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Cheese Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

by Neal Brown . Updated: May 3, 2022
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Cheese Cannabis Seeds For Sale

When you carry over six hundred and fifty different strains and styles of cannabis seeds, you have to keep them organized somehow. Weed Seeds USA has been moving towards grouping our massive selection into families in order to further help our users make decisions about which strains are right for their growing conditions and personal needs. Just like with human families, cannabis families are groups of weed that have similar tastes and effects that are often, but not always, related to one another genetically. The Cheese family is a subfamily of the Skunk line, which is one of the oldest and most prolific strain families in the world. The original UK Cheese came from a cultivar of Skunk 1 that was remarkable for its yield and distinct footy smell. These genes have since been crossed with just about everything under the sun, and now have a wide variety of phenotypes. Cheese strains have a skunky pong and fruity flavors that make them interesting vaping choices. They have an unique mix of upbeat and cerebral effects that blend into a sedating body high near the end, making them ideal evening smokes for people who like to engage in some creative pursuits before bed. Yes, this includes lovemaking, as Cheese strains can be quite the aphrodisiacs. They’re also revered as potent pain killers by people who suffer from inflammation-related issues like migraines, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome. They also have the potential to give people recovering from chemotherapy and eating disorders the munchies, vaporizing nausea and lack of interest in food. To add even more, some of these strains have a lot of strong mental health support characteristics. They’re recommended for everything from depression to mood disorders thanks to their upbeat and mellowing effects. With THC content between ten and twenty percent and tastes like a summer garden picnic, it’s easy to see why Cheese strains are the bee’s knees!

Cheese Cannabis Seeds