right to grow weed at home in California, Maine, or Vermont is a privilege that more people should take advantage of. If for no other reason, it should be done for those who don’t have the ability to do so.

Homegrown cannabis from authentic 420 seeds or 710 seeds is better than store-bought for numerous reasons. As a home grower, you’ll enjoy greater control over the growing environment, strain selection process, and many other factors. By growing crops at home, you’ll get higher-quality weed at a lower price than you’d ever find from a vendor­—and that’s a real reason to get excited.


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