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Human understanding surrounding cannabis has come a long way in just a short while. The more research we conduct, the more impressive a creature this magnificent botanical proves to be. Of course we do not understand everything, but what we do know is that the over one hundred different compounds present in cannabis help people every day. CBGA is the mother compound from which all cannabinoids and terpenes are born, and if you want to buy CBG seeds online, you’ll get the best start with Weed Seeds USA.

When you view our online seed bank that is packed with more than five hundred strains you will feel like a kid in a candy store. You can choose from high intensity sativas, soothing indicas, incredible hybrid specimens, photoperiod, auto, regular and feminized. We prioritize cyber security, so you never have to worry about your safety when utilizing the online platform at Weed Seeds USA. We promise to keep your account information locked up tight. We are also committed to providing an informative and easy-to-navigate platform. We are always adding to our collection so we can keep delivering high-quality seeds on demand.


Buy CBG Seeds Online in the USA

CBG Seeds For Sale


Our eCommerce solutions are designed to make checkout a breeze. Just like setting up your account, it only takes a second to get your payment information in order. We accept cryptocurrencies and credit cards, and we make sure all states have access to our collection. Choose your seeds, fill your cart, checkout safely, and then just kick back. In as little as a week, you’ll be opening your new package of quality CBG seeds from Weed Seeds USA.

What Are CBG Cannabis Seeds?

CBG cannabis seeds are those which house the potential for greatness. Since THC, CBD, and terpenes are synthesized by CBGA, a CBG seed is one which has genetics proven to be altogether powerful, fragrant, and flavorful. They are designed through nature’s way, though breeders have a little something to do with the deal. If you are curious about CBG seeds, read on to discover why they are so popular.

CBG stands for cannabigerol, a compound born of the decarboxylation process of CBGA. Because both THCA and CBDA are born of CBGA, to say that CBG weed is non-THC is a bit of a misnomer. The truth is that all weed is born and photosynthesizes sugars and acids which generate different compounds, such as Acetyl CoA, Malonyl CoA, Mevalonate and Hexanoyl CoA. These are synthesized by the plant into GPP or geranyl diphosphate, and OA or olivetolic acid, the beginnings of CBGA. However, there is more to the process than that, as you can well imagine.

Recent research into CBG has shown it has promising health and wellness benefits. It behaves as a neuroprotectant, potentially assisting Parkinson’s and Huntington’s patients. CBG also boasts antibacterial qualities, helps with blood pressure regulation and appetite. Also of note is that any strain heavy in cannabinoids and terpenes can be harvested early to preserve its inherent CBGA content, something many medicinal growers are looking into.

How Are CBG Marijuana Seeds Made?

Seeds are all made the same way and CBGs are in the same boat. Making marijuana seeds is easy so long as you have a female plant and some pollen. Male and female genetics go into making all regular seeds, the unmodified pods. These types are the seeds of choice for professional growers who need to have full control over every aspect of propagation.

Another way to make CBG seeds is through the process of feminization. This is where a young female plant is shocked into protecting herself by developing pollen sacs like males. The difference with this pollen is that it is free of male genetics. The result of subsequent pollination is a seed with about a ninety-nine percent feminization rate. This means that out of every hundred seeds you plant, you might find a single boy. Since males don’t make any flowers that are beneficial to consumer markets, this makes a huge difference when you just want buds.

Male specimens do have an important role. They go into the creation of every established strain and all the new ones. Selecting males and females with ideal characteristics and carefully crossing their genetics in a controlled manner, though common, is not simple, nor is it something we recommend for beginners. However, if you get this process right you could have the next award winner. It is also through breeding that you can isolate and amplify certain characteristics, like CBGA levels for example.

What are the Benefits of Growing Cannabigerol Seeds?

Cannabis seeds, by their very nature, boast myriad benefits. These include helping with countless aspects of health and wellness, including depression, PTSD, mobility and nervous system disorders, loss of appetite, and insomnia, just to name a few. The benefits of growing cannabis seeds cannot be overestimated, especially for those in whom its benefits are a necessity, and CBG is showing greater advantages as research continues to push forward.

