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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: December 29, 2021
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Cannibis Seeds For Sale

When making the decision to invest in cannibis seeds, you want to make sure you are getting your hands on the very best seeds on the market. When you opt to make your purchase through the Weed Seeds virtual shop, you can rest assured that you are getting exactly that. Our premium cannibis seeds are bred, grown and harvested by expert gardeners who are committed to bringing you the most excellent seeds. Each dark, shiny, unadulterated, Grade-A seed is hand selected for quality assurance. Once they are collected, they are stored and transferred to the warehouse and, ultimately your home, in packages with the perfect environmental conditions to retain their hardiness and vitality. Weed Seeds has a vast selection of all different types of seeds, so if you are looking for easy to cultivate plants, check out the auto-flowering or beginner seed sections. If you want a plant that will induce a calm, sleepy buzz before bed, browse the indica section, or hit the sativa tab to find an impeccable selection of wake and bake strains. If you are hunting for a strain that delivers the best of both, check out the various hybrid seeds with assorted combinations of each variety and you are sure to find one of these cultivars that will be a welcome accompaniment to whatever task you have on hand. If it is pain relief you are seeking from weed, it shouldn’t come at the expense of unpleasant side-effects. This is especially important when used over the long-term for chronic conditions. That’s why so many sufferers are turning to plant medicine and ditching nasty pharmaceuticals. With potent pain-relieving and inflammation-quenching powers that relieve pain and inflammation, marijuana is fast becoming a mighty medicinal that can be used safely without side effects. Below you will find more in-depth descriptions of your options so you can be sure you are getting the high you desire from plants which you can confidently grow. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it well categorized with an extensive description, so you know exactly what to expect from growing your new plants and smoking their gorgeous, gooey buds! With a few clicks on your device, you can have your hand selected seeds en route to your doorstep.


Cannibis Seeds


Buy Cannibis Seeds
Online in the USA

Cannibis Seeds For Sale

Cannibis Seeds USA

What is Souvenir Cannibis?

Cannibis has been in the hot seat for researchers for decades, as there are some obvious therapeutic benefits that have alerted the medical community to its soaring medicinal potential. Originally, cannibis was used in tandem with the harsh chemical cancer treatment chemotherapy. It helps manage common side effects such as physical pain, nausea, and vomiting. This spurred a bunch of exploratory studies that have provided evidence for the use of marijuana in managing a myriad of different symptoms of psychological and physical ailments. The uplifting and energizing effects are proving to be useful in supporting mood disorders like depression and resulting conditions such as fatigue. The positivity that is instilled in the mind can interrupt the swirling thoughts of anxiety as well. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are delivered through the various terpenes of the cannibis plant have served to alleviate pain from arthritis, muscle cramps, and migraines and antiemetic effects could provide support to those with disordered eating. The culmination of most stones in a sedated state can help with insomnia, and the soothing effects on the muscles can support movement disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and epilepsy. Because of this mounting evidence, weed use has become destigmatized and more widespread. It is becoming legal, or decriminalized in various countries around the world, including the United States. Despite this trend, there are still many places where it is illegal both to use and cultivate the ganja plant. Things are evolving quickly, so we imagine it may not be long before growing at home is as common as smoking, but in the meantime, a loophole allows you to start collecting seeds for when the time comes that it is legal to grow. Souvenir seeds are pot seeds that you can own as long as you do not germinate them. Basically any seed, in its ungerminated state, is considered a novelty item so you can purchase and own them without issue. If you start collecting and cataloguing your stash now, you will be well prepared for the time when it is legal to start cultivating your own homegrown stash!

What Types of Cannibis Are There?

There are two species of cannibis, indica, and sativa. Indica strains are known for delivering a profound body stone. The buzz will start with euphoria and a calm mind but quickly sets into a soothing body stone. A tingling sensation will wash away physical tension and leave you tied blissfully to your couch cushions. These are ideal for evening use, as after a few hours your eyelids will become heavy, and you will not be able to resist tucking under your covers for a rejuvenating sleep. Sativa strains deliver opposite effects. The sativa stone is predominantly cerebral and energizing. A few puffs will bring alertness to the mind and vigor to the body. These are the optimal choice for morning or daytime use, as they will give you all the extra invigoration you need to approach your busy day! The extra pep in your step can be great for light physical activity as well, so if you have a hike planned, try a session with one of these tasty herbs. Innovative breeders have crossed these two species to create hybrid cultivars with more balanced effects that can be perfectly paired with any activity you have planned, at any time of day. Once you have selected the type of stone you would like, you can start looking at the constitution of your plant. There are high THC strains that offer more psychedelic impacts. You might experience heightened senses and soaring cerebral effects! Or you could opt for strains that are oozing with CBD. These hold a lot of therapeutic potential, but will not necessarily alter your mind, which is ideal for getting medical relief without being too inebriated to go about the tasks of your normal daily routine. The virtual Weed Seeds catalog has a great selection of these different types of seeds, so you can easily find copious options for growing your own herb at home! Try growing a few different options so your homegrown stash can support whatever task you have on hand!

