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Northern Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 8, 2022
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Northern Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Weed Seeds has so many strains, we organize them into families! Family groups are strains that share common ancestors and attributes, and they’re becoming a big thing in the cannabis world thanks to their accessibility and accuracy. The Northern Family is a robust group of mainly indica dominant hybrids descendent from the legendary strain Northern Lights. There’s a lot of debate about the origin of this strain, but it’s clear that its genetics come from the combination of Thai sativa and Afghani indica landraces by 1985 at the latest. Many of the strains in this family are indica dominant plants with moderate to high levels of THC, between seventeen and twenty-three percent on average. Their harvests are suitable for evening smoking when you want to unwind at the end of the day. They’re also incredible for pain management and helping to cure insomnia, especially for people who have a hard time sleeping due to pain or stress. The CBD inclusion is often low, usually less than one percent, but buds from these plants deliver an incredible amount of pain killing effects for sufferers of everything from inflammatory pain associated with migraines and arthritis, to nerve conditions and cancer. A relaxing yet uplifting high, Northern strains are also perfect for easing anxiety and low moods associated with many mental health problems. People like these strains for their ability to ease anxiety and provide a potent body buzz before bed. This family is also considered exceptional for helping with lack of appetite due to either psychosomatic conditions or nausea. Many strains are also ideal for producing concentrate and oil products due to their high resin content. The buds of this family run the gamut from minty to tropical, each with their own unique undertones of woody, spicy, earthen, and pungent notes. Most of them end up tasting quite sweet, sometimes like citrus and other times like more fermented sugars. Find them all at Weed Seeds!

Northern Cannabis Seeds