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How to Grow Marijuana Safely

Because marijuana is not legal in all fifty states and is still considered a controlled substance at the federal level, safety should be your number-one priority. Whether you grow outdoors in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, or in a well-lit basement or bunker in Tennessee There are multiple issues with security, including the protection of your cannabis plants and keeping them hidden from prying eyes. This guide will help you learn how to keep yourself and plants safe when growing your American weed seeds.

Everyone Does Not Need to Know You Grow

One of the biggest mistakes new growers make is telling too many people about their crops. The fewer people that know you are growing marijuana, the less risk will be involved. There are many types of people that can cause problems for cannabis growers. Thinking proactively will help you to avoid prying eyes that could get you into trouble or lead to the theft of your precious crops. This is especially true if you are cultivating in an area that still has developing regulations like Georgia or Missouri.


Your neighbors are going to be the most significant danger. Many neighbors are naturally nosy, whether they are well-meaning or not. Marijuana has a heady aroma that is highly noticeable to most people. You must therefore be careful when choosing a grow space, and plan for ways to combat the odor.

Even indoor grow rooms can give off high aromas of marijuana, which can be transferred outside or through closed walls. Neighbors may alert the police, even if it is legal in your state, because they unfairly consider growing cannabis to be linked with criminal activity. No one wants to have to deal with the cops showing up unexpectedly at their home. Read on through to the end of this article for some great tips on proper ventilation and filtration of the air to keep the unwanted smells to a minimum.


The worst human threat you will deal with is those who steal. Most people know how valuable a cannabis crop is, and they will take advantage of your hard work and help themselves. Often, thieves destroy marijuana plants in the process of stealing, leaving nothing left. Growers do not only have to worry about strangers stealing their chronic. Many growers have become victims of people they once thought they could trust.


If you live in a part of the country that has legalized marijuana, you have nothing to worry about regarding the legalities. Growing in a state where marijuana is illegal is not recommended, but that is a risk each grower will have to determine for themselves.

Most police officers are not going to focus on busting small-time growers. They are after big growers who have an intent to sell. If you are only growing for personal use, the likelihood of you being arrested by the police is decreased. You certainly do not want to attempt to grow a large crop in a place where marijuana is illegal.

Nature Lovers

While not as significant a threat as nosy neighbors, nature lovers can prove problematic, especially if you attempt to plant your cannabis crops in a deserted area or the woods. You do not want unsuspecting people coming upon your weed crops and stealing them or reporting to the police.


How to Protect Yourself and Marijuana Crops

There are many ways you can protect yourself while growing marijuana. Growing indoors is likely going to be the safest option, but it is not entirely reliable. Visitors and neighbors can always discover your crops and contact the police or steal what you have. Take the following information into consideration to keep yourself and plants safe.

Be Careful Who You Tell

Now is not the time to start bragging about your immense farming skills or the big buds you have produced. Word can spread quickly, especially when you are doing something many people still consider illegal.

You should try to avoid telling anyone about your crops. The more people that know about your plants, the greater the chances of someone disclosing information. Ideally, no one should know about your crops. Of course, if you live with someone, they are going to find out. Absolute secrecy, whenever possible, is essential for protection.



It is also essential to keep a low profile and not appear suspicious, especially if you have close neighbors. Do not attempt to move your plants outdoors or appear overly suspicious when neighbors are around. If they think you are paranoid, they could start watching you more.

You are going to be bringing in a lot of supplies if growing indoors. Use discretion always. If possible, bring in supplies in boxes instead of their bags so you do not alert neighbors of anything strange.

Take Control of the Smell

Marijuana is a smelly plant, and while that is a good thing for smokers, it can be bad for growers who want to keep their crops a secret. Some strains of cannabis can be smelled up to 300 feet away. For most growers, the marijuana smell is a big concern. Although smell can be a problem, it does not have to be if you take the right steps.

Plant Other Plants

Many odiferous plants grow perfectly with cannabis and can help to camouflage the odors. Growing herbs and other plants with your cannabis can help to disguise the smell and the crops. Mint, cilantro, and basil are all sound choices. When you surround your cannabis garden with potent herbs, people are going to be less likely to notice the smell.

Grow Indoors

Growing indoors is not without risk, but it does put you more in the driver’s seat when it comes to protecting crops. To keep the marijuana smell under control in your grow room, use a ventilator with a durable carbon filter. This type of setup will suck out the marijuana smell and keep the odors trapped deep within the carbon filter. A carbon filter will only allow clean, non-odorous air to escape from your grow room. In states like Alabama where cannabis is not so well received, indoor growing will likely be your only option.


Know the Direction of Wind

The wind direction

typically changes with each season. In North America, winds during the summer flow from the southeast. You do not want to plant your crops in the direction of the wind, or a marijuana smell will loft through the air and right into places where neighbors and police notice. A fence can sometimes help to mask the odors, though this is not always reliable.

Grow in a Greenhouse

If growing cannabis indoors is not an option, growing in a greenhouse can help to prevent the smell from permeating the air. Just like with an indoor grow setup, you will need to use a ventilation system with a carbon filter to keep the odors from spreading outside the confines of your greenhouse.

If you grow outdoors, try to avoid getting into a daily routine because you could end up creating suspicion. Some new growers mistakenly believe they should do all their farm work at night, but this ends up creating more doubt because it is too apparent.

Secure the Crops

Unsecured crops are a significant danger and should be avoided. If your plants are not entirely secure, they could be stolen, noticed by neighbors or police, or even ransacked by wild animals. Thankfully, it does not take a lot of work to secure your cannabis plants and keep them away from prying eyes. Consider the following to help you keep your plants secure.


Putting up fencing can be both beneficial and risky, depending on the neighborhood. When using fencing to secure your crops, choose a standard type of fence that most homeowners would use, so you do not attract unwanted attention. Do not attempt to make your home look like a fortress, or your neighbors will start to wonder.


The use of security cameras is a sound way to ensure you know who is coming and going when you are not around. It is wise to choose small, hidden cameras. With advancements in technology, cameras can now be hidden in a variety of creative ways, so no one needs to know you are filming.

Guard Dog

A large and imposing dog can undoubtedly protect your property from trespassers and thieves. Having a guard dog also warrants putting up a fence, so this will lead to less attention being paid to what you are doing.

Protect Yourself

Although pot seed growers must protect their crops, they ultimately need to be concerned for their own safety. There are many risks involved in growing marijuana, and it could lead to arrest or even death. Consider the following steps to keep yourself safe.

Know the law before you grow. Knowing the law will help you to prevent breaking it, unaware.

Ensure your grow room setup is safe, and you have a fire extinguisher on hand for emergencies.

Do not get greedy and attempt to grow too much at one time.

Do not unlawfully sell what you grow.


Taking the above information into account before and during the growing process will help to protect you. No one wants to get arrested or become the victim of theft when they are merely trying to grow some feminized seeds for medicinal or recreational use!

By remaining quiet, securing your crops, and keeping smells under control, no one will have to know you are growing marijuana. You should consistently work to protect yourself and plants, so you do not run into any trouble.


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