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Do Si Dos Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: May 5, 2022
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Do Si Dos Cannabis Seeds For Sale

This gorgeous ganja beauty is almost too pretty to smoke. With its light lavender and violet-colored buds covered with glistening trichomes, electric golden-yellow pistols and lime green leaves, we don’t think we’ve ever seen any strains quite this lovely. You’ll be taking so many instagram shots of this beauty you may never get around to smoking it. The stunning offspring of Girl Scout Cookies, a favorite of Whiz Khalifa himself, and the potent killer Kush, Face-Off OG, has created this mind-bending beauty of a strain family. Do Si Dos not only comes out looking like the supermodels of cannabis colas, they also absolutely crush it when it comes to those high potency, brain and body blasting 30%+ THC highs. With a normal range of 25% to 28% THC content, sometimes reaching 30%+, this one hits the highest potential potencies in the industry at the moment. An indica dominant hybrid at 70% indica to 30% sativa blend, the cannabinoids take this one to the next level when it comes to its extreme potency and head to toe heavy pain relieving couch-lock effects, typical of the indica families. Dripping with resin, those beautiful crystalline lavender buds give off a sweet pungent earthy odor, an almost dank, woodsy fermented floral funk, like a fecund forest floor bursting alive on a fresh spring morning. Everything about this one is sensual, sexy, and a delight to the senses in every way. At Weed Seeds USA we always make sure to have a wide range of Do Si Dos available for purchase, as we know this one is a step above the rest, we never let our Do Si Dos lovers be disappointed. Try these glorious ganja girls out for yourselves, pop some Dosi’s in the basket, and see what incredible, euphoric, states of bliss await you.

Do Si Dos Cannabis Seeds


Buy Do Si Dos Cannabis
Seeds Online in the USA

Do Si Dos Family Cannabis
Seeds For Sale

Do Si Dos Cannabis
Strains USA

What Are Do Si Dos Seeds?

Ah the dreamy, euphoric bliss of the Do Si Dos family strain, beautiful, sensuous, euphoric highs with some of the highest THC concentrations in the industry. A calming, relaxing, warm flood of blissful ecstasy that washes over you like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Great for severe anxiety, depression, fatigue and pain, this one covers it all. Just let the Do Si Dos take away any worldly cares as you drift off into the land of sweet, blissful, stress free, relaxing wonderment. Not only otherworldly highs, Do Si Dos are amazing producers with some of the top yields in the industry. These babies can pull upwards of 1000g/plant outdoors and 600g/sqm indoors under the right conditions. Generally, an eight to ten week flip to flower strain family, she’s also one of the fastest growing, most resin drenched beautiful buds out there. This incredible spawn of Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies makes short work of any ills, ailments or dreary moods. Just a cozy, contemplative, 70% pure indica love that lingers for hours. With a heritage such as Girl Scout Cookies, you know you’re in for a delicious treat, flavors of chocolate, vanilla, minty cookies and a slight nuttiness appeals to everyone. With such a diverse range of flavor and aroma profiles, some Do Si Dos hybrids are even said to taste like lemon pie. It makes one salivate even thinking about the taste sensations to come. Also boasting a terpene profile that rivals WSUS best medicinal strain families, there is no reason not to hop online and pick up some Do Si Dos today!

Where Do Do Si Dos Cannabis Seeds Come From?

Born and bred in what some consider to be the pothead capital of America, Portland Oregon, the Do Si Dos family gained a ton of attention. They quickly migrated down the Cali coast, slowly weeding their way across these great United States. Then, after making a big ol’ spliff splash when hitting the slopes of Col