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Category: The Best Way to Germinate


October 7, 2021

What Do Cannabis Plants Need?

Growing healthy and abundant cannabis crops requires forethought. Find out what a marijuana plant needs to thrive.


September 21, 2021

Buy Cannabus Seeds Online

Buy cannabus seeds online with Weed Seeds USA as your cannabus seed bank online. Coupons, pay with credit card for USA Shipping.


February 26, 2021

Germinating Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

The outdoor growing season is fast approaching, which means it is time for weed seed growers to decide how they are going to start their marijuana plants. While cloning is a viable option, the most robust plants are grown from seeds. Seeds need to be germinated early to get the most out of the growing season.


February 19, 2021

Top 5 Autoflower Strains in 2022

Looking for the best autoflowering seed strains to grow in 2022. Look no further! We've got you covered.


January 20, 2021

Life Cycle of a Marijuana Plant

As cannabis is becoming legal in many places, it is gaining social acceptance. Medicinal marijuana is now legal in 33 states, which allows patients to access the plant upon a physician’s recommendation. However, quality weed is costly. Some states allow medicinal users to cultivate their own cannabis seeds, which is much cheaper than buying it from a licensed dispensary.

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