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Orange Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 8, 2022
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Orange Cannabis Seeds For Sale

While many consumers are still trying to wrap their heads around all the different strain varieties of ganja, those in the know sort cannabis strains into families. Cannabis families are groups of weed strains that share a combination of common ancestry and similar traits. Scientists have begun with the three dominant gene lines, the Kushes and the Skunks and the Hazes, and have worked back from there. The Orange family are, in general, an offshoot of the family Skunk. They are sativa dominant strains high in orange terpenes and limonene that provide energizing and uplifting highs. Their plants have a tendency to grow quite tall, with multiple bud sites providing many dense and fragrant flowers. These buds are often small in stature, but big in fragrance and sunny effects. These strains are stellar for mental health concerns and active daytime recreational activities like walks in nature, arts and crafts, playing tabletop or video games, or simply chilling out with friends. They have a wide variety of orange adjacent flavors that go from candy sweetness to herbal or even somewhat dank depending on the specific cross. Prominent members of this family include California Orange, Agent Orange, Orange Bud, Orange Crush, Orange Velvet, and even the legendary Tangie. This family is sometimes known as the Tangie family, due to that strain’s popularity and impact on the gene pool of modern sativas, but Tangie is merely the most high profile of the group. Regardless of the current popularity of specific strains, Orange family genes have become a mainstay of the sativa gene pool over the last fifty years. Weed Seeds carries over four dozen Orange and Orange adjacent cannabis strains that provide varying degrees of vibrant, energetic and happy highs known for blasting stress and low moods. They grow citrus smelling buds, with yields of around a pound per meter squared. If you’re looking for delicious and uplifting genetics, look no further than Weed Seeds USA!

Orange Cannabis Seeds