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Lemon Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: August 15, 2022
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Lemon Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Organizing cannabis lineages into families is an easy way to wrap one’s head around the ever-increasing variety of strains out there. For scientists and people looking to get some genetic clarity around where a strain comes from, it’s becoming increasingly popular. The Lemon family is a somewhat large subsection of the huge Skunk family, and has been making waves in the cannabis world for the last twenty years. Lemon plants come from the legendary lineage of Las Vegas Lemon Skunk, a classic blend of American and Dutch Skunk genetics, as well as a variety of Lemon OG Kush that was developed by Mendocino growers. Those hard to find strains sired both Lemon OG and Lemon Skunk. Lemon strains were very popular in 2017, becoming a favorite especially with concentrate producers. It’s Lemon Skunk that has done most of the heavy lifting in the family. It won first prize at the Spannabis Cup in 2008 for best hydro and first place for outdoor crop at the Highlife Cup 2007, both for DNA Genetics. Lemon Skunk went on to have at least fifty-five first generation crosses and countless second and third generation ancestors. Notable children of Lemon Skunk include Lemon Tree, some forms of Lemon OG, Super Lemon Haze, and Lemon Fire OG. This tangy, sophisticated family of smokes is more than just a one note choir. Their wide array of sour and sweet terpenes make some of them taste like candy and others taste like black tea. Lemon strains have a moderate to high amount of THC, with a spread from fifteen to twenty-seven percent. There’s a wide range of effects reported depending on what side of the family you’re smoking. Indica Lemons make people sleepy, while sativa Lemons wake them up. No matter what your preference is, medical or recreational, sativa or indica, Weed Seeds USA has over five hundred strains that can help you get the perfect crop to meet your needs.

Lemon Cannabis Seeds