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Cannabis is possibly the most versatile botanical on the planet, booming throughout medical, recreational, and industrial sectors. It provides peace of body, mind and spirit, to those who use it responsibly. Whether you are planting en masse or searching for the perfect females, the cannabis seeds for sale from Weed Seeds USA are the lovely little starts you need to get there, and we back every order with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Over the next few pages, we will attempt to sketch an outline of cannabis seeds in America and how you can get your hands on some.

When you want to start a seed bank of your own, take charge of the field, rooms or research tables, we’re here for you. Our collection is a trip through the annals of American cannabis seed history, and we offer prime, homegrown examples of strains prized throughout the rest of the world. We work together with this country’s most expert breeders and strain developers, we purchase the best of what they have to offer and we offer them to you. Few cannabis seed distributors are as dedicated to client satisfaction as we are. We make ourselves available for conversations and strategy sessions, so with Weed Seeds, you are never left in the lurch.

Shopping in the dispensaries, though they provide top-shelf products and services, can get pricey. For those allowed to grow their own, it pays to start with the kind of collection that houses everything. Indica is known to be physically soothing, tranquilizing, sedating, focusing and is favored for inducing soft creativity. Sativa strains come on strong, triggering giddiness through a cerebral twist and increased awareness. We have citrusy orange, pineapple, mango, lemon, lime, and other tropical strains. Our collection includes berry-bursting delights, grapey wonder strains, and seeds with piney, spicy, woodsy, and minty flavor profiles, all ready to go when you are.

For industrial growers and those conducting research into raising ever more medicinal cultivars, we offer a variety of CBD strains to choose from, which can most certainly double as hemp crops, given you follow an early harvest routine. The power of the cannabis plant is incredible. With millions of people throughout the country swearing by its products, cannabis is proving to be the miracle early enthusiasts have always known it is. Improving outlooks, soothing pain, and sating anxieties, transforming spasms into control and fatigue into rejuvenation, cannabis is a special herb.

With an extensive catalog to select from, you can make your gardens and collections shine. We offer privacy and security. We will never sell your information to anyone else. Our discreet packaging makes sure no one knows what’s up and our speedy shipping means you do not have to wait too long for your seeds to arrive. Our seed bank is open twenty-four hours a day, so your private account remains ready for you to use at your leisure. When you want cannabis seeds that are hand-grown, and handpicked in good old America, you can trust Weed Seeds USA for all your endeavors.


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Cannibus Seeds


Buy Cannibus Seeds Online in the USA

Cannibus Seeds For Sale

Cannibus Seeds USA

What is Souvenir Cannibus?

Talking about cannabis seeds online in a climate where delta-9 THC is still illegal at the federal level can get exciting. This is one of those situations like the growing popularity of delta-8 products. It is one which is still grey and we like it that way. Souvenirs, by definition, are keepsakes, collector’s and novelty items which are purchased and kept for someone’s amusement and joy. The hobby of collecting cannabis seeds is one with limitless possibilities and when conducted appropriately, is legal.

Souvenir cannibus doesn’t exist per se, but souvenir cannabis seeds most certainly do. Having been collecting super strains for some time now, we have over five hundred exciting examples for you to choose from. Souvenir cannabis can be described as those strains which you are not allowed to grow, but the collection of which is supported by certain gaps in legislation. Take Weed Seeds USA for example. We do not grow or sell weed, we do not claim to provide seeds which those in regions of prohibition plan to grow, but we do provide seeds that uplift the integrity of collections all over the country.

Be the first in your neighborhood to start a new seed bank, provide seeds to growers and collectors in your state. Just because interstate bean bouncing might be frowned upon in some circles, the law is law, so we sell these amazing little souvenir seeds every day of the week for collectors’ amusement. Early breeds and award-winners, landrace strains, hybrid indicas and sativas, high-test 420 stones, resinous 710 extraction strains, automatic, fast-flowering, regular, and feminized seeds are all on offer at Weed Seeds USA.

We love supplying the world’s finest examples of cannabis seeds to everyone interested in preserving their health and viability. Storing seeds long term is a science and science takes practice, so we offer budget-minded examples designed to help you get a good start on learning, without the buyer’s remorse. When the idea of collecting cannabis seeds crosses your mind, either for yourself or your entire community, we are only a few clicks away and your satisfaction is our top priority.

What Types of Cannibus Are There?

To delineate all the types of cannabis out there would take a lifetime, but within the Weed Seeds USA cannibus seed bank we house wonders of the botanical world. Our collection is enough to make even the most experienced grower’s head spin. Cannabis is an old creature, utilized for thousands of years for many reasons. Causes include ceremony and spirituality, industry, medicine, and recreation, though more popular culture has seen it become as much a household name as alcohol, with few of the associated pitfalls. Today, there are more strains than anyone could count, and we like to preserve the best of the best.

