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Blueberry Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: August 15, 2022
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Blueberry Cannabis Seeds For Sale

The Blueberry cannabis family originated in the 70’s thanks to the relentless efforts of one, DJ Short, who bred various strains until the Blueberry we know and love came into existence. He selected two sativa strains, the delectable, fruity flavored Juicy Fruit, and the chocolatey and gorgeous, purple hued Purple Thai. By adding in an Afghani indica, the first variation of the Blueberry bud was born. The breeding project did not stop here though, more variations were created, and the family now consists of hundreds of different strains, including autoflowering options, like Auto Blackberry Kush and Blue Auto Mazar.

The sweet, berry scent and taste is one of the identifying features of this bud and many folks opt for these strains because of the flavor profile. Several of the plants in this family will produce generous yields of dense flowers that exhibit a gorgeous purple hue. The effects are generally a powerful and long-lasting mix of euphoria, energy and relaxation culminating in sleep. These strains tend to hold a THC content around 20%, which offers a mild psychedelic experience that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. They will also have a modest, yet mighty CBD content of around 1% that contributes to the soothing recreational effects and the powerful therapeutic potential. It is not uncommon for the happy, calm buzz to be used in the treatment of anxiety, chronic stress and various pain conditions.

There are many options available through the Weed Seed catalog, some of which will be optimal for resin extraction and the development of concentrates, others that will be ideal for toking. You can find options that will grow better in specific environments which can be selected based on your grow space, and others that exhibit easy growth patterns if this is your first home grow. Regardless of your needs and preferences, you will have no issue finding a Blueberry strain that will thrive and provide in your operation!

Blueberry Cannabis Seeds