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At Weed Seeds USA, we value all customers, no matter which symptoms or conditions they want to treat, and regardless of what they call cannabis. If you’re ready to go retro and refer to this noble plant as ganja, we have a wide selection of ganja seeds for sale online. Visit us or call us at 1-844-807-1234 today.

What are Ganja Seeds?

Like pot, weed, grass, and marijuana, ganja is another term used to describe cannabis. While the word ‘marijuana’ is derived from 20th century Mexican Spanish, it’s falling out of favor among advocates because it was used widely during the propaganda and prohibition efforts of the 1930s and 1940s.

Some enthusiasts believe that the word ‘ganja’ comes from the Rastafarian culture, but scholars believe that it has its origins in the Ganges River area of India, where cannabis plants can be found growing wild along the river’s banks. No matter what you call your pot, at Weed Seeds USA, we are proud to offer a range of top-quality 420 seeds that make it easy to grow your own medicine at home.

Unlike other seed banks, our ganja seeds for sale aren’t sourced from a range of vendors—a strategy that makes it hard to ensure consistent quality—but from select breeders around the world. Our cannabis seeds are rigorously tested to ensure the quality of their genetics, and they’re backed by a solid germination guarantee.

Our guarantee has just one requirement: you must use our germination method to retain coverage. Don’t worry, though, because the germination process is easy. It can be explained in five simple steps:

  1. Soak the seeds for 14-18 hours
  2. Pour the water and seeds onto a paper towel-lined plate
  3. Cover the weed seeds with another damp paper towel
  4. Put the plate in a dark, warm spot
  5. Check the seeds daily for two to seven days; they’re ready to plant when the taproots are about one-half inch long

With this foolproof method, you’ll be on your way to an impressive ganja crop in no time at all.

We’re proud to ship your seed order directly to your door, no matter where that may be. We offer low-cost shipping, so there are no surprises, and our fast, discreet delivery methods will get your seeds to you as soon as possible—without nosy neighbors knowing what you’re getting.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where it’s legal to plant our recreational ganja seeds, our site can be much more than a place to buy all your gardening supplies. We’ve built a resource section with tons of useful articles on preparing, planting, growing, and harvesting ganja crops. Whether you’re building an outdoor or hydroponic garden, we have plenty of tricks and tips to help you make the most of your experience. We recommend doing some extra research, so you can find out how other growers have done with your chosen pot seeds.

How Are Ganja Seeds Made?

When we discuss ganja, it’s easy to focus on the female plants that produce those big, beautiful buds we all want. However, it’s important to remember that male plants are just as essential. Males produce pollen, which germinates buds to create cannabis seeds. Pollen plays a crucial role in breeding because it allows experts to combine plants’ genetics to create new strains.

Marijuana seeds develop in a female plant’s flowers about five weeks after pollination. A pollinated bud looks much different from a sensimilla (seedless) bud. They have fewer trichomes and don’t form large colas. Rather, they’re smaller and more bulbous.

Roughly four weeks after pollinating a female plant, you can start checking the seeds to see if they are ready to harvest. Simply remove a seed from a well-pollinated bud; a mature seed will be dark brown and have a very hard shell. If your seeds aren’t quite ready, let them develop a bit longer. Some American ganja seeds develop late in a plant’s flowering cycle. If that’s true in your case, keep giving the plants plenty of nutrients and light.

Once the seeds have matured, harvest the buds, and dig in. Store your seeds in a dry, cool place for a few years or germinate them to grow your next cannabis crop.

What Types of Ganja Seeds Are There?

US ganja seeds are a significant part of the country’s legal cannabis industry, and for new enthusiasts, there’s a tremendous amount of knowledge to acquire. Whether you’re purchasing seeds from a dispensary or you decide to buy ganja seeds from us, it’s important to learn about the qualities and origins of different types of seeds.

Feminized seeds

Feminized, or Feminised seeds, are bred to have no male reproductive organs, and when they’re grown yield more than 95% female plants. In the past few years, feminized ganja seeds have become a stable option. Feminized plants produce dank, sticky buds without pollination. They don’t need specific lighting and temperature controls, as they’ve been bred for easy growth. When you buy feminized seeds, you can grow more plants in a smaller space while maximizing yields.


