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Cannabis is taking the world by storm. Each year, it seems new research is coming to light exposing the continually mounting list of potential health benefits of this age-old plant. Marijuana offers quite a bit of therapeutic promise from a physical and mental standpoint, and seeds are the keys to taking full advantage of all cannabis has to offer. Weed Seeds USA is your source for wholesale cannabus seeds. We have a vast selection of seeds of all types and strains.

As cannibis studies gain steam, a growing number of countries and individual states are legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. This means people are increasingly looking for the right weed seeds to suit their needs and expectations.

Dozens of options are available to today’s four-twenty aficionados, and the menu is constantly expanding. Each year, more people are considering the benefits of growing their own lush marijuana gardens, so the search for the right cannabis seeds is constantly on the rise.

At Weed Seeds USA, we’re here to make sure you have access to all the most potent and popular THC seeds on the market. Call us at 1-844-807-1234 to learn more about what we have to offer.


What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are tiny, power-packed nuggets of wonder and amazement. On the outside, they have a dull, mottled brown shell that really doesn’t look very impressive. On the inside, though, they’re crammed with genetic material that’s just waiting to burst forth and produce marijuana plants.

Though all US cannabis seeds look the same on the surface, what’s inside varies greatly. Each seed contains a different mix of DNA and other cells. These materials are automatically coded to generate plants with the genes of the parent plants responsible for the seed’s creation.

What are the Benefits of Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds Vs. Un-sexed Seeds?

Several benefits can come from growing feminized seeds rather than un-sexed seeds. As we mentioned, you don’t have to worry about determining which plants are male and female with feminized seeds. Even if you know what to look for, there’s always a chance you could mistakenly miss one of the males or inadvertently wait too long to separate them.

One male is all it takes to turn a harvest of juicy, potent buds into one that’s riddled with unwanted seeds. This leaves you with little usable material and can greatly detract from the potency of what’s left after picking out all the seeds.

Another advantage of using feminized 420 seeds is being able to grow more usable plants with fewer seeds. Regular seeds are hardwired to produce around 50 percent female plants and 50 percent male. As a result, you ultimately end up throwing away about half of your crop.

With feminized seeds, all the plants are female, so they all produce buds. You could grow twice as many plants with half the seeds. On the other hand, you could buy twice the amount of seeds and grow a crop of entirely female plants that’s twice as large as it would be with un-sexed seeds.

How are Cannabis Seeds Made?

Cannabis seeds are made when female plants’ flowers are pollinated. This can be done naturally by leaving male and female plants alone together for a time after they mature. The males pollinate the females, and the pollinated females produce seeds. Female plants can also be forced to pollinate themselves to create seeds, but we’ll talk more about that shortly.

What Types of Cannabis Seeds Are There?

This is a complicated question because there are numerous types of marijuana seeds. With so many varieties available, it’s important to examine several aspects of ganja seeds and the plants they produce. First off, let’s take a look at the three basic sub-species of marijuana.

Cannabis-Indica Strains

Worldwide, indica strains are likely the most popular members of the cannabis family. They originally grew weed seeds in and around the Hindu Kush mountain range. Most Indica strains come from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, and other nearby regions.

In light of Indica’s origins, strains in this category generally prefer somewhat cooler growing conditions than Sativas. Indica plants are usually short and stocky, only growing to around two to four feet tall at their peak. Their leaves are short with wide blades, and their buds are typically fat and dense as opposed to long and slender.

This classification of cannabis was officially differentiated from its cousins during the late 1700s. At the time, scientists realized the types of marijuana grown in and around the Hindu Kush region produced psychoactive effects that other strains didn’t.

Generally speaking, Indica strains induce a noteworthy high and have a sedative effect. This makes Indica seeds highly sought-after commodities. They’re often used to help treat insomnia and anxiety as well as for combating stress. They can also aid in alleviating certain types of pain. Of course, because of the lofty THC content, Indicas are popular choices for recreational cannabis seeds.

Cannibis-Sativa Strains

Whereas Indica strains are accustomed to cooler, mountainous climates, Sativas prefer heat and humidity. They originated in equatorial and tropical regions, specifically Central and South America. Strains in this category are just as favorable as their Indica relatives but for different reasons.

While Indica strains are generally short and stocky, Sativas are characteristically tall and slender. If cultivated outdoors and allowed to grow to their full natural potential, they can stretch to 10 feet tall or more. They have thin leaves as opposed to wide ones. Their buds are usually longer than those of Indica plants, and they’re not quite as densely packed. That doesn’t mean they’re not just as potent, though.