What Are The Steps In Growing Cannibis From Seed?

If you are keen to grow cannibis seeds usa, you have found a gold mine with Weed Seeds. We have the best pot seeds around and they are guaranteed to germinate, which is the first step in growing your own herb from seed. Once you have used whichever method you prefer to sprout your seedlings, the seedling will produce two small leaves that split from the stem, and over a couple of weeks, cannibis leaves will start to sprout from the center. From here, you will want to carefully transfer them into the pot or garden plot that you plan to nourish them in, and thus begins the vegetation stage. This is a rapid growth period where the plants start to take shape. They will gain height and bulky limbs and dense foliage. Towards the end of this stage is the time in which you will be able to distinguish the male plants from the females. Next is the most important step, the flowering stage. Reducing light for photoperiod plants will help this process get started. During this time, generous buds will start to form and develop a glistening layer of trichomes. The longer your plants bloom, the more time they have to create a rich and potent level of cannabinoids and terpenes which reside in the sparkling resin! This will directly correlate with the robustness of the bud’s aroma, flavor, and effects. Different plants will require various conditions to flourish, including temperature, humidity levels, nutrients, and lengths of time. All the relevant information will be listed so you know how to best support your new babies! Choose your strains based on your grow space, as you can more easily support the complicated plants in an indoor grow operation and may prefer an easy option for the garden where the conditions are more unpredictable.

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Can You Grow Cannibis From Seed With No Experience?

No prior cultivation experience? No problem! When you look through the Weed Seeds virtual shop, you will notice a section dedicated to beginner pot seeds. These seeds exhibit unique, simple growth patterns that anyone can successfully grow at home. Between the added genetic ease and the Weed Seeds germination guarantees, anyone can grow these pot strains and yield exceptional results. Auto-flowering strains are an ideal choice, as they do not need specific light conditions to flourish. A shady garden plot or dim growing room can deliver exemplary outcomes and you do not need to fret about closely monitoring and adjusting the light source for your plants. Feminized seeds are another magnificent choice, as they will effortlessly produce sticky buds without the extra steps of monitoring, and weeding out and discarding males. You can find strains that have a natural ability to fight off moisture-related disease, like mold and powdery mildew, or to repel pests without pesticides. If you want to grow in the unpredictability of mother nature, these plants will help you navigate the elements of the natural world. Some plants are more robust as well, so they can withstand turbulent weather systems, like heavy rains or wind, or hold their own in the face of growing errors like over-pruning. Some plants are better suited to being grown in the garden, such as sativas. They sometimes reach as high as ten feet, which means that they will love the space for their roots and branches to sprawl. Others, like short, stocky indicas, will fit nicely into a small grow tent. The growth requirements will be listed with every beginner seed option so you can assess whether you think your skillset, and your space can well support your new plants. Regardless of your previous cultivation experience, there are plenty of remarkable options for your home grow!

How To Buy Souvenir Cannibis Online?

As is true with almost anything you wish to buy in this day and age, souvenir cannibis seeds can be easily purchased from the comfort of your home. With an extensive virtual shop that you can browse through by clicking on the appropriate tabs, you can maneuver the long list of options without wasting your time perusing strains that are not going to meet your needs. We have high THC seeds, CBD-laden options, medicinal seeds, indica and sativa strains, award-winners, and more. Plus, you can select seeds based on the growing skills and expectations required. Try auto-flowering strains for ease or develop your skillset with a photoperiod option. Delve into the versatile nature of regular seeds or guarantee yourself a hefty harvest by buying feminized. If you are working within a tight budget, there are plenty of inexpensive options to get your grow operation started too. Check out the cheap seed section to find seeds on sale or seeds coupons for discounts on larger orders. You could also opt to buy your seeds in bulk as Weed Seeds offers wholesale prices on larger quantities of quality seeds. Do not sweat it if you do not plan to plant more than a few seeds at a time, as you can easily revive the seeds that have sat dormant by giving them a quick soak in water. Buying the strains with crazy high THC content is another way to save. Although they are a little more expensive off the hop, you need to consume far less to experience the potent effects which saves you money in the long run! Whatever options appeal to you most can be easily ordered and paid for online through our safe and secure virtual store. Select the options, pay up, and wait a short period for them to show up. Spend the wait time taking the necessary steps to prepare your space to support your newborn plants!

