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Super Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: August 15, 2022
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Super Cannabis Seeds For Sale

The Super strain family tree started with the immensely popular Super Silver Haze sativa heavy hybrid. The outstanding genetic combination of three top powerhouse cannabis lines, including some of the highest quality marijuana strains in the world, are Northern Lights indica, Skunk hybrid, and the old school favorite, sativa Haze. Combining all three to create an intoxicating 70% sativa heavy cross with a nice, grounding 30% indica pheno balance. The mellow, deep indica stones give just that right amount of calming, relaxed nature to counteract the heightened, heady sativa heavy highs. It’s the perfect combination of euphoric, energized, get up and go, with a nice, relaxed, undercurrent of indica chill. With a lineage like that, the Super strain family genetics have inspired a long line of Super hybrids, already weed royalty and winner of three Cannabis Cup awards. Topping out at a solid 20% THC content, it’s strong enough for those incredibly heady, cerebral, happy sativa highs without locking one to the couch for the day. Perfect for those go getters and gym bros, it’s a great wake and bake workout weed. A genetic history that hails from around the globe, the best of Thailand, Mexico, India and South America, Supers are a mix of some of the most exotic and intoxicating strains in cannabis history. The dreaminess of Northern lights, the super potent Skunk and of course, the ever popular Haze, there was no way the Super family line wasn’t going to become an all-time great. Whichever genius botany boss put this one together, we at Weed Seeds US are forever in your debt. Always available in our online catalog, WSUS is proud to offer this spectacular top quality Super seed family line. An overall 17- 20% THC and 1% CBD content, Supers are spectacular medicinals with many other curative and health benefits. Heightened, energetic mood enhancers and those deep relaxing, indica stress free analgesics, the Super strain family has it all.

Super Cannabis Seeds