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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: November 19, 2021
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Canabis Seeds For Sale

Cannabis seeds for sale is not a claim we take lightly. There are so many companies claiming to be the best canabis seed bank in the land that we decided to do something a little different. Weed Seeds USA is the only one hundred percent American seed bank in the states. We work with professional seed producers throughout the country so we can provide the world’s finest blends to you, the home based or large-scale grower and consumer.

Whether you live in Alaska, Alabama or any place in between, and from New England to Nuevo, California and back again, we supply the seeds you need. If you are in search of the perfect auto hybrid to add pizzazz to your north of 60 garden, we have the stones. If you reside in the dry heat of Arizona or Nevada, we have the sativas that’ll make your head spin. For those collecting cannabis seeds in the country’s great plains, we have the seeds necessary to make America green again, and they are all available for swift purchase and delivery from Weed Seeds USA.

Taking care to store our charges in ideal conditions, we make sure our seeds remain viable long term. Storing seeds is something we care deeply about and, when storage is executed correctly, your seeds can last lifetimes. This, of course, is plenty enough time to watch laws change in your area and, for those enjoying expanded freedoms, you have time to perfect your strains before ever popping another start. How you store them is up to you, but as imaginative as you can be, there is no limit to art, and every day we have more stunning stones for you to choose from.

What we think of cannabis seeds, as each and every one being its own work of living art. That these seeds are alive means they will be ready to start working as soon as they are exposed to a bit of warmth and moisture. To ensure this does not happen, seeds need to be stored in the dark at low temperatures. This is easy in a mini-fridge or wine fridge, with a clear front or enclosed. However you want to base your setup, we have the seeds to make your collection explode with potential. We have heavy indicas, rip-roaring sativas, rainbow hybrids with bag-appeal, autoflowers, fast, regular and feminized, medical and otherwise, all ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Account creation is easy with Weed Seeds USA. Just fill out a few bits of information, choose your seeds and method of payment and that’s it. We guarantee site security, so your information is safe with us, and we are not so depraved as to sell your information like some companies out there. We care about cannabis in America, and we deliver American seeds. We are also available for discussions over combinations of strains for balanced living, and we recommend talking with your cannabis-enthused healthcare professional before attempting to delineate the best plan of attack.

Canabis Seeds


Buy Canabis Seeds Online in the USA

Canabis Seeds For Sale

Canabis Seeds USA

What is Souvenir Canabis?

If you are wondering about souvenir cannabis, you probably mean souvenir seeds. Though cannabis can be stored for quite a while, cannabinoids break down, plant material dries out and loses its lustre, and really, a two or ten year old bud is nothing anyone wants to smoke. But seeds can be kept for generations, if you take proper care of them. At Weed Seeds USA, where there are over 500 strains to choose from and, with new strains available regularly, you are never short on choices.

We have outlined certain categories or aspects of the final plant product which help us classify our selection. But you don’t have to do what we do. You can classify your seeds however you like. Indica, sativa, or THC:CBD ratios, terpene profiles, grow cycles and timelines, color, size, growability, the choice is yours. Some of our clients are running massive seed banks with seeds classified by either indica or sativa and in chronological order. Start with the first crosses, like Skunk and Haze, work your way through the years with Blueberry and White Widow, into Bubba Kush and Bubblegum, right through today’s most award-crushing hybrids, like Gelato, GG4, and Platinum GSC.

A souvenir cannabis seed is a keepsake, a novelty item, a knickknack. Though it is viable, even excitingly so, that vitality is meant to be preserved, to be looked upon and cared for. In many cases, individuals and groups collect souvenir seeds while waiting for cultivation laws to change, and recent bills pushing for federal marijuana reform might make life that much easier for individuals and seed banks across the country. If this impacts, you then jump up and celebrate. Everything is moving in the right direction for our country and Weed Seeds USA has the souvenir seeds you need to make any style of collection shine.

What Types of Canabis Are There?

When talking about souvenir seeds, we touched on a couple of the types of seeds we house. But for an in-depth view of what’s out there, we have to go back in time. The earliest examples of cannabis can be found in Northwest and Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. These first breeds are called landrace species. They are pure, as they have developed unimpeded and uninterrupted for ages. Weed Seeds carries a few of these early breeds, such as Durban Poison, Afghani, Panama Red and Chocolate, and Purple Thai. There is a lot more to cannabis seeds than early genetics though, and Weed Seeds USA is here to show you the world of weed.

