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AK47 Cannabis Seeds For Sale in the USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: May 2, 2022
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AK47 Cannabis Seeds For Sale

The AK47 family is derived from the original AK47 weed strain which has a plethora of wonderful traits that have increased its popularity and brought it countless accolades since its introduction to the market in the 1990’s. This bud was awarded 3rd place for the best overall strain in the High Times Cannabis Cup in ‘94 and has continued to win various awards in the following years. It has been recognized for its resin production, its ease of cultivation, and its powerful effects. This strain and its offspring tend to grow easily, flower quickly, and produce generous yields of resin-soaked buds. The plants can thrive both in and outdoors and the abundant buds are aesthetically pleasing and potent. Born from a blending of Mexican, Afghanistan, Thai and Columbian landraces, these plants have a robust lineage that grows strong regardless of conditions and cultivation skills. Because of this built-in resilience, these strains are a superb option for a new grower or any home cultivator that wants a massive collection of quality buds. The family name might scare off a new toker, but the high itself is balanced and relaxed. AK47 refers to the speed in which the plants reach maturity and the pace at which the mellow effects take hold of their user. Most strains are sativa heavy and offer the characteristic energizing, uplifted cerebral buzz. However, the addition of the Afghan indica offers the mellow body stone that works to alleviate physical discomforts as well. The bouquet and flavor profiles will vary depending on the other strains in the various hybrids, but you can be sure that the scent will be overwhelming and that carbon filters will need to be added to an indoor grow to keep your operation under wraps. If you want the most from your efforts, you will want to buy the best seeds and Weed Seeds offers premium quality, unadulterated seeds sourced from the most experienced growers!

AK47 Cannabis Seeds


Buy AK47 Cannabis
Seeds Online in the USA

AK47 Family Cannabis
Seeds For Sale

AK47 Cannabis
Strains USA

What Are AK47 Seeds?

AK47 seeds from Weed Seeds are hardy, dark colored, shiny pot seeds that are sure to germinate and burgeon into beautiful plants with pure genetics. These strains are perhaps most well known and loved for their fast flowering, easy growing nature. These plants produce great results with little skill or experience and the buds are powerful, producing a wonderful mellow stone that is appreciated by new and veteran tokers alike. The classic AK47 strain is an almost perfectly balanced hybrid cultivar that delivers a soaring cerebral buzz that is quickly met with a soothing body stone. The THC content sits at a more modest high of 20%, which is mind altering without being totally overwhelming. This is a superb choice for beginner tokers, so long as they keep within the one hit recommendation. The bud is known for its ability to instil a giggly stone that will likely lead to couchlock and culminate in sleep. Beyond the joyful and relaxing recreational stone, the terpenes and low CBD content hold the power to eradicate symptoms of a myriad of mental and physical health conditions that mar the lives of medical patients around the globe. Depending on the genetics, the aroma and flavors can include hints of pungent skunk and fuel, the sour and sweetness of various fruits or notes of floral and spice. As you browse through the catalog of marijuana options, you will see a detailed description that breaks down the specifics of the various strains. This can assist you in finding the perfect herb to suit your space, your preferences, and your needs.

Where Do AK47 Cannabis Seeds Come From?

Although the specifics of this lineage are unknown, the genetic roots are a mix of four powerful chronic landraces from Mexico, Columbia, Afghanistan and Thailand. Landraces are strains that have thrived in the natural world for a long period of time, and so this blend of four different powerful and resilient strains has made for an herb that is particularly hardy for growing at home in any setup. The partial roots in high mountain ranges has contributed an ability for this plant to grow in harsh climatic conditions and cooler temperatures, while the sativa leaning genes lead to generous internodal spacing and an ability to tolerate moisture with grace. This herb was first cultivated in the Netherlands and spread like wildfire across the region over the 90’s. It later made its way to the West Coast where it continued to gain popularity and win numerous awards for its growth patterns, effects, and abundant resin production. The original AK47 was so mighty and well-loved that innovative breeders continued to cross its awesome genetics with other strains to create herbs with more indica leaning effects or easier growth potential, such as autoflowering and feminized options. If you have a specific bouquet or flavor profile you prefer, you will likely find a strain with these exceptional genetics that will also meet that need. The options are vast, and the Weed Seeds catalog will hold all the possible selections. Our premium seeds are sure to germinate so you can cultivate your chosen strain with confidence and ease!

Why Buy AK47 Seeds?