Sativa strains vary greatly in their CBD and THC content. Some people insist most of them have higher THC levels. Others say Sativas offer equally balanced concentrations of both compounds. In truth, neither perspective is wrong per se because of Sativa’s diverse range of profiles.

Sativa typically provides an energizing, uplifting effect. Those looking for a cerebral high rather than a body buzz should lean more toward Sativa seeds than Indicas. Strains in this family can give you a boost of focus, concentration, and creativity. They’re more suitable for daytime use than Indicas since they don’t make users sleepy or generate the Jell-O, or “couch-lock”, effect.

If you’re looking for medicinal cannabis seeds, something in the Sativa family may very well be the best solution. These strains offer numerous potential benefits. They can relieve pain and inflammation while battling depression and fatigue. They may also help with ADHD, social anxiety, and poor appetite.

Many people also turn to certain Sativa strains because of their well-balanced impacts. Their CBD content often helps counteract the unpleasant effects some people experience with THC, such as irrational fear and paranoia. Though you can still enjoy the favorable influences of the THC in Sativa strains, they won’t be quite as harsh as they would be without a little CBD added to the mix.

Canabis-Ruderalis Strains

Those who plan to buy cannabis seeds don’t usually look for Ruderalis strains. They’re far less potent than Sativa and Indica, and they have little if any THC to speak of. Though they contain some CBD, their levels of this compound don’t measure up to other varieties. They also tend to produce fewer buds than other strains.

Ruderalis is very much the underdog of the marijuana world. Still, much like Clark Kent and Mike Mouse, it’s a bit of a superhero in disguise. Behind its meek exterior and lacking chemical composition lie some impressive hidden superpowers.

In terms of size, Ruderalis is a small plant even when compared to Indica. It grows to a maximum height of about two and a half feet. It’s also hefty and somewhat rough around the edges with broad leaves and small, chunky buds.

Ruderalis sprang up naturally thousands of years ago in parts of Northern Asia and Russia. In the scientific world, it’s basically considered a rogue breed whose seeds escaped organized cultivation. It went out on its own and adapted to harsh growing conditions. Its standard environment consists of cooler temperatures, short days with relatively little light, and fleeting growing seasons.

Because of all this, Ruderalis evolved beyond the photoperiodic flowering cycle of Sativas and Indicas. Instead, it flowers based on age. This means it’s ready to harvest much more quickly than other strains. In many cases, its buds are ripe for the picking by around two months after being planted.

Though the Ruderalis family as a whole is often thought of as undesirable because of its minimal yields and potency, some of its other qualities make it a highly attractive alternative for many people. Its small size makes it perfect for indoor cultivation particularly for people who have little room for growing marijuana. Since it’s a hearty breed that can hold up to less-than-ideal conditions, it’s also a great option for first-time canibis growers.

Ruderalis is also an advantageous option in certain other circumstances. Some people don’t want a highly potent strain. They prefer the milder effects of Ruderalis. If you’re a newcomer to cannabis consumption and aren’t sure how it might affect you, Ruderalis may be a safe starting point as well. It’s also a useful alternative for those who want the uplifting effects of CBD but prefer to steer clear of THC.


Branching out into Cannabis Hybrids

This is where the available types of pot seeds branch out even further. We could spend days discussing all the hybrids currently on the market. By the time we finished covering them all, an entirely new list of hybrids would have come to light because different options are constantly being developed. It’s an endless cycle, which is highly beneficial to growers and consumers alike.

Overall, the term hybrid refers to any type of cannabis seed that’s created by crossing two or more strains. Breeders combine various strains of Indica and Sativa plants based on their desirable traits and effects. Resulting hybrids offer the best qualities of their parent plants, including their sizes, growth cycles, impacts, aromas, flavors, terpene profiles, and flavonoid combinations to name a few.

Most hybrids are either Indica- or Sativa-dominant. Cannabis breeders also use Ruderalis in the hybridization process. Crossbreeding this strain with others produces cannabis seeds US that offer the benefits of Indica, Sativa, or both while also maturing much more quickly than those varieties would on their own.

These are known as autoflowering strains, meaning they begin producing buds at a specific age rather than based on light cycles alone. Breeders include Ruderalis genes to help speed up the flowering process and make cannabis strains more resilient. Some pot seeds contain the genetics of several strains that have been carefully chosen and engineered to provide a highly customized user experience.

