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Banner Family Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 8, 2022
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Banner Cannabis Seeds For Sale

For years, Banner cannabis seeds for sale have been music to growers’ ears. But the Banner family is more than just your average marvel. When we talk about this line, we mean not just Bruce Banner, the sativa dominant, 27% THC powerhouse, but we mean its entire ancestry. This includes such award crushing strains as OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, Banner’s parents, and it includes Chemdawg, Strawberry Cough and Hindu Kush, just to name a few. Anyone familiar with weed knows these household names, and not only are they popular amongst enthusiasts, but they have the prizes to prove why. The Banner lineup have each placed high in sativa, indica, best bud, best medicinal and best concentrate categories. Some of these genetics have been named by superstars and some have even made it to the silver screen.

To ensure that our clients have every chance to grow the Banner dank of their dreams, we offer options. Autoflowers are the first pod most producers choose to pop. Since they are fast and easy, undemanding and automatic, they make manageable beginnings for newcomers and busy people all over America. We offer photoperiod feminized seeds, including Grandaddy Banner and Black Hulk, for those who like to take charge of the grow, but who like to keep it free of male genetics. Regular Bruce Banner, Chemdawg, Kush, Kalimist and many other Banner family genetics are popular for breeding enthusiasts. Some of this lineage can be traced right back to cannabis’ landrace beginnings, are some of the most prolifically bred beasts in the business and others are cherished for their own unique and impressive characteristics. These include purple, blue or chartreuse coloration, intense and aromatic incense and sandalwood aromas and pine, diesel and lemon noted flavors. There are a rare few families as noteworthy, as noble or as undoubtedly dank as the Banner lineup, and with Weed Seeds USA, you get a full access VIP pass to them all.

Banner Cannabis Seeds