There are plenty of reasons for buying AK47 seeds, whether it be the classic ganja strain or one of its many descendants. The genetics make for an easy cultivation experience and the copious number of healthy buds that result from your efforts will be rich with terpenes and thus, powerful recreational and therapeutic value. The range of scents and tastes that can be experienced through the various strain options can please any palate and the far-reaching medical benefits are leaned on by countless patients. This family of potent strains are a well-loved option for a home grow operation because the plants will fit snugly into any grow space, will produce plentiful results with minimal effort, and will provide hefty yields for your home grown stash. With the large yields this strain is known to provide, your single crop can keep you satisfied for long periods of time and even allow you to share the bounty with friends and family. If you wish to get your hands on some premium AK47 strain seeds, you have found the best resource in the Weed Seeds virtual seed bank. You can browse through the options with ease, as they are placed into clear categories, and each include detailed descriptions of their noteworthy traits and unique needs. Once you have made your selections and added them to the virtual shopping cart, you will be given the option to pay using one of several secure payment options. We accept crypto currencies, credit and debit and once your transaction is complete, your seeds will be en route to your home in discreet packaging.

Seed Storage Of AK47 Cannabis Seeds

When you purchase seeds in bulk through Weed Seeds, you can save on your initial investment. We provide larger quantities at wholesale prices, but if you are growing on a small scale, you will end up with far more seeds than you need. Do not fret though, there are storage practices that you can implement that will keep this overabundance viable for years to come. Light, temperature, airflow and humidity levels are all integral parts of the successful storage of your seeds. Cool, dark, and dry are the optimal conditions, though the specifics vary a bit depending on the length of time you wish to store them. Exposing your seeds to light can cause them to use their nutrients prematurely which means they will not have adequate supply to germinate. Opaque packaging is a must. The temperature should remain between -43 and -47 degrees Fahrenheit, since lower temperatures keep your seeds from germinating unexpectedly. The vegetable crisper in your fridge is optimal, except that the opening and closing of the door could introduce too much variance to be supportive. If you have a second fridge that is not used as frequently, this would be ideal. In terms of humidity levels, you will want a relative humidity percentage of 8% to 10%. Too high and the seeds will rot, too low and they could dry out and die. A dark drawer or cupboard will suffice for short term storage, but if you want your seeds to last for years, you will want to put them in a vacuum sealed pouch and store them in a fridge.

Germinating AK47 Seeds

Once you have your seeds, the first step in the cultivation journey is to germinate them. Thanks to the careful storage practices of the Weed Seeds team, your new seeds are sure to sprout, so regardless of the method you choose you will have great results. Many growers opt to use the tried and true paper towel technique as it is easy and cost effective. To start, put your seeds in some distilled water. While they soak, you can moisten a piece of paper towel and lay it flat on a dinner plate. From here, you will want to carefully transport your seeds onto the towel using tweezers or latex gloves to protect them from the oils or other contaminants that might reside on your bare hands. Place them about an inch apart so they have space to grow without tangling with each other. Next, you will want to cover them with a second towel and then place another dinner plate lip down on top. This encases them in the darkness they need to sprout while also containing the moisture content necessary for them to develop successfully. It will take a short day or two for the taproots to form. You will want to keep an eye on the edges of the towels and lightly spritz them if they are drying out. Once the seeds have sprouted and are ready for transplanting, you need to handle the delicate growth. If this is not done with the utmost care, you risk damaging your new plants so again, make use of those tweezers!

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Growing AK47 Cannabis Plants

The growing traits of your cannabis plants will depend on their genetics. The classic AK47 has some wonderful growth patterns that will shine through, but the specifics will vary depending on what these hardy roots are blended with. Through the Weed Seeds site, you will see a list of traits and characteristics to assist you in skillfully selecting suitable plants and figuring out how to effectively nourish them into their full potential. In general, the AK47 strains will have a Christmas tree aesthetic. They are on the smaller to medium end of the height spectrum and tend to have bushy foliage that requires regular trimming and pruning to make space for the large colas. The plants can grow well indoors, in the garden or in a greenhouse, and certain techniques can be implemented to boost the health and yielding potential of your babies. You can find autoflowering varieties that do not rely on a perfectly cured light environment to flower and can opt for feminized seeds to eradicate the extra step of watching out for, and removing male plants. There are some options that are heavier on the sativa end of the spectrum as well which will better tolerate heat and moisture if you are growing in a more tropical climate. Whatever your needs, you will be able to find a strain that will suit your growing environment and experience to provide you with qualities of the award winning, powerful AK47 genetics. Growing at home is the optimal way to ensure you have one of these awesome strains on hand at all times!

Growing Flowers From AK47 Seeds Indoors

Choosing to grow indoors has some major advantages, whether it be because you want to keep you