How To Learn To Grow From Seed Online?

There are few activities as rewarding as home cultivation. Whether you are planting a tomato seed and watching your plants bear fruit or adding cannibis seeds into fertile soil to develop your own smokables, the process is delightful. If you imagine yourself with your fingers in the dirt and the warm sun permeating your skin, you will want to set yourself up to grow in the garden. When the climate you are working with is prone to intense weather systems, you can opt to put your plants in pots that can be moved out of heavy rainfall or windstorms. If you prefer to precisely control the entirety of your grow so that you may cultivate the healthiest, most powerful herb around, then growing indoors will serve you best. The ability to monitor and adjust the temperature, humidity, airflow, and nutrient delivery will allow for the perfect environment for any plant. Whichever you decide, there are plenty of tips and tricks available to assist you along the way. Weed Seeds has a blog with loads of articles that offers guidance on using various techniques and different equipment. You can also find a weed glossary that explains common terms and slang that you might come across as you peruse the information. There are methods you can implement, such as the Sea of Green (SOG), where you spread out the top layers of your plants laterally to allow light rays to permeate the lower branches. This creates the necessary conditions to boost your yields, as the light will generate more healthy bud sites on those low limbs. The Screen of Green (ScrOG) method is another option. This is essentially the same thing, except your branches are spread along a screen. You can also explore using hydroponics, where the nutrients required by your plants are delivered on streams or sprays of running water, as another method to increase your yields. You will find step-by-step instructions on the Weed Seeds site so you can successfully cultivate healthy buds!

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What Are Photoperiod Premium Cannibis Seeds?

You will notice that every cannibis seed option has one of two words in the strain name, photo or auto. Photo refers to photoperiod plants, which are plants that depend on light to flower. Every plant moves through a series of stages throughout its life cycle. It starts with germination, moves into vegetation, and then transitions into flowering in preparation for harvest. The vegetation stage is generally the most fruitful when you can provide your plants with plenty of warm, direct sunlight. However, once the plants are nearing the point of blooming, you will want to shift the light environment to include equal periods of light and dark exposure. When you grow outside, this happens naturally as the seasons shift. The long days of summer will fuel the early development of your babies beautifully, and then, as the days shorten and fall approaches, your plants will shift into their blooming stage. As long as you manage to harvest your buds before the transition to winter’s cold snaps and frost, you will have healthy nugs for your homegrown stash without much effort on your part. If you grow indoors in a tent or room, you will need bulbs, timers, or extra visits to your grow operation to make sure your plants are getting the light they need to move through their lifespan. Often a light schedule of twelve hours in light and twelve in dark is what will help these beauties shine. As the nugs develop, you will notice an increase in resin which holds the healing power of the various terpenes that your chosen strain delivers in a session. These nugs sometimes take a bit longer to be ready for collection, but that just allows the rich layer of glistening trichomes a chance to develop their potency!

What Are Autoflower Cannibis Seeds?

The other type of flowering journey a marijuana plant will go through is auto or auto-flowering. This just means that the plant will move through its life cycle depending only on time. Light is mostly irrelevant to their development, although all plants do love a generous level of warm, bright sunlight if you can provide it! These automatic plants were created by breeders crossing the genetics of ruderalis plants with market favorites. This addition creates plants that flower automatically in nearly any light environment. It also generates natural robustness in the plants that assists newer growers in having a successful operation despite their potential blunders. The stalks are generally hardier and better able to support the weight of their massive, smokable buds without stakes and cages. They have a resistance to other issues as well, which means that a novice can focus their energy on the basic growing techniques and still be fairly confident that they will reap some amazing results. These plants move through their life cycle more quickly too, which means that you can get in extra harvests during the growing season in a garden grow, or per year if you are growing indoors year-round. The shorter life span makes these a good choice for people who are growing in climates where the transition from fall to winter is quick, as they will be ready to harvest well before the first cold snap has the potential to ruin your crop. Check out the auto-flowering section of the Weed Seeds site to peruse your easy grow options! Note that their fast-flowering time occasionally hinders their ability to develop the rich terpene profiles of their photoperiod counterparts, but it is more than worth it for the general effortlessness of nourishing your plants.

What Are Regular Cannibis Seeds?

