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Grandaddy Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: July 2, 2022
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Grandaddy Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Over the history of the cannabis industry, there are some seeds that are simply the best at what they do. These seeds are often used to create several different lineages of weed, which naturally results in the creation of entire families of marijuana strains. One of these renowned families of pot plants are the Grandaddy plants, and their prime genetics were handpicked to provide some of the most efficient growing in the industry. The seeds that you’ll find as a part of Weed Seeds’ Grandaddy family will provide huge amounts of weed to their grower at very high levels of potency. The original plants can be traced back to a single man living on the West Coast who set out to create one of the finest indica hybrid strains on the market. After many different strains were bred and crossbred, he came up with one of the most perfect indica specimens, Grandaddy Purple. There’s no doubt that he succeeded in his mission, as Grandaddy Purple came to be known as an absurdly effective medicinal strain, as well as one of the most popular recreational strains out there. This family of strains is typically very high in potency, but the maximum potency can depend on exactly which seeds you purchase. A strain such as Grandaddy Black will be found at around 23% or more, where seeds such as Grandaddy Banner can be measured at up to 28% or more. No matter which variety you choose, the yields will always be fantastic as every one of these plants are very productive. The lowest yields you might get from a Grandaddy strain will be no less than around 400 grams per square meter if grown indoors and 400 grams per plant when grown outdoors. Many of these seeds are on the higher end with yields as high as 650 grams per square meter grown inside, and up to anywhere between 800 grams to 1000 grams per plant grown outside.

Grandaddy Cannabis Seeds