All in all, cannabis is of three primary subspecies from which all others are born, indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Sativa also bears its own subspecies, sativa l., a genus generally utilized for hemp crops. Pairing indicas with indicas and sativas with sativas will be hybrid cultivars but will still be considered pure. Pairing an indica with a sativa, however, makes the common hybrid, and adding ruderalis to that blend makes an autoflower. Hybrids date back, we are sure, to before hippie highway breeding in the Emerald Triangle, but the big buds to come out of the 70s still hold water today and are the impetus for generations of hybrid seed farmers.

We touched on hemp and the low to no THC regulations industrial and medicinal hemp farmers must adhere to if their crops are to be saleable. But understanding hemp is a bigger picture. This is a crop dating back to ancient Egypt and beyond, utilized in these civilizations the same way it is used today, for clothing, paper, ropes, and other materials. Post-industrial revolution, we saw hemp taking on more responsibilities, and today, it can be used in thousands of applications, including biofuels, sustainable building supplies, and edible plastics, all treasures in today’s environmental climate.

What Are The Steps In Growing Canabis From Seed?

There are steps to everything. From making your bed to constructing a fence to trading your way up to millions, but there are always building blocks that must be in place before the others can be supported, and growing cannabis from seed is no different. The first step in this business of cultivating crops is to prepare your space. Cannabis requires a dedicated lightproof space, quality lights for awake hours, ventilation, air filtration and extraction, climate control, nutrient schedules, training, and pruning tools and materials, pH and TDS meters, and more. Dial-in the environment to match the strains you wish to grow, and you’ll be better off.

Next, choose your genetics. Choosing the correct seed or seeds for your purposes is always a top priority. Once you have cleaned and prepared your grow space, set up your pots according to the training you will be performing, and have chosen the genetics that suit you, the next step is germination. We will go into more detail in later sections, but this primary life-altering step is critical to get right. Once you have your germinated seeds and your medium set up, plant your seeds into small cups or pots filled with starter mix. Trace elements and minor minerals should be the only nutrients present at this stage, and seedlings need high humidity.

When seedlings are established, transplant them to vegging pots, to allow them to re-establish, then start feeding and training. If you are growing autoflowers, you will have sown seeds directly into living soil or rock wool or DWC and will need only to spread branching out. Do not top an auto. This is something we will dive into more deeply in the autoflower section. For photoperiod success, top plants at the second or third node. You should top again and again so that branching grows evenly and can be spread out horizontally for even light distribution. This is called a Screen of Green (ScrOG). Indica shows can move a little more quickly since an effective SOG rotation utilizes clones. The flowering phase requires low humidity and careful attention paid to trichome development. When they are cloudy with a little amber, chop, dry slowly, and cure carefully.

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Can You Grow Canabis From Seed With No Experience?

Though growing cannabis from seed with no experience can be daunting, and there is always more to learn, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Weed Seeds USA wants you to know that not only is cannabis rather simple once you get the hang of it, but we also offer a large number of beginner buds for you to learn with. To help you decipher some uncommon vernacular, we offer a comprehensive glossary for cannabis terms. Take your time, go easy on yourself and take notes as you go, there will always be another seed to try.

For those new to this, our beginner seed section houses heaps of high test autoflowers and fast flowering strains. These are ideal because they are undemanding of your time, energy, or serenity, and they still require pretty much the same care as any photoperiod strain. The only differences between auto and photo are that autos don’t need high-stress training, you don’t top an auto and they are not photosensitive, so they need no flip. The primary aim of anyone learning something new should be to pack themselves with as much beginner information as possible, recognize and be able to assess pitfalls and pesky problems like overdose and deficiency, pests, and diseases. It also pays to know how dry a plant can get before it needs water.

There is not a single successful person in the world who did it by themselves. Even those who look like they did are backed by teams of people working together to affect the positive outcome we see on the surface. Developing a support network is a pattern that benefits most areas of life and growing cannabis is one avenue where we could all use a haven now and then. Weed Seeds USA has growing guides, information pages, and product test results, but we are not the be-all and end-all. For beginners to become advanced, they need to conduct research, locate and utilize support and develop wisdom through experience.

How To Buy Souvenir Canabis Online?