Regular cannibis seeds are seeds that undergo a regeneration process through pollination. They are born from male plants generating a sac full of pollen which is spread to the female plants in the late stages of vegetation or early stages of flowering. The pollination process interrupts the female’s bud development by altering the hormones and turning the potential smokable herb into a holding ground for dark-colored, shiny shelled seeds. These seeds have genetics from both the male and female plants, which means they will grow into a nearly equal mix of ladies and gents. This means that, when left to their own devices, these will continue to perpetuate the cycle and generate copious collections of seeds that can be used in your next grow operation. This is superb if you are looking to sell or store seeds, but if you are looking to cultivate flowers for your homegrown smokable stash, these seeds pose some challenges. You are not able to identify the males until well into their vegetation stage, which means that you spend your time and resources encouraging these plants into being for weeks before you inevitably remove them from your operation. You must make sure to remove every male because even just one left in the mix will turn your crop into a yield of seeds. While not impossible, or overly challenging for a more experienced grower, regular pot seeds require a little more finesse and expertise. They also limit the yielding potential of your space, as you end up removing half your crop! If your growing goal is to cultivate seeds, try the pain-relieving, high THC, Hash Passion Photo Reg, or the mood-lifting, stress-reducing Columbian Gold Photo Reg for tasty regular seed options! While some appreciate the versatility of these babies, others will opt to buy feminized to save the hassle and risk!

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What Are Feminized Cannibis Seeds?

So, what are these magical, easeful feminized seeds we speak of? These are seeds that have pure female genes. They are a result of cannibis breeders implementing an old agricultural technique of spraying female plants with colloidal silver. This alters the production of the female plant and encourages it to do the traditionally male role of generating a pollen sac. Using this plant to pollinate other females results in these pure female seeds with two X-chromosomes. They have a feminization rate of 99%, which means you can pretty confidently assume that every seed you plant will flourish into a lady. This is ideal because the unpollinated female plants are the ones that burgeon into bud-bearing beauties. When you know every plant will add to your collection of homegrown, delicious, smokable nugs, you are assured of a simple grow operation with abundant results. Buying feminized eradicates the need to learn how to identify males, eliminates the need to watch for and weed out these pesky dudes, and ensures that every inch of your grow space is well utilized. These are a sublime option for a new grower, as it allows you more energy to focus on providing the right conditions for your plants to have optimal health and potency. They are also a wise choice for small grow rooms or garden spaces, as you know you will get the most from your space rather than being left with barren plots where a male plant once lay! Weed Seeds has a whole section of female seeds to choose from, including delicious, sweet, and fruity flavored options like Orange Cookies Photo Fem, Kushberry Photo Fem, and Melon Gum Photo Fem. These are just a few options in a sea of many. You can find herby flavors, pungent skunk-tasting herbs known for their strength, or other fruity options depending on your preferences. Some will offer sleepy impacts while others will wake you up and give you much-needed motivation. These female seeds are generally a little more expensive, but well worth it for ease and peace of mind. As the practice becomes more commonplace, they are getting more reasonably priced while still being magnificently easy to nourish!

Is There a Good Cannibis Seed Bank?

There are a ton of seed banks around that you can access online or visit in person, but if you are looking for a good cannibis seed bank with the best seeds around, you will want to scour the Weed Seeds catalog to select the most extraordinary, top-grade seeds available on the market. Cannibis seeds.com can be purchased easily from home saving you travel expenses and time wasted in line. Sit on your cozy couch, or browse the lengthy list of seed categories without even getting dressed or out of bed. You can fit a shopping session into your schedule without worrying about store hours and rushing at the end of a long workday or spending your weekend driving around town to stock up. We offer more than magnificent ganja seeds though. We also have a blog with helpful cultivation tips to make the home growing journey a breeze. There are articles about growing indoors and in the garden, guidance for using bud boosting techniques, and advice for optimizing the overall health of your new plants. You can get in touch with our team for support selecting the appropriate strains to address your needs or to order over the phone if you rather avoid scouring the long list of options online. There is even the option to schedule a callback at your convenience, so you do not need to wait on hold! We are accessible through an online contact form, or you can give us a call to speak to one of us directly. It is important to us that you get superior quality seeds and all the support necessary to make your operation successful, enjoyable, and fruitful. You cannot go wrong when you select a reputable company like us to get your hands on all your favorite pot strains! Let us help you get started today!

