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Alien Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: May 5, 2022
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Alien Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Take us to your leader, well the Alien family strain is definitely one of the leaders of the Weed Seeds USA cannabis colony. Having descended from the original Afghani mountain indica Kush landrace, rumor has it, through seeds smuggled back by one industrious American soldier, the cannabis world has never been the same since. Super potent, pungent and powerful pure indica highs, this Alien Tech OG has been passed around, bred and crossbred throughout this great nation. A true Afghan indica ancestry combined with an American bred lineage like no other, it’s the perfect combination of some of the greatest strains in the world. It has naturally been complimenting and improving upon the pure indica Alien Tech original phenotype. With THC levels in the 20% to 25% range, some even hitting 28%+, it’s no lightweight. If you want to play around with these intergalactic space aliens, you better not be one either. These babies will knock you off your feet and send you into another dimension. You might not know what universe you end up in but give them a go, the trip is definitely worth a probing. With a long list of intergalactic descendants, Aliens have given birth to some spectacular space babies like Alien OG, Alien Kush, Alie Dawg, Alien White Fire, Alien Do Si Dos Tech, and Alien Gorilla Glue. We could go on as this is one prolific strain family. American breeders couldn’t get enough of this pure, potent Afghan Alien Tech Kush, which has created some of the greatest strains the world has ever known. All are beautiful hybrid blends of those indica Kush otherworldly body stones that take your pain to another dimension. They will leave you with the spectacular characteristics of some of the world’s top strains. So potent and sticky with resin, it’s been said that grinding the Alien strains is a chore in itself, it sticks to everything.

Alien Cannabis Seeds


Buy Alien Cannabis
Seeds Online in the USA

Alien Family Cannabis
Seeds For Sale

Alien Cannabis
Strains USA

What Are Alien Seeds?

Common characteristics of the Alien seed family originates from their great grandmother, Alien Techs pure indica heritage. The original Afghani Alien Tech strain is one of the purest indica Kush landrace phenotypes ever discovered, and it shows in its massive lineage of gorgeous ganja greats. A basic but powerful terpene profile, most Aliens have a strong showing of caryophyllene, limonene, a-myrcene, a-humulene, and b-caryophyllene, giving them that potent, intense indica weed odor. Combining the pungent Alien profile with other great hybrid flavors and aromas such as tropical citrus, sweet-n-sour apple pie, vanilla spice, earthy pine and skunky diesel musk, gives it that heavy tangyu smoke feel. Then top it all off with the smoothest exhale of nutty, chocolatey caramel cookies, depending which Alien hybrid you choose. There’s something to suit every taste with this family, but being a super-stank space baby, it’s definitely not one for smoking on the downlow. A 20%-25%+ THC and <1% CBD content is common among most Aliens, imparting those lovely couchmelt, painless, euphoric, psychedelic, body stones releasing you from this reality and sending you down a wormhole of bliss. Aliens make for some truly incredible medicinal curatives, reported to fight mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and stress. It’s also great for insomnia, pain, arthritis, and of course, those relaxed, sleepy, and happy highs. Some Aliens even tend toward those fun, creative, hysterical giggle fits. Generally an easy growing, eight to ten week moderate to high producer of smallish, super dense, grape-like clusters of resin drenched, vibrant red trichome covered nugs. We suggest you get on board before the spaceship blasts off, WSUS has your ticket to trip!

Where Do Alien Cannabis Seeds Come From?

