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Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: August 15, 2022
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Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Every so often, a breed is created from the perfect combination of strains that goes on to exceed all expectations. Jack Herer seeds are the perfect example of a success story in cannabis breeding. Members of the family take on many of the characteristics of the original Jack Herer strains, which fall under a sativa hybrid profile. The original strains were created as a mixture of Northern Lights, Haze and Shiva Skunk, which proved to be a genius combination by the late and great Jack Herer, who the strain is named after. Weed Seeds has gone on to source some of the highest quality Jack Herer seeds from several of our certified breeders. Every one of our pot seeds is sourced on American soil, so you can be certain that your seeds are free of any harsh chemicals or pesticides and that they’ve been grown and cared for ethically. Among many of our Jack Herer strains are specific varieties that may give you an advantage in the grow space. Our autoflowering Jack Herer ganja will create plants that will flower automatically, which can be a huge benefit over the photoperiod plants. If you’d like more control over your grow, the photoperiod plants will wait for you to tell them to begin flowering, but you must do this at the right time. Additionally, you can also purchase feminized Jack Herer marijuana seeds, which will give you an absolutely massive harvest as they will only grow female plants. If you’d like to breed using Jack Herer plants, try a regular variety which will also give you male plants to work with. Male plants are remarkable for using for breeding, but you must also make sure to separate them from any plants you don’t want pollinated. This family of strains also grows particularly small while still providing significant yields, which can make them a terrific option if you plan on growing your chronic indoors.

Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds