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Crack Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: May 6, 2022
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Crack Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Don’t let the name scare you, Weed Seeds Crack family strains are one of the most energizing cannabis families out there. If you haven’t heard of the potent sativa strain called Green Crack, you might know it by its other name, Green Crush. The strain Green Crush came out in the early 1970s by some reports. It wasn’t until much later that the Crack name switched up. The platinum record-selling Hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg is the person responsible for bestowing the ironic name upon this cracked-out flower. Snoop Dogg reportedly smoked the then-called Green Crush every day in the morning for months. Snoop said the energy that this strain provides you is just like an intense energy drink. The nickname quickly took hold as the more popular name for the strain. Now, users all over the world feel the energizing aspects of Green Crack in the myriad of offspring that this strain has produced. Some of the most euphoric producing sativas are members of the Crack family of seeds. Critical Crack is a powerhouse blend of two top-tier strains. The result is nugs that are dense and have an almost futuristic aroma about them. Grinding up a joint of some Crack family buds will have you feeling awake and alert with the focus of a zen master. The yields of Crack plants are another reason why this rather unknown strain got discovered. Both indoor and outdoor grows will produce substantial amounts of giant buds that will impress even the most well-seasoned cannabis cultivators. Crack family seeds are also well known for their high THC content that can add to the overall powerful effects. Since the origins of the Crack family lay only three generations away from the origin strains, when you grow Crack seeds you obtain the chance to get close to the strains that birthed all the strains we know today.

Crack Cannabis Seeds


Buy Crack Cannabis
Seeds Online in the USA

Crack Family Cannabis
Seeds For Sale

Crack Cannabis
Strains USA

What Are Crack Seeds?

Crack family seeds are seeds that share lineage with the world-renowned Green Crack pot strain. Green Crack flew into the scene called Green Crush but that moniker was quickly replaced when the famous hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg got his hands on some of it. Quickly becoming an unofficial spokesman for the strain, he coined the now famous name of Green Crack thanks to its intense sativa aspects. As you can expect, any strains sharing their lineage with this strain are mostly intense sativas with strong euphoria being at the forefront of effects. Another aspect that is found in the Crack family of seeds is its ability to help users focus. The razor-sharp focus that Crack strains can bring is unmatched in the cannabis world. Some other characteristics that all Crack family pot plants share are the very tangy flavor and aroma. While with some strains it might be less noticeable, for this particular little nugget the taste will still be there, lingering on tastebuds. Crack family strains are notorious for their potent fragrances while growing and the incredible transformation that the buds undergo while curing. The already fragrant buds will suddenly become mega aroma monsters. You will know the buds of Crack strains are done curing when the curing room becomes thick with the lush tangy and citrus scent that helped this strain attain such stardom. WS USA’s Crack seeds will grow into the ultimate in energy-boosting sativas, replacing your morning coffee and giving you that boost you need midday. This family wasn’t named Crack for no reason.

Where Do Crack Cannabis Seeds Come From?

It’s impossible to talk about where Weed Seed USA’s Crack cannabis seeds have come from without first talking about the strain Green Crack. Green Crack is what put the Crack family on the map of premium cannabis strains. It was first grown way back in the 1970s. The exact lineage of Green Crack is murky at best. We do know that Green Crack has its origins connected to Skunk #1. What we don’t know is where it got its incredible sativa effects from. Many people believe it was a super sativa that has died out now. Skunk #1 is one of the timeless strains that begin to make cannabis more well known to the public. Skunk #1 is a cross between Colombian Gold, Afghan origin, and Acapulco Gold. These 3 strains are classics and many of the strains today have their roots with these. Afghan origin strain is the name for a strain of cannabis that was found in the area around Afghanistan. This strain is one of the purest forms of indica genetics that one can come across in today’s day and again. These origin strains, or landrace as they are sometimes called, are all the origins of cannabis. You can tell the strain is a landrace because it will share the name with the place where it was first grown. Colombian Gold came from the Santa Marta mountains in Colombia and is known for its focus-increasing effects. Acapulco Gold was first discovered around Acapulco, Mexico and is considered one of the best cannabis strains ever grown.

Why Buy Crack Seeds?