Auto seeds are similar to feminized seeds in that they’re easier to cultivate than regular chronic seeds. They don’t need highly controlled environments, and they can mature in 10 weeks or less. An auto-flowering strain’s unique qualities come from its ability to shift from a vegetative state into the flowering state with age. Auto-flowering plants have existed in certain forms for hundreds of years, and today’s breeders have increased their active agents so they’re just as potent as regular cannabis seeds.

Regular seeds

Regular seeds were around before auto-flowering and feminized strains were created. As these seeds are about half male and half female, you’ll have to do twice the work to grow the same amount of ganja.

Indica seeds

These are a great option for growers who want to relax and unwind. They’re available in numerous varieties; some strains are pure indica, while others combine indica and sativa traits. Many indoor cultivators prefer indicas because these plants don’t grow as tall as their sativa counterparts.

Sativa seeds

Sativa are characterized by their long, thin leaves, taller plant structures, and cerebral highs. These seeds are popular among growers who want an energetic daytime smoke. With origins in Central America and other tropical regions, sativa strains are an uplifting alternative to indicas.

Ruderalis seeds

This class captures the unique properties of the Cannabis Ruderalis landrace strain, which often grows wild in Eastern Europe. Ruderalis strains are noted for traits that allow them to reproduce in a short length of time. A wild-growing plant can complete its life cycle quickly, growing from a seedling into an adult in 12 weeks or less. Through extensive breeding with indica strains, cultivators have added potency to these hardy seeds.

For experienced seed collectors and cultivators, regular seeds present a more challenging approach. However, for those growing cannabis for the first time, it’s best to buy feminized or auto-flowering USA ganja seeds.

Top 10 Ganja Seeds USA

If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for the best ganja strains so you can order ganja seeds online and love what you get. We’ve reviewed hundreds of the most popular strains for ganja seeds US on the basis of their potency, lineage, effects, CBD and THC content, appearance, aroma, and other factors. Read on to learn about our top 10 cannabis seed selections.

Blueberry Fem

THC Content: 21 – 25%
Indoor Yield: 17 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 24 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

This classic is a top strain with a long history. Through its decades of cultivation, Blueberry’s genes have been passed around extensively. Its fresh blueberry flavor, high THC content, and relaxing effects produce an enduring sense of euphoria, and many users prefer it for stress and pain relief.

Auto Mandarine Fem

THC Content: 18%
Indoor Yield: 7 – 10 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 3.5 – 7 Oz
Grow Time: 9 – 11 Weeks

This strain is much like Lemon Haze or Tangie in that it offers a punch of citrusy flavor. This indica-dominant strain will, with just a few puffs, put you into a dreamy, appetite-stimulating haze. Plants grow rather short and they flower quickly, which makes this strain popular among indoor cultivators.

Auto Tangerine Fem

THC Content: 12 – 15%
Indoor Yield: 2 – 7 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 1 – 3.5 Oz
Grow Time: 10 – 12 Weeks

Auto Tangie is a sativa-dominant strain that’s now available in a fast-flowering version. This strain’s dank flowers grow quickly, offering a noticeable citrus aroma that’s quite pleasing. Try this strain if you’re looking for an uplifting, cerebral high.


THC Content: 18 – 21%
Indoor Yield: 14 – 17 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 16 – 19 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

Also known as Skittles, this is a popular indica-dominant strain that’s full of fruity flavor. It combines the effects of the Grapefruit and Grape Ape strains to offer a smooth, unique high. With a THC content of 18-21%, Zkittlez will get the job done.

Master Kush Fem

THC Content: 20 – 24%
Indoor Yield: 14 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 17 Oz
Grow Time: 7 – 9 Weeks

This old timer has unclear genetics, but enthusiasts often claim that it has strong Skunk and Hindu Kush influences. This strain’s dank, dense buds will give a long-lasting cerebral high, making it a favorite among indica aficionados.

Northern Lights Fem

THC Content: 18%
Indoor Yield: 15 – 19 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 18 Oz
Grow Time: 7 – 9 Weeks
Mold Resistant: Yes

This is another strain with obscure genetics. It has its origins in 1970s Seattle, but its lineage is thought to have started in California, like many of the world’s other popular strains. It shows its indica Afghani background in its big, resinous buds. Though it’s preferred among indoor growers, it provides equally bountiful results outside. Northern Lights offers a sweet taste and a lazy, comfortable high.