Cannabis is of three primary subclassifications, indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Of these primary or landrace specimens, there are many strains. At some point, they have gone into making the wonderful world of weed we know and love today. These three subclassifications are bred into hybrid strains boasting ratios on a scale with indica on one end and sativa on the other. In the middle, there are hybrid strains offering indica/sativa ratios and cannabinoid ratios, terpene contents, and bouquets beyond what anyone could think of off the top of their head.

Auto-flowering cannabis requires an addition to these hybrids and pure strains of the third cannabis subspecies, ruderalis. This hardy little beast is a self-starting strain, often thought to be a genetic offshoot of sativa. It was discovered thriving in the rather inhospitable Northeastern Europe. Ruderalis also helps to create fast-flowering and super autos, two more options for growers and collectors who utilize their Weed Seeds family.

Sativa also boasts another cousin in Cannabis Sativa L., a cultivar most widely utilized for hemp production. This also leads us to discuss the difference between regular and feminized seeds, which we will go into more detail about in later sections. Feminized seeds make it easy for the home-based grower to bag buds and regular seeds are necessary to professional production houses and seed crops. These few genetic identities go into making the entire world of cannabis, but there is always more to learn.

What Are The Steps In Growing Cannibus From Seed?

As with any path in life, there are steps, and if you live in a place where it is legal to cultivate seeds, then we are celebrating with you and are happy to lay the process out in a straightforward manner. We want you to see success with every one of the seeds you purchase from Weed Seeds USA, and we are available Monday to Friday, in person, to answer your call.

For our purposes, there are seven steps to growing cannabis which are universal: 1) choose the right seed; 2) prepare the appropriate grow space; 3) germination; 4) vegetation and training; 5) feeding and flowering; 6) harvest and trim; and, 7) dry and cure. These are the fundamental aspects to growing, beyond which are the finer details to each strain. You can find more details in our grow guides, and each particular strain in our collection comes complete with its own product information page.

Start by choosing the correct genetics for your purposes and build the medium to suit that strain or set of strains. There is no point planting a sativa outside if you live in Michigan, and there is no point in purchasing a strain that grows perfectly in your climate if you’ve already set up your DWC system. The next step is germination, whereby you provide the environment for your seeds to spark back to life. Light, temperature, humidity, airflow, and nutrients are the necessary components to achieve a healthy grow, but they must be well managed and in perfect measure.

Pruning and training are often critical aspects of your grow, unless you’re working with autoflowers, then things are a little different. Indica plants, especially those already seeing effective crop rotation, take well to the Sea of Green (SOG) management while sativas tend to require Screen of Green (ScrOG) training. Outside, you will most certainly benefit from minor pruning and spreading branching out for light, much like screen methodologies, and protection will help bolster the crop against moisture and pathogen issues. Reach out and conduct extensive research, follow what those who have found success tell you to do and their success will be yours.

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Can You Grow Cannibus From Seed With No Experience?

If you have been thinking about growing cannabis from seed and are wondering if it can be done with no experience, rest assured it can. For beginners discovering the world of cannabis cultivation, we can’t stress enough the importance of research. We offer an ultimate cannabis glossary to help you navigate some of the more advanced terms. Our grow guides along with our product pages, can help you get a good start. Honestly, no one has experience when they first start out, but the recipe for success lies in how much you are willing to take in, how many times you are willing to try, and how many times you are willing to remain open to different ways of getting back up.

The primary point is to cram your brain with as much knowledge as possible, watch as many videos as you can, get into the blogs, visit the dispensaries, and learn from those who have gone before. Growing weed not only requires seeds and tools. It also takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, and, of course, trial and error. This is why we recommend beginners start with an autoflower or a fast flowering charge. Pick something resilient to pests, diseases, and mistakes. There are loads of award-winning weeds out there offering beginner-friendly growability, and we have most of them.

As we said, a path involves steps, and that means your experience will be gained over time. One stubborn stumbling block for beginners is the feeding schedule. Knowing which compound does what will help you choose the right nutrients for your plants and will make their proper use that much easier. Get your medium and your feeding schedule right and learning proper pruning can come later. First off, you want quality, and for that, the health of the plant must always come first. Go easy on yourself and your plants, take time and care, and little by little, you will win.

How To Buy Souvenir Cannibus Online?