So far, we know that CBG acts as a neuroprotectant, houses anticancer properties, is antibacterial and antimicrobial, decreases cranial pressure, is an appetite stimulant, and assists in blood pressure regulation. This points to CBG being anti-inflammatory as well as offering broad-scale cleansing and stabilization capabilities, characteristics prized throughout medicinal markets. These are just a few of the newfound benefits associated with growing cannabigerol seeds.

Medical stuff aside, the benefits of growing your own weed are multifold. Right off the top, we see folks saving money that would otherwise be spent on filling expensive pot prescriptions. At a couple of bucks a seed and a few more dollars for electricity and nutrients, those few ounces or pounds you can pull off each pod make growing your own a practical endeavor. There is also a great sense of personal achievement when you accomplish a Quad-A harvest of high test cheeba. Weed Seeds USA knows seeds and we know weed, so when you want seeds bursting with CBG potential, you know where to look.

Buy CBG Seeds for Homegrown Cannabis

What Types of CBG Seeds Are There?

To understand what types of CBG seeds there are out there, we must take a trip into the annals of cannabis ancestry. Originally, and they still exist today, there were landrace strains. These include such beasts as Afghani, Purple Thai, and Acapulco Gold, which are still among the handful of strains considered pure the world over. CBG was present in them and is present in every cannabis strain alive today, so let’s continue.

Landrace cultivars were bred to create the earliest hybrids and growers discovered that they could manipulate genetics to present the characteristics they held most dear. The story continues, and today we have the hundreds of strains you find in the Weed Seeds seed bank. As we mentioned, THC and CBD are synthesized by CBG, so every strain is intrinsically a CBG strain. Keeping your CBG counts high depends on when you choose to harvest your crops. So, as the cannabinoids we love come from the maturation of CBGA, isolating CBG is simply a matter of timing.

Knowing what we know of cannabigerol, we can see that indicas, sativas, and hybrids are all part of the deal. Since you can choose your strain and modify any seed to be feminized, autoflowering or both, the choices are limitless. Some seeds are designed to provide more medicinal characteristics, some are more recreational and those fantastic for extracts are about the best CBG seeds you can get your hands on since they are among the richest in both cannabinoids and terpenes.

Top 10 Non THC Pot Seeds USA

Right off the bat, we’d like to clear something up. Delineating the best weed in the world is a choice you make for yourself. That is to say that everyone is different, is affected differently by the cannabis products they consume and so the top ten pot seeds in the nation is a loose list. Having said that, there are many seeds we offer that are proven popular amongst those who wish to harvest high CBG contents of a non-THC nature.

Since CBG is more associated with medicinal markets, we figured we’d list some autos. CBG Citrus Ginger Auto Fem, Cherry Pie Auto Fem, and Cookies And Cream Auto Fem are three of the most popular automatic hybrids we house. They are tasty, potent, and produce extraordinary levels of cannabigerol. For massive hauls the easy way, people love Critical Kush Auto Fem, and for a proven out-of-this-world weed, many home-based growers choose Alien OG Fast Photo Fem. This final spirit of the wild delivers an entry-level photoperiod cultivation experience, as well as strong cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Since THC and CBD are synthesized by CBGA, the only non-THC weed out there is one that is harvested early, or which has been bred to have inherently low THC counts. Harvesting plants early is a practice common throughout medicinal hemp markets, and it is thanks to them that CBG is making the headway that it is.

How to Buy CBG Seeds Online

So that you can buy the best CBG seeds in the country, the seedbank at Weed Seeds USA offers an informative and user-friendly online shopping experience. Take a trip through a collection designed to please every type of grower. Walk a mile down the broad cannabis highway and wade through the most cherished wonders of the world of weed. Buying these things is easy when you know what you’re looking for, and since CBG is present in all marijuana, you can go right ahead and take your pick.

Knowing that CBG is the parent to terpenes and popular cannabinoids, when you are on a mission to isolate some cannabigerol, choosing strains that are known for their complexity just makes sense. It only takes a few minutes to create an account and set up your payment options. We promise never to sell your information and we are always updating our collection, providing both selection and privacy to our clients. If you want to save a bit of money, we offer numerous seed coupons for those placing large orders. Our packaging is nondescript, and we ship in a timely fashion.

