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Grape Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: May 9, 2022
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Grape Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Weed Seeds carries a huge amount of strain families, and they all do something especially well. These families come about as a result of one truly outstanding strain being created, which then goes on to be the parent of countless other strains. The perfect genetics of Grape seeds gave way to numerous other strains that taste amazing, give their growers extremely large yields, and produce an incredibly strong and potent high. This strain came around from the work of a pair of labs in the 1990s, and it hasn’t stopped gaining momentum since then. Smokers love these strains for their iconic grape flavors, along with other notes of herbs, pine and mild spices, as well as for their potent THC content. These plants are nearly always high yielding, and even a small handful of Grape seeds will give you more ganja than you know what to do with. The Weed Seeds team loves these seeds just as much as you do, so we’ve made as many of them available for our customers as possible. As always, we only source our seeds from American breeders, which helps to uphold our high standards for seed genetics. In turn, our premium seeds nearly never experience any kinds of genetic defects and they’re almost guaranteed to germinate every time, save for the rare fluke of nature. If you’re looking for an easy strain to grow, many of our Grape seeds are available in an autoflowering variety which can greatly reduce the amount of work needed by the grower. Additionally, many of the Grape family seeds are feminized, which can even further increase the massive yields you can take home from these seeds. We also have regular Grape seeds available, which will come with male seeds, allowing you to create your own special and unique Grape strains. Try a Weed Seeds mixed pack of Grape seeds to get a little bit of all that the family has to offer.

Grape Cannabis Seeds


Buy Grape Cannabis
Seeds Online in the USA

Grape Family Cannabis
Seeds For Sale

Grape Cannabis
Strains USA

What Are Grape Seeds?

Grape seeds are good at many things, but the one thing in particular they are good at is producing outstanding flavors. This family of seeds is known for their ability to make a delicious pot, and it’s thanks to a unique mixture of terpenes that you won’t find anywhere else. Terpenes such as limonene, pinene, caryophyllene, a-myrcene and many others contribute to a profile that’s similar to Grape or other citrus fruits. Other flavor notes you’ll notice on a Grape plant include pine, mild spices, Kush and earthy, tangy flavors. While this is arguably their most iconic feature, they’re also very good at producing large amounts of bud. These plants will almost always produce hundreds of grams to a square meter in an indoor grow, and some of the Grape child strains can produce nearly a kilogram or more to a plant when grown outdoors. The baseline potency is high at around 20%, making for a strong smoke for any casual smoker. If instead you want a more chronic strain, Grape has you covered. Some Grape strains such as Grape Zkittlez Gum photo fem can provide you with up to 26% or more THC, making for a strain that’s even stronger than it is tasty. Weed Seeds even carries a CBD Grape strain that goes by the name of CBD Grape Pie for our medicinal users. These strains have been crossed time and time again with other tasty strains to make for a phenomenal and very large family of seeds.

Where Do Grape Cannabis Seeds Come From?

There’s no one strain that makes up all of the members of the Weed Seeds Grape family, which means there’s no one origin story to their creation. Most of the Grape strains have some Grape Ape genetics in them, which we’ll call one of the main parents of the family for now. The origin of this strain is simple, as it was concocted by a pair of labs known as Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm. At some point, breeders from these labs took the outstanding genetics of a couple different well-known varieties to make the brand new Grape Ape. The genes that went into this strain included Skunk, an iconic and pungent variety, and Afghani, the famous landrace strain that’s been used to create so many other popular strains. It also includes Mendocino Purps, one of the first widely known new age strains, that helps contribute to the fantastic flavor profile. All together, these strains created Grape Ape, which possesses a distinct flavor of fruits and berries, but more specifically, flavors of fresh grapes. The machinations of these labs led to another one of the strains that would go on to change the industry forever. Once smokers started getting Grape buds on their hands, they couldn’t get enough, and you can now find the buds of Grape plants in nearly every dispensary or stash cupboard on the continent. The high yields and potency keep growers coming back for more either to use recreationally or to grow as a prolific cash crop.

Why Buy Grape Seeds?

