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Purple Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: August 15, 2022
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Purple Cannabis Seeds For Sale

The family of Purple cannabis strains is vast and includes many crowd favorites like the award winning and ever popular Grandaddy Purple and the sweet, confectionery treat, Purple Gelato. The marijuana family is characterized by strong plants with powerful, pungent nugs that take on a purple hue when they reach maturity and are ready for harvest. True to the name, these strains are considered royalty amidst weed connoisseurs the world over. Grandaddy Purple is thought to be the original Purple strain, and from it, delectable strains like Grape Ape, Purple Punch and Zkittles were born. Many of the strains that fall under the umbrella of the Purple Family have won awards and are commonly found growing in home operations or filling dispensary shelves.

These beauties gained momentum in the 2000’s and are slowly resurging on the market because of their aesthetically pleasing and potent buds. The original genetics are up for debate, but it is thought that the purple hues are a result of partial genetics hailing from the Afghanistan mountains, and that the characteristic, pain crushing effects are indicative of Kush ancestry. The defining scent and taste is generally grape, sometimes fresh and tangy, and other times presenting like a fine fermented wine. It is not uncommon for a few puffs of this tasty, purple flower to instill a calm euphoria and a deeply soothing body stone, each of which can well support the recreational toker and medical patient alike.

As the lineage has grown, the cultivation of the exceptional buds is becoming simpler and more approachable for growers with all levels of experience. Innovative breeders have developed feminized seeds, autoflowering options, and resilient mixes of genetics that are all simpler to nourish. Weed Seeds provides many options for premium Purple seeds, and our detailed descriptions of each will assist you in successful and fruitful home cultivation of one, or several of these favored herbs.

Purple Cannabis Seeds