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Widow Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 8, 2022
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Widow Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Those familiar with this lineup know how special a Widow weed can be, and the Widow cannabis seeds we have for sale at Weed Seeds USA have been specially bred to serve American cannabis communities. The Widow family comprises Black Widow, Alien Widow, Aloha White, White Russian Bruce, AK, BC, CBD strains, autoflowers and so many more killer combinations that some find it hard to know where to start. However, in this case, it pays to start at the beginning. The first breakthrough Widow strain was White Widow, considered a gift from the ganja gods and a true stroke of breeding genius. Going public in 1995, this 50/50 wonderweed would quickly become a household name as one of the greatest and most powerful hybrids in history. Since then, it has proven itself in competitions the world over, claiming Cups and accolades out the wazoo. White Widow is floral, fruity, hits 24% THC and has produced up to an astonishing thirty ounces per plant.

Weed Seeds USA is proud to offer a veritable cornucopia of Widow strains, including White Widow auto, fem and regular, Blue Widow, Critical Widow and White LSD. The list continues with White Widow’s ancestry and some of the most productive and transformative autos on the market. CBD White Widow auto, White Widow Meth, California Widow and Super Critical Fast strains all have friends here. We offer a secure online platform, user friendly navigation and an array of purchasing and checkout options. Our collection is stored and preserved like fine wine or cigars, in temperature and humidity controlled environments. Our packaging is protective and our shipping speedy and discrete, ensuring your Widow selections arrive intact and ready to grow, without setting off any alarms. The White Widow family is packed with winners and they deliver in droves. When you want your choice of top notch Widow nuggets to nurture, you’ll find them at Weed Seeds USA.

Widow Cannabis Seeds