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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 5, 2022
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The Benefits of Growing Feminized vs Un-Sexed Seeds

When you purchase un-sexed seeds, multiple seeds must be grown to obtain enough female seeds to produce the desired crop. The male plants need to be weeded out or there is a risk of pollination of the crop when the males are left in place too long. This takes time the grower might not want to invest, or they may lack the time needed to weed out the male plants. However, if the male plants remain in place, the crop might be seedy, and no grower wants this. When flowers are the main objective, buying feminized seeds for sale online makes sense.

Nevertheless, growers looking to create seeds for future crops cannot go this route. Feminized plans may be cloned but will not produce additional seeds. Only un-sexed seeds may be used to produce more seeds and to breed. The grower gains access to the full genetics of the plants. Microbrewery type growers spend a great deal of time focusing on the genetics of the seeds and might wish to buy un-sexed seeds as a result.


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