We won’t sell you souvenir cannabis, but we do sell souvenir seeds online. Though you might wonder over federal regulations and all that jazz, buying cannabis seeds for souvenir purposes is legal and we happily ship them everywhere within the US. Shopping through a collection of top-tier cannabis seeds can be fun and exciting and how you put together your crackerjack collection of history’s best is up to you.

The first thing you need to do is create an account. This is simple, only takes a few minutes and, once it’s done you can enjoy the peace of mind which comes from security. That’s right, we guarantee your online security when you are logged into your Weed Seeds account. Next is to set up your payment information, again, perfectly secure, and our eCommerce platform is designed to accept credit cards and a range of contemporary cryptocurrencies. When you want to buy kick-butt cannabis seeds online in America, there’s no distributor more attuned to your needs and desires than Weed Seeds USA.

When you step into our library, our stunning selection of over 500 strains of the world’s best strains, bred in America is sure to impress. We are willing to work to help you find the strains which your medical professional have deemed ideal for your needs and we can help you find the famous and award-winning strains to top off the deep end of your collection. Weed Seeds USA then provides speedy and nondescript shipping to wherever you like within the US. We supply American seeds to American growers and collectors, and we are available for you.

How To Learn To Grow From Seed Online?

Your kind seeds were designed to be cultivated. Regardless of laws being what they are, regardless of how long you need to store your seeds before flower freedoms come into effect, they are meant to be grown. With so many resources available to help newcomers get hip to pot proliferation, there is never any shortage of opportunities to learn, and Weed Seeds knows how to help you learn the easy way.

Watching videos, going through our grow guides, or simply asking your local dealer or dispensary will tell you what kinds of gear to have. There are always supplementary pieces of equipment you will realize you need. A trip to the garden center or hardware store is likely. Watching the professionals, reading peer-reviewed scientific papers on classification and cultivation, will all help you learn quickly. The primary focus of the budding grower should be to take in as much information as possible, stay away from advanced techniques off the top, and sort through the data to decipher what is and what is not reality.

Within each of our product pages, we offer basic guidelines to growing each strain in our selection. We offer comprehensive grow guides that explain in detail some of the more tricky aspects of training and pruning, and our online platform describes types of strains, the balances within hybrid ratios, and what they mean in the grow space. Learning online is just the way it is done now, though there are schools of smoke out there. The primary object of this pursuit is learning to grow the weed you love, so if you focus on searching for that, and start with Weed Seeds USA, you’ll be fine.

Cannibus Seed Bank Online


What Are Photoperiod Premium Cannibus Seeds?

To describe photoperiod premium cannibus seeds, we must first delineate what the term premium means to you. In our world, premium seeds are those which boast the best of all cup categories. These would include the high THC, high CBD, resinous, trichome caked, flavorful and fragrant, perfectly developed buds. Of course, much of this is up to the grower, but there is quite a few premium genetics out there that will help kick things off right. We work with experts to ensure that when a strain gets popular, we can supply it. This includes such strains as Gorilla Glue, Zkittles, Wedding Cake, Platinum Cookies, and Alien Technology, just to name a few past superstars.

Photoperiod means that the plant is photosensitive, responding to shifts in light patterns, color, and intensity, triggering it to enter the final stages of its lifecycle, or the budding period. All cannabis is photosensitive, except ruderalis and autoflowers, which flower on their own and even in low light situations. Indica, sativa, or hybrid, unless it has been crossed with rudy, needs eighteen to twenty hours of light per day for vegging and a shift to twelve hours of light per day for flowering phases. At this time, humidity should be at about forty-five percent, airflow strong, the space clean, and light should be intense.

Master the ambiance of your charge and you will notice magic starting to happen very quickly after the flip to twelve/twelve. Skunk Kush Photo Fem and Banana Sherbet Photo Fem are just two examples of high test, premium cannabis seeds we house and, though they are heavy hitters, they are manageable even by beginner’s hands. Whether premium means a high medicinal benefit, such as sating parkinsonian tremors or muscle pain from ALS, or whether it means a rockstar THC content and a cozy couchlock, with your Weed Seeds account you have access to the full meal deal of every famous strain in the USA.

What Are Autoflower Cannibus Seeds?

Cannabis cultivars grow by the clock of nature. In the spring, the light is blue and distant, but growing closer. Throughout the spring and summer, the light intensifies, humidity and temperature rise, and plants grow. When the season comes to an end, the light shifts to red, the sun starts waning and plants are triggered to flower and make seed. Where photoperiod cannabis strains require a shift in light to know when it is time to put on a show, auto-flowering cannabis seeds need no such trickery.

