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LED Lights For Cannabis

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: February 11, 2021

Helpful Tips for Purchasing LED Lights

LED lighting is the premier choice for indoor marijuana growers. This light helps to produce the same full spectrum of color as the sun. Because there are so many types and brands of LED lighting, it is vital that individuals learn as much as they can so they will be able to make the right purchase for their needs. With this guide, indoor growers will learn more about their options and why LED lights are considered superior to other types of lighting choices.

LED Grow Lights: A History

LED lights have been around since 1962, but they have only recently begun becoming a popular option in the last ten to fifteen years. In recent years, LED technology has been established in the marijuana growing industry.

Today’s LED lights can provide the full visual spectrum of light or they can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the plants being grown. Because marijuana responds well to both red and blue light, it is common to see these dominantly displayed. Marijuana needs blue light during the vegetative stage and prefers red light during the flowering phase.

Unfortunately, LED lights have gotten a bad rap over the years, primarily because early manufacturers touted claims that LED lights were more powerful than HID lights, and this was not the case. Unfortunately, this claim has caused many growers to the benefits of using LED lights for growing marijuana indoors.

One of the biggest reasons LED lights first failed in the cannabis growing industry was because the wattage supplied to each diode was too weak. When first introduced, the diodes’ capacities were as low as 1/3 watt. Today, there are three-watt and five-watt diodes available. There are also COB chips that run between 10 and 100 watts.

Another initial drawback of using LED grow lights was the expense. When they were first introduced, the LED lights were often costly, but prices are slowly going down. Today, LEDs are more affordable than ever before and can be found around the country, from Texas to North Dakota.

Why Choose LED Lights?

There are many reasons marijuana growers should consider using LED lights. If you are new to growing marijuana or have never used LED lights, it is crucial to understand why they are so beneficial.

  • One of the most significant benefits of using LED lights for growing cannabis is their longevity. Because the diodes are highly efficient and use low amounts of energy, LED lights can last for many years, even up to eleven.
  • LED lights emit a much lower level of heat than some other types of lights, like MH and HPS lights.
  • Another reason marijuana growers choose LED lights is because of the energy savings. During the vegetative growth period, cannabis needs up to twenty-four hours of light a day. Burning a traditional bulb for this long can become costly. LED lights help you save money while still being able to provide the plants with all the light hours they require.
  • LED lights are also easy to control, making them advantageous for indoor growers, whether they opt for regular or autoflowering seeds. LED light spectrums can be manipulated to control the type of light that is being produced. These lights can also be used with a timer and dimming controls, so the grower has full control over the amount of light their plants are exposed to throughout each growth cycle.
  • LED lights are also an attractive option for indoor marijuana growers because they are much easier to install. There are no complicated light mounts to purchase. LED lights are sold as an all-in-one unit, so they simply need to be hung and plugged in.
  • When growers use LED lights, the lack of heat they produce will help to cut down on air conditioner usage, which can dramatically lessen the costs of running your grow room.
  • LEDs can be purchased as waterproof and dust-proof, making them ideal for the average indoor growing setup. With these lights in place, you will not have to worry about them coming into contact with water from the watering system.
  • As a benefit to the environment, all LED lights are recyclable, and because they are long-lasting, fewer lights need to be purchased, which is much better for the environment.

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