If you like what you’ve seen so far and have decided now is the moment to buy some souvenir canabis, know that we sell souvenir seeds and that if you want cannabis, you’re either going to have to buy it elsewhere or grow it yourself. If you’re talking about seeds, we are the very last word in American markets, and the more you order the better seed deals we can give you. Buying seeds online or by phone is easy with Weed Seeds USA. Our online platform is designed to provide you with a user-friendly shopping experience. Our staff is always happy to help, and our eCommerce platform is as tight as a drum.

When you go shopping, you want simplicity, selection, and access to people who know what they’re talking about. We have built our seed bank to serve you the way we want to be served. The souvenir seeds you purchase through your account are American, and raised in US houses of cultivation. We purchase the best of what our fellows have to offer, and we store and preserve them for the day when you lay your money down. We offer one and two-dollar seeds to give growers and collectors new to the game a fair start, and we offer high test professional-grade seeds for our country’s expert producers and hemp farmers.

Though we do not sell these seeds for cultivation, we do offer them for every other type of experimentation. For those places where it is legal to cultivate, for those with research grants and Farm Act licenses, we are happy to ship bulk orders for you to do what you need to with. Once you create your account, everything is easy and we accept multiple forms of payment, including credit and crypto. Simply click over to register where it only takes a second to sign up, get deals, get notifications, and coupon options.

How To Learn To Grow From Seed Online?

There are an estimated nine and a half billion people on earth and, according to us, that means there are just that many ways to learn. When endeavoring to start something new, the responsible beginner looks to those who have gone before and who have found success. In today’s climate, that beginning is generally made online where quite literally billions of examples abound, so knowing where to start is imperative. Steps to growing start with gear, head through seed selection, germination, vegging, training, and flowering. Since every stage of development must go well for subsequent phases to work properly, we recommend starting at the beginning.

Learning how to grow from seed online should be a fun experience and Weed Seeds USA does our best to provide basic strain statistics and grow information so that those who choose our seeds will know where to start. One key element for anyone starting a new hobby is patience. Be patient with yourself through your mistakes and successes, keep track of what works and what went wrong, continue to take advantage of online resources, and take note of the information you find there.

When you need to learn how to germinate seeds and what style of training they prefer, we have you covered. But when you are trucking right along and encounter some funny coloration on the leaves, yellow veins where there should be nothing but green, leaf curl, spots, or spider mites, online learning will help you get out of your jam. Online resources will show you how to build soil, operate a deep water culture or aquaponics system and how to properly dry and cure your harvest. Online learning can reveal the science behind light, nutrients, and vapor pressure deficit, all components to growing that are critical to success. Lastly, take care to weed through the garbage to find the gold. There are a lot of amateurs out there claiming expert-level experience, so it pays to research your topics extensively so you can piece together a correct picture of reality.

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What Are Photoperiod Premium Canabis Seeds?

Most of us are familiar with premium canabis, but growing premium weed requires you to start with premium seeds, and for that, photoperiod strains are the way to go. Photoperiod means that the seeds are photosensitive, or that they need to be told when to flower through a shift in light. This shift takes a few forms. Where vegging stages require eighteen hours of blue light per day, to trigger flowering, a twelve-hour schedule of red-hued light is introduced. This shift tells plants that it is autumn and that they’d better get started on procreation if they are to survive through next year.

To female plants, this shift means it’s time to flower, calyxes form, and pistils extend in search of male pollen. The longer the buds go without finding any male virility, they swell, flowers multiply, and become dense and powerful. Award-winning strains, such as Pink Runtz Photo Fem and Platinum Bubba Photo Fem, are feminized, which means that no male genetics are present. This makes it much easier, less expensive, and less time-consuming for growers to produce buds than with feminized seeds’ regular or natural counterparts. To home-based growers and collectors, these seeds spell a win, for there is no award-winner without regular seeds, but there is no simplicity to homegrown bud without the fantastic world of fems.

Some of the most premium cannabis in the world was grown from natural photoperiod seeds though, and these are necessary for the pursuit of developing new strains. With a photoperiod seed, whether it is regular or feminized, full control over every stage of development is yours. Length and type of training, phenotype hunting, mothering the best females, feminization, and the absence of male genetics, are characteristics of photoperiod growing. When it is executed correctly, award-winning buds of the most premium quality are born.

What Are Autoflower Canabis Seeds?

To answer the question of just what autoflower cannabis seeds are, we must take a closer look at genetics. Where indicas meet sativas to generate the plethora of hybrids we have in our vault, the addition of the third botanical, ruderalis, must take place. Cannabis ruderalis was discovered in 1924, growing small and strong in the cold soils of Eastern Siberia. A hot debate has surrounded its lineage for decades, with some believing it to be its own creature, and others thinking it to be an unlikely cousin to cannabis sativa. Either way, ruderalis is a low THC genus of the cannabis family, tri-leaved, small and automatic.

