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Sour Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: May 5, 2022
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Sour Cannabis Seeds For Sale

The Sour family of cannabis pot plants originated with the infamous, sativa heavy Sour Diesel strain. This marijuana marvel hit the market in the 1980’s or 1990’s and quickly became equally adored by home cultivators, recreational smokers and medical patients. Its origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery, but the most widely accepted story places its roots on Staten Island in the state of New York. The plants are resilient, heavy producers and their abundant buds are coated with sticky resin. This gooey layer is made up of mushroom shaped trichomes that are full of healing terpenes. These bring the pungent flavors of fuel and skunk to the toking experience, and are also responsible for the energetic, happy and healing effects from a session. Fortunately, breeders have continued to fiddle with the genetics and have created a plethora of other Sour family strains to try, some of which will have more delectable flavor profiles bred in. Some of the other strains that are popular amongst Sour D fans are the berry flavored Blue Lyly Sour, the giggle inducing, cherry flavored Sour Skies and the CBD heavy, medicinal Sour Hawaiian Haze that tastes of sweet mango. Weed Seeds will have all the options available so you can grow your favorite from superior seeds and enjoy a session with your homegrown Sour herb. You can scope out the unique specifics of each strain through our lengthy write ups to ensure you are getting a plant you can successfully nourish in your space and that will meet all of your needs.

Sour Cannabis Seeds


Buy Sour Cannabis
Seeds Online in the USA

Sour Family Cannabis
Seeds For Sale

Sour Cannabis
Strains USA

What Are Sour Seeds?

Sour seeds are hard, shiny, dark colored beans that crack with life and flourish into sky reaching plants that hold energizing sativa qualities and euphoria inducing, high THC levels. The tall plants will produce numerous buds for collection and these are a welcome addition to the stash of recreational and medical tokers.The plants that are born from these exceptional seeds also tend to produce a generous coating of gooey resin that is full of therapeutic potential. Each terpene that is present in this glistening layer will deliver unique flavors and effects. The original Sour Diesel is known for its harsh aroma of skunk and fuel, but hints of citrus and spice make it a tolerable sensory experience that is undoubtedly linked with a potent high in the minds of weed fans around the globe. A few puffs are all you need to either enjoy hours of blissful joy and creative play, or to find reprieve from the medical conditions that ail you. This pot strain has been crossed with other favorites to create more desirable growth patterns, flavors and effects. You can find CBD heavy versions that are preferred for medical patients who need relief but also still need to be able to function throughout their day. There are autoflowering and fast flowering options that make home cultivation a little easier, and you could purchase regular or feminized seeds depending on whether you want to walk away from your efforts with seeds for your future grows or copious amounts of flowers for your sessions. All of these, and more, are available through the Weed Seeds seed bank.

Where Do Sour Cannabis Seeds Come From?

The original Sour cannabis strain that the rest of the Sour family was spawned from is Sour Diesel. This herb first appeared on the scene in the early 1990’s and has since become one of the biggest names on the market. Through the efforts of a few different innovative breeders, Chemdawg 91 was blended with Northern Lights and this concoction was crossed with Super Skunk to create the infamous Sour Diesel. It first hit the cannabis world across Staten Island, New York, but it spread like wildfire across the East Coast shortly after its introduction. It was first called Diesel, which at the time was synonymous with superior pot flower that was not easy to come by. Its name later included the word sour, not because of its tangy lemon flavor, but because of the shady behaviours people would participate in just to get their hands on the impeccable bud. This high-quality herb is easy to grow and is known for producing hefty yields of premium nugs that are coated with an impressive layer of gooey resin. The Diesel name is indicative of its fuel flavored smoke, but thankfully the generous terpene profile makes for a more diverse flavor profile that includes citrus zest, herbs, and spice. When you purchase your seeds through Weed Seeds, you can trust you are getting unadulterated genetics. The parents of this delightful herb bring sativa and indica growth patterns and effects to the user, making for an exceptional hybrid that is loved by weed aficionados the world over.

Why Buy Sour Seeds?

The Sour cannabis strains have remained at the top of the list for sativa fans for decades. The potent effects delivered on pungent smoke are well loved by veterans and brave new tokers. The ease of cultivation and the resulting hefty harvests make this a popular option for a home grow, and the sticky layer of resin that adorns the buds make this an equally appealing option for folks who prefer to consume concentrates and edibles. This versatile lineage holds a wealth of medical potential as well, especially when its original genes are mixed with CBD laden strains that mellow out the cognitive buzz. If you want to ensure your flower is pure and of the best quality, you may want to consider growing it yourself. Starting with premium seeds from a reputable company like Weed Seeds is the optimal way to go. We have spent time and energy sourcing experienced and passionate growers and we are committed to bringing our customers the most exceptional seeds on the market. Thanks to our virtual catalog, we are able to provide a simple and safe online shopping experience so you can buy your seeds without leaving the comfort of your home. Our vast selection of seeds is divided up into distinct categories and we provide a lengthy description for each, so you know what to expect in terms of its unique traits and characteristics. You can also reach out to our team if you need assistance, we are here and happy to help!

Seed Storage Of Sour Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana seeds are living things that need proper storage conditions in order to retain their health. Here at Weed Seeds, we provide the optimal environment so that your seeds arrive at your door ready to germinate. However, if you do not plan to plant your operation right away, you will need to provide these ideal conditions in order for your seeds to remain viable at home. Much like your plants, your seeds need appropriate temperatures, humidity levels and airflow to maintain their strength. They tend to prefer a cool, dry and dark environment, though the specifics vary a bit dependi