Where Can I Buy Cannibis Seeds For Sale

There are many different types of cannibis seeds available to purchase. As you navigate the Weed Seeds site, you will notice sections dedicated to 420 and 710 seeds, which are terms used to indicate the best use of the particular selection of seeds. 420 seeds mature into plants with the perfect, resinous, buds for a 420 session. They are heavy-yielding, fast flowering plants with abundant and diverse cannabinoid and terpene profiles that deliver powerful effects and healing benefits. The term 420 originated in the 1970s when a small gathering of high school kids met to look through a neighborhood for a marijuana crop that was reportedly abandoned in the area. They met at 4:20, and the slang, 420 came to represent the general use of the cannibis plant, a popular time for smoking, and an internationally recognized day to celebrate cannibis culture. 710 strains, on the other hand, are those that glisten with thick layers of sparkling trichomes. These oozing nugs are the chosen option for anyone who wants to create concentrates and oils. By using either mechanical or solvent-based extraction methods, people can strip the potent resin from the rest of the plant material. Mechanical extraction involves temperature changes to the buds and manual manipulation, while solvent-based uses chemicals to remove the trichomes. This results in a product called slurry, which is a mix of potent cannabinoids, terpenes, and chemical remnants. The purging of the chemicals is done using one of several methods, each of which creates finished products with different consistencies. These products offer a pure, more flavorful, and less harmful smoking experience to those eager to consume cannibis. Another common term for the mighty ganja seeds is kind marijuana seeds. We are not sure where this originated from, but we anticipate that calling them kind seeds could have been introduced to keep the purchase of once completely illegal seeds and plants on the down-low. Regardless of the name you find them listed under, or the constitution and listed effects you are hoping to find in your plants, you can source every option under the moon through the Weed Seeds online store. When you choose Weed Seeds to meet all of your weed needs, you are getting supreme quality, healthy seeds that will produce abundant yields of top-tier herb.

How To Germinate Cannibis Seeds

Germinating cannabis seeds  through which you sprout a seedling from its hard shelling using a combination of elements like oxygen, light, temperature, humidity, and time. There are several techniques you can use to help your new plants break out of the confines of their home, and when you purchase the superior pot seeds from Weed Seeds, they come with a germination guarantee to take the worry out of the process. No matter which technique you use, you will have the ideal results. If you are looking for successful germination free of cost, you could try the ever-popular paper towel method. Grab some paper towels and two dinner plates to get started. Lay a damp, but not sopping wet, towel down on one of the plates and then spread your seeds out, evenly spaced, on top. Make sure to leave about an inch or so between each seed to allow the taproots the space they need to burgeon. Then cover your seeds with a second damp towel and place the other dinner plate lip down on top. This contains your seeds in a saucer-esque contraption with the ideal moisture levels to help them to crack in as little as 24 hours or as much as 48 hours. Your fresh seedlings will be delicate, so transplanting them into the soil should be done with care. If you have clumsy hands and are concerned about damaging your new taproots, you could always choose to purchase soil cubes instead. With this tool, all you do is press your seed into the cube, keep it moist, and transfer the whole unit into a pot or garden plot when it is ready. Another option is to buy a germination station. This gadget allows you to monitor the humidity levels more acutely to support your seeds. Some folks even just stick their seeds into their grow space, which is the simplest option and can produce equal results. Whatever you decide, having the guarantee that your seeds will germinate takes the pressure off and allows you to enjoy the experience.

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If you are hunting for superior pot seeds from an exceptional cannibis seed bank, you have hit the jackpot stumbling upon the reputable Weed Seeds company! We have a long list of high-ranking pot seeds that cater to every desire and preference you might have for your cannibis smoking and home growing experience. Our catalog is wonderfully easy to navigate, thanks to its well-categorized sections and long, detailed strain descriptions. Once you have sifted through the options and found the perfect herbs to deliver the flavors, effects, and benefits you long for, all you need to do is add them into your virtual cart with a few clicks. From here, simply enter your payment details into our secure system to complete your purchase. We accept a myriad of payment methods including Bitcoin. You might notice a small delivery fee tacked onto your total, but if you surpass the order minimum, this can be waived, and your seeds shipped free of cost! If you prefer to speak to one of our representatives, you also have the option to call us at Call US to place your order over the telephone. This might be preferable if you are having trouble deciding which plants you are comfortable growing, or which types of effects will best serve you. We are here and happy to assist, so give us a shout and we can help you figure out the ideal options for your grow and you will have your new seeds en route to your home in no time! We are excited to aid you in getting your operation underway, and will do all we can to make it a joyful experience! We prioritize excellent customer support as much as we emphasize bringing you supreme quality seeds.

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