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Cinderella Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 8, 2022
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Cinderella Cannabis Seeds For Sale

The Cinderella family of cannabis seeds by Weed Seeds are some of the stars of modern marijuana genetics. They can grow absolutely massive yields in very little time, which can be decreased even further by purchasing the fast-flowering variety. The THC is usually at a comfortable level of anywhere between 18% to 24% across these varieties, making for a strong yet not quite overwhelming smoke. They’re chosen by both recreational and medicinal users as an amazing strain to enjoy after a day off or to help relieve some physical or psychological suffering. These strains are also a perfect place to start if you’ve never grown your own chronic before. Because Cinderella seeds have such a high resistance to mold and disease, they can be grown either indoors or outdoors with relative ease. Along with their low demands and self-sufficiency, this makes them an excellent choice for novice growers to try their hand at cultivating for the first time. While they have an increased adaptability to outdoor conditions, they’re also remarkable for growing indoors. These plants typically follow indica growth patterns, which leads them to stay much smaller and wider. This can make them much easier to grow indoors over plants that follow sativa patterns, which will usually grow tall and leggy. Despite the smaller size, their yields will remain the same, making them great for saving space in a grow room. If you love to grow ganja with some flavor, these seeds will give you an aroma that’s pungent and delicious. Cinderella plants will have your grow room filled with potent smells of fruit, citrus and pine, among many other more subtle notes. They become even more compelling as the buds are dried and cured to a much more refined state. Weed Seeds has determined that Cinderella seeds are some of the best on the market, which is why we source over ten different child strains for you to enjoy.

Cinderella Cannabis Seeds