Simple to grow, simple to take care of, fast, and full of potent potty goodness, auto-flowering cannabis strains are the beginner’s dream, the medicinal patient’s favorite charge, and are the perfect plants for the grower on the go. Any strain of this lovely leafy wonder weed can be turned into an autoflower. Simply searching for the perfect female and male specimens of your favorite 420, 710, medical strain or otherwise, and combining it with the right pairing of ruderalis will give you auto-flowering or fast-flowering seeds. All of our auto-flowering selection, even the intense award-winner Skywalker Auto Fem, are feminized. This makes each auto seed from Weed Seeds USA a girl, though environmental control is imperative. Autoflowers will be fine outside in pretty much any climate, but the indoor environment must be stable or the threat of hermaphrodites increases.

Anywhere from eighteen to twenty hours of light per day is ideal for autoflowers. Though some growers swear by a twenty-four-hour light cycle, cannabis cultivars can only handle so much light during their lives, so a twenty-four-hour schedule will end up being too much for autos to handle, burning terpenes toward the end. Also, autoflowers do not like to be transplanted, pruned, or topped, so let them be. Spread branching out, tuck fan leaves, only lollipop for flowering, try to mimic natural environments inside, provide full sun outside and have fun!

What Are Regular Cannibus Seeds?

There are so many seed modifications nowadays that it comes as no surprise for us to learn that some of you out there have never heard of regular seeds. Some people ask us about feminized vs autoflower, clones vs seed starts, indica and sativa combinations vs hybrid strains. However, as popular as feminized and auto-flowering seeds are, in private grow rooms, the natural or regular seed is often something of a unicorn. But rearing these seeds doesn’t take an expert, just some knowledge and a little experience raising naturals. Weed Seeds USA is here to assist you through whatever type of learning you’d like to undertake, so don’t be a stranger.

The regular cannabis seed has undergone no modification, such as feminization or auto-flowering ruderalis crosses. The regular cannabis seed is nature’s way, the male/female monster from which all cannabis promise is born. Because photosensitive seeds require careful attention to be paid throughout all aspects of seedling and vegetative phases, it pains home-based growers to flip only to find that males make up fifty percent of the crop. Aside from the odd bag of seed back in the day, the male/female nature of these stones is why the home-schooled enthusiast doesn’t generally hear of or utilize regular seeds very often.

These seeds are reserved for those who are creating new strains, conducting research, growing for feed, or for those who are hunting female phenotypes for running serious clone rotations. It was once a strongly held belief that regular females make better mothers and give better clones, but a female is a female and, as long as your girls show no hermaphroditic qualities, chances are their clones will be just as strong. Regular seeds certainly make better outdoor grows than cloned plants, as root systems establish much better in seed starts. Some of the finest regular examples in the cannabis kingdom are present in our vault, such as San Fernando Valley Photo Reg, Skunk Photo Reg, and  Chemdawg Photo Reg, all of them award-winners.

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What Are Feminized Cannibus Seeds?

For centuries, weed has been growing along just fine, without help and without shame. The types of landrace breeds we see thanks to just leaving the fields alone for millennia are impressive, and they are imperative to strain development. But fems are pretty rad too, and if autos are the self-starters and regular seeds make the magic, then feminized seeds are the ones you never have to worry about, as long as you’re looking for buds. Flipping a room of female plants carries no inherent stress or doubt. With a feminization rate of ninety-nine percent or better, chances are you’ll never see a boy.

Feminized seeds are specifically bred seeds that only produce female plants. A female plant is doused with colloidal silver which tricks it into thinking it is being killed off. As a protective measure, she manufactures male parts to pollinate herself and surrounding plants, affecting female seeds. This female pollen is often collected and used to paint entire crops so we can deliver wholesale and, though this all sounds very scientific, it’s easy to accomplish. Normally, as is the case with regular seeds, male and female genetics blend to make new offspring, a pattern common to most of this planet’s living creatures. With feminized seeds, however, no such natural amalgam is necessary.

Female seeds make flowers, that’s all there is to it. Though hermaphrodites can occur in poorly managed grow spaces, they are uncommon and can sometimes be reversed. Maintaining consistency in the grow space is therefore just as important for female crops as it is for any other. Feminized plants have no access to male pollen, no matter how much they may want it, so those females deprived of male genetics tend to swell, densify, and a bit of shock when all is said and done will force one last terpene push, supercharging your cannabis with the flavors and effects you crave.

Is There a Good Cannibus Seed Bank?