OG Kush Fem

THC Content: 20 – 25%
Indoor Yield: 14 – 19 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 15 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

OG has been interbred with many of the West Coast’s most popular strains, but its origins are unclear. It’s been around Colorado, California, and Florida since the 1990s, and many of our customers prefer OG Kush Fem seeds for their pain management, stress relief, and sleep-assisting properties.

Skunk Fem

THC Content: 14 – 17%
Indoor Yield: 14 – 17 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 14 – 17 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

Skunk provides the genetic foundation upon which many of today’s most popular strains are built. Since its first appearance in the late 70s, Skunk has given rise to numerous crossbreeds. Its diverse genetic lineage, which includes Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold, and Afghani, came about through a complex breeding process. This hybrid is well-known for its unmistakable aroma and its long-lasting cerebral high.

Sour Diesel Fem

THC Content: 20 – 22%
Indoor Yield: 14 – 17 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 21 – 24 Oz
Grow Time: 10 – 12 Weeks

This is a sativa-dominant strain that gets its name from its pungent aroma. Widely known among the world’s smokers, this fast-acting strain offers a cerebral, yet energizing high that helps fight pain, stress, and depression. Our customers like this strain for its invigorating energy and relaxing tendencies.

Wedding Cake Fem

THC Content: 24- 26%
Indoor Yield: 18 – 21 Oz
Outdoor Yield: 21 – 28 Oz
Grow Time: 8 – 10 Weeks

Wedding Cake is popular for its elevated THC content, its sweet flavor, and its distinctive aroma. It’s as worthy of celebration as the joyous event for which it’s named. With its short flowering time and high yields, this strain has more potential than many others.

Whether you’re looking for a body buzz or a creative, cerebral high, we have the seeds to get you there. Visit us or call us today to learn about our top seed selections.

How to Buy Ganja Seeds Online

Growing your own ganja is a big step, and it all starts with the seeds. Where you buy them is almost as important as the seeds themselves; if you don’t choose a reliable seed bank, you might end up with less than you expected. Not only does Weed Seeds USA guarantee its seeds, but we also have hundreds of reviews from happy customers. It’s the best place to buy ganja seeds online!

Our selection of cost-effective, high-quality seeds is enough of a reason to choose us, but our shipping policies also make us one of the Internet’s best places to buy chronic seeds. We’re focused on getting orders delivered, and we carry a range of supplies and seeds to support growers of all experience levels.

The 2018 elections brought numerous victories for cannabis enthusiasts. Michigan and nine other states have legalized recreational weed, while Missouri and Utah have allowed the use of medicinal ganja. As we learn about the benefits of cannabis, we hope to see a softer legal stance toward this beneficial plant.

Not only are states allowing people to consume marijuana, but they’re also easing restrictions on home cultivation. To grow weed at home, you will need seeds, but here’s where it becomes complicated. Even if you live in an area where it’s legal to cultivate cannabis at home, and you buy ganja seeds online from a US-based seed bank, your shipment of medicinal ganja seeds may be confiscated.

Though the US is one of the most open-minded countries in terms of cannabis legalization, pot is still illegal at the federal level. As long as this holds true, users and cultivators will face numerous obstacles. In the end, buying seeds online is recommended only if you live in one of a few states where at-home cultivation is legal.

When you’re ready to start growing cannabis, you’ll need a supply of seeds. We offer the best selection at competitive prices for a ganja seed bank. Whether you’re on a budget or you’re running a large-scale grow op, we’re here to help. Email us at for more information.


Why Should You Buy From Weed Seeds USA?

The use of medicinal and recreational ganja is becoming more commonplace in America, and the legal cannabis industry is growing by the day. People want to grow weed for personal use, and that’s where Weed Seeds USA comes in. Here, you’ll learn why you should turn to us when you need ganja seeds.

We’re an authoritative source

You wouldn’t go to the corner store for specialty grocery items, and you should put the same level of concern into your cannabis seed purchases. We’ve been in the industry since the beginning, and our experience speaks for itself. We know the ins and outs of every strain we carry, from their unique attributes to the growth media in which they’ll thrive.