Purchasing Grape family seeds will give you some of the most renowned seeds in the field of cannabis cultivation. This family of seeds is known for the stunning flavors they bring to the table, as well as the high potency that’s common in most of the child strains. Making a purchase of Grape seeds at Weed Seeds is super easy, and we’ve simplified the process even further to make it as quick as possible for you. Before you’re able to get any seeds to your home, you first have to figure out what strains you want. Search through our catalog of over 500 different strains, and when you’ve made your choice, select your quantity and add it to your cart. Then, head over to the checkout where you can make an account with WS. Making an account with us will let you store your information on our secure servers, allowing you to skip parts of the ordering process next time you want to start a new grow. You can pay for your order with a variety of different payment options such as debit, Zelle and Venmo. These options will require you to speak with one of our team members. To pay digitally, you can use credit, as well as several different crypto methods. This includes Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. When your order is complete, it won’t take long for your seeds to arrive right at your home. Most of our orders will arrive at their destinations within a week of completing the order, so you’ll hardly have to wait for your premium cannabis seeds.

Seed Storage Of Grape Cannabis Seeds

Storing your seeds will help ensure that you don’t end up wasting your money on your precious seeds. If you’ve run into problems with your grow area and have pot seeds left over, there are several different ways you can store them for future use. Marijuana seeds can last surprisingly long, but it depends on how well you have stored them. You can expect ganja seeds that are in proper storage to last anywhere from six months to a year or more. With the excellent genetics of Weed Seeds varieties, some growers have been able to successfully plant seeds that were purchased over a year prior. If you plan on using your seeds somewhat soon, there’s no need to go through an extensive storage process. You can store your seeds in an airtight container and if the walls aren’t solid, you should cover them in something so that no light is shining through. Placing them in the refrigerator will be good enough for about four to six months of storage. If you’re storing for any longer than this, it’s best to use a vacuum bag to store seeds in. This will stop any air from making contact with them, which will stop the seeds from oxidizing and breaking down. The bags can then be stored in another sealable container with solid walls, and placed in either a refrigerator or freezer. When removing your seeds from storage, placing them in room temperature water may help them begin the germination process a bit sooner and with a higher rate of success.

Germinating Grape Seeds

After you’re purchased some quality Grape seeds from Weed Seeds, you’ll have to germinate them in order to plant them. While manually germinating your chronic seeds isn’t absolutely necessary, it will give your seeds a much higher rate of successful germination. Doing this takes only a couple items and about a week’s worth of time, so there’s certainly no reason not to. To start, you need some paper towel, as well as some water and somewhere to place your seeds such as a dinner plate or tray. Dampen a few pieces of your paper towel, then place them flat onto the plate. Make sure they’re only damp and that there’s no excess water standing on the plate. Get your seeds and move them straight from the package and onto the paper towels. You can use tweezers to do this in order to minimize any damage you may accidentally do to your seeds. Place your seeds with about an inch of space between them to allow them to sprout their roots. If you like, you can add a rooting solution or other fertilizer to your seeds at this step. Put another plate or other cover over top of the seeds, then place them somewhere that will stay dark and temperate for about seven to ten days. Over this time, check on your seeds every so often, and when you see the roots beginning to appear you can plant them into your chosen growing medium.

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Growing Grape Cannabis Plants

Growing these seeds will be a breeze no matter how much experience you have growing marijuana. The Weed Seeds Grape family will be a fantastic choice for even novice growers, making a perfectly tame variety to grow for your first time. Grape cannabis seeds are known to be easy to keep happy, all the while providing significantly high potency and outstanding yields almost every time. The superb genetics of Grape seeds also allows most of the varieties in the family to deliver a harvest in a substantially shorter flowering period than most other strains in our catalog. Because most of the Grape strains are hybrid indica varieties, you’ll find that many of their characteristics follow indica patterns fittingly. Grape cannabis plants will typically grow shorter and broader in size, a staple trait of indica strains. This will make them much easier to grow simply because there’s less effort involved in fitting them into a grow space. Of course, this doesn’t make much of a difference if you’re growing outdoors, but it may help you keep your grow operation a bit stealthier. Indica genetics are also known to be a bit hardier than sativa genetics because of the regions they originate from. Where plants with high sativa genetics may struggle through bad weather and other negative conditions, indica plants can shrug off cooler temperatures, disease and high winds with a bit more ease. That’s why many growers tend to agree that indica plants will, generally speaking, be a bit easier for any grower to cultivate than the rest.

Growing Flowers From Grape Seeds Indoors

Because of the superb genetics of the Weed Seeds Grape family of seeds, these strains will be exceptionally good for growing indoors. The genes of these seeds host several different helpful traits that will make them much easier to cultivate in an indoor setting, related to things such as their size and growing patterns. This ma