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Green Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 8, 2022
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Green Cannabis Seeds For Sale

With how quickly strain development is moving, and the rate at which new strains are being marketed, scientists and cannabis professionals are increasingly turning towards organizing weed into family units. These are groups of strains that share genetic ancestry and many of the same attributes that distinguish them from other closely-related strains. The Green family is a subsection of the Skunk family that consists of Green Crack, its half-sister Green Poison, and their crosses and descendants. They’re an energetic and fast-growing group of marijuana plants that’re beloved by wake-and-bakers and people looking to smoke away depression or lack of motivation. Their tangy green buds hit like orange juice, and make users want to get up and move. They are fast flowering, shooting to several feet in height quickly thanks to their strong sativa genes. Green plants are known for their bright green leaves and citrus aromas that make them smell more uplifting than their other Skunk relatives. Their terpene profiles are high in myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. The sativa side of the family tends to have pretty short flowering times and high yields. They have a tendency to get up to eight feet tall when given adequate space, light, and nutrients in suitable outdoor climates like those in the southern United States. The indica side is a group of knockouts beloved for their high-resin producing capabilities and growing ease. They don’t get as high as their sativa friends, but they produce thick bud colas that appear almost white with trichomes while on the branch. Some of our favorite Green family strains include the originals, Green Crack and Green Poison. We also have a mix of some lesser-known but very potent indica and balanced hybrid cousins including the powerhouse Screaming Green Alien Gorilla and Skywalker Ghost Kush, also known as Green Ghost. Weed Seeds USA is delighted to introduce you to these little Green women! Take them to your growers!

Green Cannabis Seeds