Rumor has it that the Alien genetic strain or Alien Tech cannabis family, originated as a rare, pure Afghan indica landrace phenotype. It hasn’t been confirmed but it’s been said that the original breed came to America through a US soldier that smuggled a few seeds back to the States. Being an incredibly potent and long lasting indica stone, Alien Tech was stronger than any indicas on the market at that time. With an extremely powerful high that could last up to 6 hours, it quickly caught on with the US weed fiends and instantly got snapped up by breeders. Now the forerunner of some of the most potent and popular Alien hybrids on the marijuana market today, with an ancestry of pure Afghan indica landrace Kush, you know the Alien family line is going to be a killer. Now multitudes of Alien hybrids bred and crossbred with some of the top strains in the world, Aliens are unmatched as far as those deadly body stone, mind bending highs are concerned. Everyone knows the Kush mountain phenos are some of the best indicas on earth and Alien Tech is at the top of the heap. Constantly improving on perfection can be difficult, but we at Weed Seeds USA have managed to do it, creating hybrid after hybrid of incredible Alien seed strains with more to come. The Kush mountain phenotypes are some of the most potent, resilient, and pungent in the industry. If a cannabis plant can survive and thrive in an environment such as the mountains of Afghanistan you know it can thrive anywhere.

Why Buy Alien Seeds?

Why buy Alien seed strains from Weed Seeds USA? Well basically because there are no good reasons not to. A huge selection and wide range of the best quality seeds that the Alien family has on offer, there really isn’t any other option out there that even comes close to WSUS. The Alien family strain is quite large and diverse, there are so many to choose from it can become a bit overwhelming. The difference when buying from Weed Seeds is that our easy to navigate website takes you straight to our entire Alien line, with a thorough description of each of their unique qualities, characteristics and growing techniques. Weed Seeds takes the guessing game out of it, we do the work for you. Each strain is thoroughly researched, tested, and then tested again and improved upon if possible. If a product does not meet our highest standards, we do not sell it. Only the best of the best is offered to our very discerning clients. We know what keeps us at the top of the cannabis seed game, and that is making sure you are completely satisfied with our products every time. The Alien family has hit that mark and beyond, this is one of our top family strains. With an extensive list of payment options and an easy to navigate purchasing process, our professional sales experts are on hand at all business hours to answer any questions to help with additional information or suggestions on the best products for your particular needs. Why wouldn’t you buy your little Alien angels from Weed Seeds US!?

Seed Storage Of Alien Cannabis Seeds

Once you have received your packet of Aliens delivered straight to your door from Weed Seeds US in your hot little hands, the next step is to make sure you take proper care of those mini space beans. Always remember that seeds are alive and ready to burst forth at any moment should the right conditions commence, so until you are ready to germinate those babies, keep them safely inside their sterile and protective WSUS packaging. Heat, light, moisture or anything even resembling springtime and they will wake up and begin growing whether you are ready or not. No matter how tempting, do not open the package and handle your seeds, as this may cause cross contamination and could prevent your seeds from germinating. Seeds are easily infected with germs and other nasties if not properly protected. If you plan to keep them for a longer period of time, they may be stored in the freezer in a vacuum sealed freezer bag for over a year. Just be sure to make sure to plant them as soon as you remove them from the freezer and do not let them thaw before planting as this will damage your seeds. For a shorter-term solution, popping them into a sealed mason jar in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator is the perfect temperature and humidity environment. If you are planning to plant right away, as long as your Alien seeds are kept in a cool, dry, dark environment and protected from any pathogens or hungry critters, your WSUS seeds will be fresh, viable and good to go whenever you are.

Germinating Alien Seeds

When it’s time to germinate those little Weed Seeds Alien beans, whichever strain or hybrid you choose, it’s a pretty simple process with only a few simple rules to follow for the best success. Being a rather hardy family strain hailing from the harsh Afghan mountain climates, it doesn’t take much encouragement to get those Alien seeds popping to life. Seeds are living beings and need to be treated as such. One requirement for successful germination is to be sure to keep them safe inside their sterile, protective WSUS packaging until it’s time for planting. Do not touch your seeds with bare hands, as you may contaminate them with pathogens. Not much of a problem for us, but for your delicate little sterile Alien seeds any cross contamination could cause them not to germinate or infect your seedlings with harmful diseases. If you must handle your seeds do so gently, using sterile instruments and always d