Remember when we mentioned the necessity of photosensitive plants to be triggered by shits in light, well rudy needs no such notice. This genotype grows and develops according to its level of maturity, rather than seasonal changes. This allows it to flourish and reproduce, even in low-light environments. This doesn’t mean that autos don’t need light. Auto-flowering cannabis reacts the same way to light as photoperiod cannabis does, meaning the more light you give it within its threshold, the healthier the harvest. Autoflowers also require the same ventilation, mediums, and nutrients as photosensitive plants, though light schedules can remain stationary at eighteen to twenty hours per day.

Whereas photoperiod selections demand specific types of training and pruning, autoflowers allow the grower some space there as well. Automatic cannabis cultivars also don’t like to be moved, so direct sowing into their final pot is a wise move. As your plants establish and start to grow, simply spread branching out to form a flat plane, tuck overlapping fan leaves away from new growth sites, and continue as usual. Many auto growers opt for living soil because it is easy to manage, provides the healthiest base for your plants to grow into, and, since autos are so fast, little feeding is necessary aside from teas and top-ups.

What Are Regular Canabis Seeds?

We hope that our explanations of feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds have provided a clear start to your learning, and we also hope that we aren’t boring our country’s professionals. The truth is that there is so much to the cannabis plant that it is tough to include every characteristic trait in one article, and there is always more to learn. Where autoflowers and feminized seeds are all girls, regular cannabis seeds comprise both male and female genetics, sprouting girls and boys at a rate of about fifty/fifty. For the marijuana farmer who wants dank buds, this ratio is unacceptable. However, for the breeder, the professional, researcher, or seed farmer, regular seeds are not only prized but necessary.

Managing regular seeds is no small task. Segregating males, even constructing a quarantine zone, is imperative to a sinsemilla yield. When a male and female come together, seeds are born with mixed genetics. When this happens on purpose, the results are the famed hybrid strains of the world. When it happens by accident, it can result in catastrophe. This is why appropriate management, segregation, cleanliness, and dedication to all of the above are critical to regular seed success. When breeders take it to another level, we get to offer strains like the indelible Pineapple Skunk Photo Reg, an apt seed to bring to a Kush or a GDP to create new hybrid stunners.

The cannabis industry is huge in the US. It is so big that the federal government is taking a look at decriminalization across the board. A big part of that is the hemp industry, one which serves many others. A couple of important aspects to field farming are that some growers throughout the states produce seeds for feed, and for this, they need regular seeds. Regular seeds also come into play for researchers looking to create higher-value medical strains, such as some of the breeding endeavors being conducted at Utah State University. Regular seeds have their place, maybe just not in the small-scale grow space, but they are just as precious as the rest.

What Are Feminized Canabis Seeds?

We have touched on feminized seeds a couple of times so far, but now we’d like to take a trip through just what they mean, where they come from, and why they are so popular amongst home-based growers and collectors. Feminization is the process of modifying a female plant so that it develops pollen which can be used to make seeds. This female pollen is special because it is free of male genetics. This is affected through growing regular seeds, locating an ideal female, and performing the shock therapy necessary to force it to create pollen. This is different from hermaphroditism in that there is no male genetic material for future plants to be tricked by.

There are traces of the Y chromosome, placing the most expert feminization at around ninety-nine percent. So that your feminized seeds remain female, environmental control must be consistent. This is especially true with photoperiod specimens, such as the high and mighty Purple Gorilla Glue Photo Fem and Cherry AK47 Photo Fem. These types of high octane flowers require consistency, and when you provide it, the male-free genetics of feminized seeds prove their worth in droves. Feminized photo grows translate into rooms full of buds, where regular seeds would only deliver half the prize, with the same amount of work and the same amount of money.

Other types of seed you can rely on to be feminized are the autoflower and super auto. Every one of the auto-flowering cannabis seeds in our collection has been feminized so the beginner or otherwise limited grower still has every chance to bag buds as the pros do. A super auto is an autoflower with a longer schedule, a little bit of a bigger cannabinoid and terpene complex, and a bigger bang. Whatever you choose to do, if your pursuits are home-based, small scale, private, or a simple addition to your garden, feminized seeds are the way to grow.