Seeds that share a lineage with the famous Green Crack are always going to get you buzzing like a busy bee. This is thanks to the strong sativa lineage that Crack family strains all share. The major reason growers choose to buy Crack seeds is the effects the buds produce. There are not many other sativas that truly get you so overwhelmingly hyped up. When you mix this boundless energy with razor-sharp focus and sensory enrichment, you create a family of cannabis strains that you don’t want to miss out on. Thankfully, it’s never been simpler to order seeds from the prestigious Crack family. Our seeds are completely genuine and contain only the most robust genetics that will ensure you grow only the hardest-hitting Crack family seeds. When you are ready to purchase your Crack family seeds, all that you need to do to get started is to create an account with us. During the setup process, you will be asked if you want a wholesale or personal account. Once that is all completed you are ready to add your Crack seeds to your cart. We accept a multitude of payment options including cryptocurrency. Once your order is placed you can expect it to arrive in as little as five days. Our packages are discrete so there is no need to worry about your postman realizing that you are a cannabis growing champion. Weed Seed has the ultimate in all top-quality Crack seeds.

Seed Storage Of Crack Cannabis Seeds

Taking proper care of your WS Crack cannabis seeds is an important and often overlooked aspect of growing. Many people do not know that all seeds are living organisms, and since seeds are alive this means that they can also die. How you store your seeds plays a vital role in ensuring that your Crack seeds flourish into beautiful and robust plants. When properly stored, Crack cannabis seeds will stay alive for years. One of the most vital aspects of storing seeds is the container you will store them in. If you are not taking the seeds as soon as they arrive and planting them. The best thing you can do is put them in a container that isn’t of mixed materials, preferably all glass. If you can get an amber-colored jar, place your seeds in there. The amber color will protect them from any harmful UV light that can damage the shells or in extreme cases, cause them to sprout. Another important aspect of storing cannabis seeds is keeping the temperature on a consent level. The best temperature to store your seeds in is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You definitely don’t want your seeds to freeze. The most important aspect of storing seeds is to make sure they remain moisture-free. Even a few drops of water can trick the Crack seeds into thinking it’s time to start sprouting and before you know it the next time you go to look at your seeds they will be half germinated and dead.

Germinating Crack Seeds

Germination of Weed Seeds Crack Seeds is a breeze, and once you do it for the first time, you won’t forget it. Well, you might forget it if you smoke some AK Crack, but that’s what our guide here is for. When germinating seeds, you are creating an environment that’s safer and gentler than soil for the initial growth of the seeds. You will require a few items that you should have kicking around your home. You will need a plate or a flat surface, tweezers, a few sheets of paper towel, some water, and a dark place where you can store the seeds for a few days undisturbed. Once you have collected all the items you will need, run two sheets of paper towel under some water until they are damp, but not soaked. If they are, wring out the excess water. Now, lay a sheet of paper towel onto the plate. Then, with your tweezers, place each seed carefully on the sheet. You will want to leave around one and a half inches of space between each seed as they will expand while germinating. Once all the seeds are lined up in an orderly fashion, place the other damp paper towel over the top of them, making sure each seed is covered. Now that the seeds are prepped for their transformation, place them in a dark area for anywhere between three and seven days. You will know that the process has been completed when a taproot emerges from the seeds. While they are germinating, remember to check on them each day to make sure the paper towel hasn’t dried out. If it has, make it damp again.

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Growing Crack Cannabis Plants

Choosing to grow some Crack family chronic will reward cultivators of all skill levels with a bountiful harvest of rich, dense nugs pulsing with energy. There are however some techniques that you can utilize to increase yields and help eradicate some common cannabis growing issues. Crack strains are normally very easy to grow, which makes them a fantastic choice for first-time chronic cultivators. These seeds grow into very hearty and robust plants that can withstand some of the harsher conditions. These plants thrive in temperatures of between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, Crack family strains can reach anywhere between three feet tall, all the way to five feet in height. One technique that seems to benefit all members of the Crack family is the practice of topping. When you top your cannabis it’s the process of trimming broad leaves that are at the very top of your plants. This allows light to be able to reach lower stalks and helps increase the production of buds. One other amazing trait that WS Crack plants all share is the swiftness of their yields. Once your plants have entered their flowering phase, they will reach maturity in roughly seven to nine weeks. The flowering period will depend on what the cross of plants is. Yields off these plants are always quite substantial with indoor growers being able to crop down 500 grams per square meter on average. While outdoors, many members of this robust family produce incredibly with farmers on average acquiring 600 grams per plant.

