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How To Speed Up Flowering

Faster Flowering

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: January 17, 2021

How to Speed up Flowering with Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Growing crops takes certain amounts of time, hard work and dedication whether you are cultivating corn and potatoes or farming various strains of cannabis seeds. Despite the effort that goes into the mix, though, most farmers insist waiting for crops to come in is the most difficult part of the process. For many growers, the stint between planting and harvesting seems to drone on forever.

This is particularly true when you are anticipating a potent yield of cannabis buds offering any number of physical and emotional benefits. You spend weeks tending to the plants, all the while worrying and wondering about the end result. Although most people believe you cannot rush Mother Nature, that is not necessarily the case when growing cannabis. If you are looking to shorten the span between germination and full maturity, a few tricks and techniques may help speed up the flowering of outdoor marijuana plants whether you grow in your garden in Arizona, or a backyard greenhouse in Vermont.

Why Speed up the Flowering Process?

People have several reasons for wanting to accelerate the flowering process of their high-THC or high-CBD crops. For most, weather is the biggest deciding factor. In many corners of the globe, the stretch between the last frost of spring and the first one of winter just does not offer much time to work with when growing outdoors.

In some cases, it is a matter of need. When you are suffering, enduring constant pain or powering through a battle with depression, time is often of the essence. Though some patients could visit a local dispensary to fill their cannabis prescriptions, that is not an option for everyone. Marijuana, even for medical use, still is not available in all states. At the same time, growing it at home offers a wide range of advantages you cannot get from a dispensary, such as reduced expenses and greater control over strain, quality and potency.

Those are only a couple of the most common justifications for rushing marijuana growth. Growers may also find themselves needing to move to a new area soon and want to harvest their stockpiles beforehand. Sometimes, word of local authorities ramping up their efforts to stop at-home growing is enough motivation for shortening the standard routine.

Understanding the Math behind the Marijuana

Before delving into the various ways to speed up the flowering phase of your marijuana plants, it is important to understand how they grow. Cannabis plants start out as seeds with all their inner DNA lying dormant until it is prompted to emerge from its protective shell. Once you cover those seeds with dirt and give them water, the germination process begins.

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