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Is There a Good Canabis Seed Bank?

Time and time again, we hear our clientele explain to us the horrorshow of trying to find a good canabis seed bank. Before locating weed-seeds.com, our beloved bud farmers went through hell, and so did we before we decided to open our doors. A good cannabis seed bank needs to be a few things: 1) it needs to have selection; 2) it needs to provide information and support; 3) it needs to be secure; and, 4) it needs to be accountable. We pride ourselves on maintaining high rankings in all of these areas. We love cannabis and we know you do too, so we maintain the integrity of both product and service.

A good American cannabis seed bank should be selling American products, and we do that too. Every seed in our collection was raised in the USA by American farmers in American soils, toiling over developing the highest quality American products for American enthusiasts. Taking care of citizens’ seed needs in this fashion also allows us the added privilege of contributing to closed-loop US economies. Over the past couple of years, more money has been sent overseas and to companies outside America by US citizens than in the previous couple of decades and Weed Seeds USA aims to help take the American cannabis industry to a self-efficacious level.

Employing US workers and seed experts, keeping the money at home, providing the best seeds we can to be placed in collections and gardens all across the country is our business. If this sounds a little idealistic and utopian to you, understand that these things are already happening thanks to Weed Seeds USA, and you are a part of it when you shop here. A good seed bank also provides top-shelf security, packaging, and shipping options and offers deals. When you sign up and create your account, you become family and we treat you as such. Partner with Weed Seeds USA and see what a good American cannabis seed bank looks like.

Where Can I Buy Canabis Seeds For Sale

If you are still wondering where to buy cannabis seeds for sale, you are here. But there are more than just the online seed retailers to take a look at and Weed Seeds USA can be reached by phone, email, instant message, or in person, no sweat. But I know about Weed Seeds, you say, and I want to know more.

States share different laws, regulations, guidelines, and restrictions so, depending on where you live, what you are and are not allowed to do varies. As far as seeds go, in some places you can find seeds in dispensaries and garden centers. In other municipalities, it may simply be an online platform you choose to go with, or you can grab some from a friend. This leads us to seed exchanges. When you shop with Weed Seeds USA to help you build your collection, you have at your fingertips all of the best strains in history, so trading can become quite exciting. Community seed exchanges don’t have to stop at vegetable seeds either, as many municipalities throughout the United States are free to flower cannabis as they will, allowing for true gardening freedoms and ancient barter systems to re-emerge.

To be frank, all of the above remains possible because of Weed Seeds USA. Our selection is diverse enough and vast enough, with volumes of each seed enough to take all forms of seed exchange to higher levels. Buying seeds with us is as easy as accessing a secure account and placing an order, just like you would do with any online retailer. Don’t be stuck searching phrases like canabis seeds.com. With Weed Seeds USA, every single ganja dream you’ve ever had is on track to come true.

How To Germinate Canabis Seeds

Whether you plan to grow indica, sativa, or hybrid kind cannabis seeds, from seed starts or clones, there is one thing that must take place for any of it to come to fruition and that is germination. How to germinate cannabis seeds is something anyone can learn in an instant. As the primary stage of dank development, germination is the first celebration of success pretty much any type of grower can see, skyrocketing a newbie’s start and adding an initial sense of accomplishment. This type of win makes heading into subsequent stages of cultivation a little lighter, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

To affect successful germination, your seed must be moist without being wet, must be warm without getting hot, and must have access to fresh air without drying out. The process may sound tough, but it’s not. Science always sounds trickier than it is in practice, so let’s take a look at how to mimic the natural world. Take a small glass of water, add a couple of drops of fish emulsion or rooting hormone, add your seeds and place the glass in a cupboard or other dark space overnight. The next day, fold a paper towel on a plate, pour your seeds and water onto the towel, and separate seeds with enough space that they do not interfere with each other. Add a second paper towel on top, moisten and pour off excess liquid. Place this parcel in the dark and within a couple of days, you will have germination success.

For certain plants, such as autoflowers, it pays to sow seeds directly into a medium, however, for all other seeds, the next step is planting. When you open your little parcel of new life, look for the shells to have cracked open and small, white points or taproots to have emerged. The seeds with this little root are ready to be placed into your chosen medium. Whether you have opted for rock wool, soil or coir, place each seed in its own container, tip down, and only a fraction of an inch from the surface. Add a couple of drops of water to ensure soil humidity and add mild directional lighting until the seedlings emerge.

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