Our selection can’t be beat

Dispensaries and head shops find it challenging to compete with online seed banks that offer hundreds of seed strains in one place. When you buy seeds from us, you’re not limited to what’s on hand. With our wide reach and access to top-level brands and breeders, we can provide our clients with the highest-quality seeds. Stick with your favorites or try something new. It’s up to you!

We’re reliable

Online seed banks are only as good as the services and products they provide. Our team members are well-versed in industry best practices, and we provide our customers with seeds that produce strong, healthy plants and a great return on your investment. We’re constantly re-evaluating our processes, from the seeds we choose to our shipping methods, to guarantee your satisfaction.

These are just a few reasons to buy your next batch of seeds from us. Weed Seeds USA is made up of savvy horticulturalists, medical experts, and business pros who have spent years researching the world’s top cannabis strains. All those strains are together in one place, which makes it easy for our customers to find what they need.

What’s next for you, the grower? Should you go with one of your old favorites or try a new strain for a different experience? The choice is yours. No matter which direction you take, you’re sure to get the best the cannabis world has to offer when you buy seeds from us. Visit us online or call 1-844-807-1234 to learn about our seed selection or to place an order.

Common Misspellings, Versions, and Abbreviations

Though most people call them weed seeds, pot seeds, or just seeds, they’re sometimes called by different names. The most common versions and spellings are:

  • Ganga
  • Ganja

No matter which name you call them by, you can find the highest quality bulk ganja seeds here at Weed Seeds USA. Call or click today for competitive pricing and fast, discreet shipping!

Interesting Facts About Ganja Seeds

Whether you’re growing a big crop or you’re working out of a closet-sized grow room, it all starts with a batch of seeds. Before buying 710 ganja seeds from us, we recommend learning a bit about them. Here are a few great facts about regular and CBD ganja seeds.

  • Weed seeds contain the plant’s genotype, or the genetic code that offers instructions for building its phenotype. A marijuana plant’s DNA is usually a blend of genes from one of three sub-species of cannabis: indica, sativa, and ruderalis.
  • Most of the ganja seeds sold in dispensaries and sent from seed banks are feminized, which means they’re likely (but not 100% guaranteed) to produce females rather than males. Feminized seeds are useful to breeders, as they would otherwise have to separate the plants by gender.
  • The ruderalis sub-species’ genetics are often brought into today’s strains because this is the only type of cannabis that flowers based on its age rather than the amount of sunlight it receives. Because ruderalis is such a reliable and hardy plant, it’s valued among breeders who create hybrid strains.
  • Pot seeds can be stored for several years without a reduction in viability. Store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark, and dry area.
  • Most of the seeds found in seed banks and dispensaries come from a long hybrid lineage. Landrace strains are unique in that they’re from wild-growing plants and their genetic makeup has been determined by the process of natural selection.
  • Hemp oil, which comes from pressed cannabis seeds, is used to manufacture a range of plastics and cosmetic products. It’s also a valuable dietary supplement because of its high essential fatty acid content. Because the seeds contain no THC, hemp oil is non-psychoactive.
  • Cannabis is a resilient plant, so it’s not that hard to turn seeds into seedlings; they’ll grow almost anywhere. Ganja seeds need warmth, time, and moisture to germinate. Most seeds will begin to take root within three days of being stored in a humid place, and although they’re delicate, they’ll grow quickly in the right environment.
  • Weed seeds have been found on numerous archaeological sites, including Chinese royal tombs and buried Viking ships. The seeds often appear in contexts where a hemp plant’s fibers wouldn’t be used for textiles or rope, which suggests that the plant was used for medicinal or recreational purposes.
  • The Polish people enjoy a soup known as siemieniotka, which lists cannabis seeds as its main ingredient. This soup is commonly eaten at Wigilia, a Christmas Eve dinner that’s at the center of their holiday festivities.

The laws on cannabis seeds and whether it’s possible to order ganja seeds are different from one state to another. While some states allow citizens to possess and cultivate ganja seeds, we recommend checking your local laws to ensure that buying a few seeds from us is safe and legal.

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