If you are wondering if there is a good cannibus seed bank around, you are in it! Of course, you have most likely looked and puzzled over the dozens upon dozens of seed banks claiming top-notch seeds, however, Weed Seeds USA is the only one that operates exclusively within American borders with American-only products. We pride ourselves on selecting fresh and healthy seeds, and preserving the best that this country can grow so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

A good cannabis seed bank should be on top of a few things, and we are. We care about cannabis and the efficacy of our seeds throughout American communities. Our commitment to our clientele’s best interests and our commitment to consistently updating our information puts us a cut above the rest. We serve your seed needs as we make ourselves available throughout all stages of your endeavor, whether home-based or commercial. We offer comprehensive grow guides, informative product pages, and we make sure we cover every category or question you could think of. We like to introduce new and exciting strains, American award-winners and international rockstars, developed by US-based producers.

Something else our online platform provides is simplicity, sincerity, and security. When you create an account with Weed Seeds USA, you have access to our entire vault, and you never have to worry about us leaking your personal information to anyone, ever! A good seed bank provides hundreds of options, security, and plenty of payment options. Weed Seeds USA also offers discreet packaging and speedy shipping to every address in the country. If you want good genetics, you need a trustworthy seed bank. You will find only the best with Weed Seeds USA.

Where Can I Buy Cannibus Seeds For Sale

Legalities surrounding cannabis seeds are often confusing and, since they are constantly shifting in pretty much all corners of the country, it can be a tricky business knowing what to believe. Speaking with local officials is always a speedy way to get the information you seek, and it will be accurate, reliable, trustworthy, and all the other synonyms you can think of. But when it comes to knowing where to buy seeds, you’re best to stick with the ones you know. Weed Seeds USA is an American company, based in the US, delivering high-quality cannabis seeds to citizens all over the states. We are the capital of cannibus seeds USA, and we are here for everyone who wants to start a collection of their own.

Either signing in to your account, calling us on the phone, sending us a message, or hitting us up by email are all ways to get the ball rolling. Our trained staff is happy to work with you to delineate the most effective choices for your charge and our selection is guaranteed to satisfy you. We also make sure that we not only have volumes of the seeds you seek but variations as well. Maybe you are a fan of Bruce Banner. We offer BB auto, feminized and regular versions, and we have multitudes of Brice Banner crosses, as we do for the vast majority of strains in our collection. This includes early strains like Skunk #1, Haze, and Afghani, award-winning blends like Amnesia and Super Silver Haze, Tropicana Cookies, and Green Crack, and, of course, we have all your bases covered for resin bombs.

Where buying cannabis seeds used to be a scary deal, packed with doubt and disappointment, with your exclusively American seed distributor, you can drop your guard. We don’t ask anything of you except a few details necessary for us to get your purchase to you, and we offer limitless possibilities for every type of grow space and collection. We deliver quickly and quietly, offer bulk and individual options, custom packaging, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

How To Germinate Cannibus Seeds

Just so we are clear, we supply souvenir seeds for collection purposes and, if you choose to germinate them, that is completely up to you. As we supply living products to people who care deeply about their health and wellness, we do have an obligation to help you understand the most effective means through which to make the most out of your seeds.

Cannabis seeds are stored in a cool, dry and dark place, though not too dry or they will become unviable. Winter generally stores seeds for us, and the spring wakes them up. When you are ready to wake your seeds up for cultivation, there are three things that they require to pop, and they are warmth, humidity, and light. Any temperature above approximately fifty or fifty-five degrees will wake up a cannabis seed, though to affect germination, a little more is required. Place seeds between two moist paper towels, place the package on a plate making sure there is no excess water, and place it in the dark for a day or two. When the husks crack open and a taproot emerges, it’s time to plant.

Germination can also be affected through direct sowing. This is an uncommon practice for anything but autoflowers, though it does work remarkably well. If you have prepared your living soil correctly, autoflowers or any other strain planted into this type of medium will thrive. Other mediums include coir, rock wool, and DWC, and some growers use peat, though this presents pH challenges. Most times, a non-nutritive seed starter mix is the appropriate go-to pre-veg.

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We hope that this little adventure has been a fun and informative one. We hope we have painted a basic picture of cannabis seeds and have helped you in your endeavors to delineate which types you might like to try. Don’t leave yourself stuck typing in something terrible like cannibus seeds.com in your attempts to find a reliable distributor. With Weed Seeds USA, you are always in good hands.

Fire up your account and enjoy coupons and deals, such as up to thirty percent off and free shipping on orders over a thousand dollars, twenty percent off and free shipping on orders of two hundred dollars or over, and much more. Find one and two-dollar seeds for introductory pods, autoflowers, and feminized hybrids for beginners and advanced growers, regular, long-running, and resin-crusted capsules for the awards shows. We offer wholesale purchase options, custom packaging, and choices beyond imagination, so get re