Create an account, sift through our selection, choose your seeds, hit the checkout, and sit back and get ready for your purchase to arrive. We provide tracking numbers, and we estimate delivery between two and three weeks, though packages tend to arrive sooner. It is that simple, and when you choose the strains that bring the boom, your future endeavor into the world of CBG will be a bright one.

CBG Seeds For Sale in the USA

How Can I get CBGA Seeds Delivered to My Home?

Getting seeds delivered to your door is convenient. We hear all the time about good folks trying to find seeds, and to no avail. Some dispensaries carry seeds, and we have many clients who run their own seed banks designed for local growers. Legally speaking, our souvenir seeds are collector’s items and are meant for adults only, but the many types of marijuana seeds for sale extend throughout all markets and their profiles are all CBG based.

Getting these seeds home delivered is as easy as placing an order either online through your account or by phone. The USPS is pretty reliable, and we provide tracking numbers so you always know where your package is and when it is bound to arrive. You can start checking the mailbox in as little as a week and your seeds will always remain intact throughout the shipping process. Weed Seeds USA delivers to all municipalities within the United States, and for wholesale orders of two thousand seeds or more, we ship to Canada and Mexico, as well.

Digging into the wonders housed in our vault is fun and exciting. Pairing strains to create the types of profiles you require for balance is an enlightening and rewarding aim. Experiencing eCommerce solutions designed to take care of your privacy and security is a breath of fresh air and getting CBGA seeds delivered to your door is the easiest part of the whole process.

Common Misspellings, Versions & Abbreviations

Common to all patterns of life are misspellings, alternate versions, and abbreviations. We are talking about something pretty complex and, though many growers aren’t interested in the science behind the smoke, learning how to spell, or abbreviate some of the more common terms will help you navigate the waters of the online world. So that you can quickly familiarize yourself with some of the more intricate definitions, we offer a marijuana glossary, accessible any time you like.

So that you can get familiar with what all the letters mean, it is time for a crash course on cannabis terminology. CBG is cannabigerol, THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD, cannabidiol. Taking it further, CBN is cannabinol, delta-8 and delta-9 are two THCA derivatives and 11-hydroxy THC is the decarboxylated form or the byproduct of adding heat to the THC compound. These are just some of the basic abbreviations, and throughout this article and with the glossary, you are free to familiarize yourself with spellings so that your searches go more smoothly.

As far as alternatives go, we all know a million names for weed and the many products of our imaginations. To any wondering what the difference between marijuana and marihuana is, it is simply spellings from different times and places. One point which often gets confused, but has recently been delineated by legislation, is the difference between cannabis, hemp, and marijuana. Cannabis is the mother plant, the species, and marijuana describes recreational material while hemp describes industrial material and, oftentimes, medicinal as well.

Best Practices for Growing CBG Seeds

Growing weed is one of the most wonderful, beautiful, and rewarding experiences anyone could enjoy. With the selection at Weed Seeds, no garden ever has to be empty, and we always offer the finest seeds in America. Once you have purchased your CBG kind pot seeds and have received your order, so that you see the greatest levels of success, there are some best practices you’ll want to adhere to.

Understanding each phase of botanical development is paramount, and becoming an expert on each stage of growth will eventually have you ringing in high test harvests, every time. Complex and strain specific as they can be, these phases are germination, seedling, vegetation, and flowering. When these are all respected and nurtured appropriately, good things happen, however, you must first choose the right seed, and for that, you can always count on Weed Seeds USA.

Keeping track of what happens during each level of development is critical to personal advancement as a grower. Maintaining a calendar or log of some sort is common to all complex hobbies and cannabis cultivation is no different. Make sure you have the gear necessary to maintain the health of your crop and to address any issues which arise. Ensure you reach out, constantly challenge yourself to learn more, and share your experiences with others. Those who find the greatest levels of personal and professional success are those who are quick to learn from both the mistakes and successes of others.

CBG Seeds For Sale

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More and more every day, we are finding out just how special the CBG molecule is. For example, recent s