Growing Flowers From Crack Seeds Indoors

Growing Weed Seeds Crack cannabis indoors is your best route for establishing an environment conducive enough to truly bring out the full potential of this potent sativa. While growing indoors, Crack strains will flourish best with a steady temperature and humidity. Most Crack plants do best around the 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit range and a very low humidity index as Crack family strains can be somewhat susceptible to mold and mildew. If mold and mildew are a concern but you are still wanting to grow a Crack family seed, our Green Crack autoflower seeds have a very strong resistance to powdery mildew and molds. That being said, Crack seeds are exceptionally easy to grow, they are able to produce giant trichrome-covered nugs in suboptimal conditions so don’t worry too much if your setup isn’t the highest tech. Depending on the strain, some family members might be very nutrient hungry so no matter which medium you are choosing to cultivate in, make sure to feed them a little more than you normally would for other plants. Indoor growers will want to practice the technique of topping your plants. Topping is the method of removing large leaves that block out the light from reaching deeper into the canopy. Removing those big leaves gives more space for light to reach lower on the plant. This allows more buds to form further down ensuring that your already large yield will be even larger. Flowering time is quick with most plants finishing their flowering in eight weeks.

Growing Cannabis Flower Outdoors From Crack Seed

Maybe the reason that members of the Crack cannabis family do so well outdoors is that the beginnings of the Crack family we know today originated on the West Coast. Whatever the reason, plants that share the lineage with Green Crack are well made for withstanding the fluctuations in temperature that you can find outdoors. Living in the climate that LA has, with temperatures of around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit will make growing Crack strains seem simple. Fret not if you are living in a colder climate. Crack strains will produce like champions regardless of their preferred temperatures. Crack plants will grow wild outdoors with some of them reaching six feet in height. The optimal time to harvest Crack family strains when growing outdoors is the month of October. Crack plants have a lower resistance to mold and mildew so make sure you crop down your plants as soon as you see a few days of rain in the forecast. Outdoor yields are above average for a sativa with many growers reporting yields of 500 grams per plant for outdoor. These plants require a lot of water and nutrients to reach their maximum potential. If you are growing outdoor, Weed Seeds Crack plants do best if grown by a marsh. A trick of the trade is to build a little mountain of soil over the top of the bog and plant the Crack seeds at the top so that the roots stretch down and into the marsh minimizing the need to lug water to the grow site.

Typical Aroma Of Crack Cannabis Buds

The aromas of Crack marijuana buds are light and refreshing to anyone who has the off chance to smell the buds. One of the more interesting aspects of the fragrance these buds produce is how much it changes during the growing and curing of the Crack cannabis flowers. Green Crack, which is the foundation for many Crack strains, has a tart pungent smell while in its beginning of flowering that will pierce the nostrils and let you know that it’s gearing up for a strong yield. This tart aroma will linger for most of the flowering phase, but nearing the end the aroma will become tangier. After chopping down your crop, Crack family buds undergo a serious transformation in how potent the aroma becomes while curing. We strongly recommend that you cure your WS USA Crack family buds as it will really make the fragrance pop and shift into high gear. This is one reason many growers enjoy making concentrates from its flower. Depending on what Crack family strain you grow the scent will change. Some strains might have a touch more of a woodsy aroma or a more fruity fragrance. No matter what strain you choose there will, however, be the tart tangy aroma on the undernotes that has become somewhat of a signature of this family. Once properly cured, any strain from the Crack family will be so jam-packed with aromas that even the best smelly-proof bag might have a hard time hiding the scent. It almost goes without saying but the bag appeal on Crack strains is legendary.

Harvesting Time When Growing Crack Strains

Not only does this famous family produce nugs the size of your fist, but they also flower incredibly quickly. Most Crack family strains when grown indoors will be ready to harvest in as little as seven weeks once they begin to flower. You don’t have to worry about exact times with this family though. Crack family plants will let you know with a few telltale signs that they are ready to begin their journey off the branch and into a spliff. The first sign that you will notice is how pungent your grow room becomes. Weed Seed’s Crack plants will produce a whirlwind of deep full-bodied dank scents when it comes close to harvest. The terpenes have fully developed and will unleash a barrage of aromas that will thoroughly permeate your grow space. Another fantastic way to know it’s harvest time for Crack plants is to use a magnifying glass or a cell phone camera to zoom in on the trichomes. If the trichomes are a murky tone then it’s time to crop down your plants. If you w