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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 5, 2022
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Buy CBN Seeds Online From Weed Seeds USA

Weed Seeds USA wants you to know everything you possibly can about the seeds we sell, so we pack as much information as possible into our product pages and we offer every type of seed you could ever hope to grow. If the cannabinoid craze is hitting you too and you are in the market for some special stones, buy CBN seeds online from Weed Seeds USA.

Shopping online is something we have all gotten used to over the years, however, not all companies can be trusted to deliver the seeds they say they do. When you hop onto our online platform, you are met with a simple-to-navigate storefront, information that is fun to read and easy to digest, and a selection of over five hundred strains. Auto, fast, feminized, regular, indica, sativa, and hybrid, the seeds in our selection cover the full run. Since CBN is a byproduct of the degradation of THC, pick the highest THC plants you can find, take them to the max and let the sunshine in.

All you have to do to fill your boots is create an account, fill your cart, then hit our checkout for a safe and simple eCommerce transaction. We offer wholesale or individual purchase options, and we nix the shipping fee on larger orders. Packages usually arrive within a couple of weeks, sometimes sooner, and you can always count on the health of all the cannabis seeds you purchase from Weed Seeds USA.

Buy CBN Seeds Online in the USA

CBN Seeds For Sale


What Are CBN Cannabis Seeds?

The best CBN cannabis seeds are those with the highest THC and it pays to grow them outside, or at least leave them exposed to UV while they finish. CBN or cannabinol is the byproduct of THC degradation, which means that cannabinol develops more in outdoor crops which are exposed to oxygen and direct UV. CBN also develops over time as THC breaks down, so it is also present due to age and is an apt indicator of the freshness of your pot.

It stands to reason then, that when you wish to experience the minor benefits of CBN, you would grow a high THC cannabis seed outside and let the cured THC break down through exposure to sunlight. This does sound counterintuitive, but the more we learn about cannabis and all its inherent compounds, the more we realize we are dealing with a very complex botanical which, when treated in the right ways, can help promote health and wellness.

A CBN seed is a cannabis seed. It is made the same way, grows the same, and develops the cannabinoid content specific to the strain. Though you would harvest and cure for CBN the same way you would for terpene profiles and the preservation of THC, the difference here is you don’t preserve the THC, but rather let it break down through exposure to light. We get this information from the professionals who deal with CBN every day, and it always pays to research.

How Are CBN Marijuana Seeds Made?

Marijuana seeds are pot seeds, ganja seeds, weed seeds, cannabis seeds, and chronic seeds, and they are all made through the dedicated efforts of some very savvy breeders. Whether you are growing ruderalis, high test medicinals, recreational superstars, CBD, CBG, or CBN, every seed is made the same way. For the most part, the botanical realm requires both male and female genetics to be present to procreate. Though this is true for the beginnings of all strains, the process of feminization is an exception to the rule.

So that a grower can make a new strain, first a male specimen must be chosen from one or more strains, one or more females chosen for their impressive characteristics, and the group allowed to flower together. Another approach is to collect the pollen from healthy and virile males and paint it onto the calyxes and pistils of your preferred females. Both of these methods will make seeds and allowing plants to grow freely in fields is another practice, irresponsible as it is.

For feminization, a female is chosen and shocked into making her own pollen. Subsequent fertilization of females by female pollen makes female seeds. Free of male genetics, these seeds provide a much more manageable experience, especially for those new to growing. When you want to turn your THC seeds into CBN seeds, simply grow them to their fullest, overload them with oxygen and UV, and that psychotropic cannabinoid won’t stand a chance.

What are the Benefits of Growing Cannabinol Seeds?

Though CBN seeds do not exist per se, you can produce a strong CBN ratio by growing your weed outside and letting it age exposed to lots of light and air. Most budtenders spend their lives avoiding this recipe at all costs but when it’s CBN you want, that’s what it takes. Just as there are many benefits to growing THC or CBD seeds, there are many benefits to growing cannabinol seeds as well.

CBN is proving beneficial through its anticonvulsant effects, and it has been shown to decrease the heart rate while balancing blood flow. Since CBN is THC degraded, there is a greater chance that the consumer will experience couchlock and fogginess of mind with CBN. CBN is nowhere near as psychoactive as THC, but it does boast about ten percent trippiness which is a nice bonus for many. CBN has also shown neuroprotectant and pain-killing properties, and the list of health benefits continues to grow, the more we understand.

Some other benefits of growing cannabinol seeds are that you’ll get out into the fresh air, under the sun, in tune with mother nature. Growing your weed in the open-air exposes it to more UV and more oxygen, developing CBN and helping you grow too. You get to flower cannabis to its maximum potential, then allow it to turn into the sleep-inducing monster you need to help you feel better, and that final feeling of satisfaction you get is beyond compare.

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