710 Cannabis Seeds

Hybrids come in countless forms, each of which is bred to have a specific set of traits, flavors, aromas, terpene profiles, and effects. One highly specialized type of hybrid is 710 cannabis. It’s bred to produce significantly more oil than other varieties of marijuana, making it the perfect option for people who want to create oils, concentrates, isolates, and other products that require cannabis oil. Some popular 710 cannabis seeds are 8 Ball Kush, White Widow, and Wedding Cake.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds USA are yet another interesting choice. They’re a type of hybrid designed to produce only female marijuana plants. This helps take a great deal of the hassle and guesswork out of the cannabis-cultivation process.

With regular Four Twenty seeds, or un-sexed seeds, you never really know what you’re going to get. Marijuana is a dioecious plant, meaning it comes in both male and female varieties. Growers have to keep a close watch on their plants as they grow and develop. Once the plants start reaching maturity, you need to look for all the little details that differentiate the male plants from the female ones.

Around four weeks or so into the growing cycle, cannabis plants begin to show their gender. Male plants start developing tiny pollen sacs whereas female ones produce small bracts. Bracts are basically tiny leaves that develop before the buds begin to grow, but they don’t look quite the same as the other leaves on the plants.

It’s essential to spot those minuscule differences early on in the growing process, so you can separate the male plants from the females to prevent pollination. If the plants are allowed to pollinate, you’ll end up with an ample supply of seeds rather than the sticky buds you want. Of course, it’s not easy to pick out the little variations when the plants are young. In many cases, by the time they become obvious, it’s too late to keep the male plants from pollinating the female ones.

That’s why feminized cannabis seeds have become so popular. Breeders essentially crossbreed two female plants or force one branch of a female plant to grow pollen sacs in order to pollinate itself. From there, they clone the resulting plant or breed it with another female of the desired strain.

All this leaves you with a plant that only has X chromosomes, so it can’t produce seeds with male DNA. If you want guaranteed feminized seeds with specific traits and benefits, be sure to purchase them from a trusted cannabis seed bank. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a bind when your crop begins to mature.

Top 10 Cannabis Seeds USA

Hundreds of varieties of ganja are on the market right now, and more are constantly being added to the list. You’ll find high-THC strains and CBD cannabis seeds to suit the differing needs of all the various types of weed consumers in the world. While recreational users generally prefer those with ample THC, medical consumers often look for those with more CBD. Of course, both types can provide plenty of benefits. Take a look at the most popular cannabis seeds for sale to see which ones appeal to you.

Alien Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking for relief from inflammation and the many problems it can cause, you can’t go wrong with Alien Gorilla Glue. When you order cannabis seeds to grow this Indica-dominant hybrid, you’ll get buds with an earthy, skunky taste and smell and plenty of THC.

Cream Candy Cannabis Seeds

With a flavor that’s reminiscent of pineapple and vanilla, Cream Candy produces an extremely relaxing effect. It’s great for melting away stress and eliminating insomnia among other uses.

Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds

This strain is an absolute favorite among artists, musicians, and athletes as it gets your brain and body buzzing with a positive, lifted kind of energy. Whether you need inspiration to write a new song, or the extra boost of encouragement to hit the gym hard, this strain can help get you there.

Purple Sunset Cannabis Seeds

With a sweet, citrus, floral essence, Purple Sunset USA cannabis seeds grow buds that’ll leave you feeling like you’re relaxing on a beach. This strain produces a sense of calmness without putting you to sleep or rendering you unable to move.

Sweet Tooth Cannabis Seeds

If you like sweet, floral strains with a soothing effect, Sweet Tooth may be the one for you. Its Indica-dominant genes give it a hefty amount of THC that can help you fall asleep and stay in dreamland for a while.

Black Hulk Cannabis Seeds

High concentrations of THC generate euphoria and relaxation with Black Hulk. It’s wonderful for treating anxiety, stress, and depression while alleviating arthritis and certain other types of pain.

Black Widow Cannabis Seeds

This beautiful, nearly black plant with red accents is as decorative as it is powerful. It can provide a calming, relaxing high as well as a bit of mental clarity.

Chocolope Cannabis Seeds

Sativa-dominant Chocolope offers both THC and CBD, making it a well-balanced alternative for anyone who’s interested in cannabis seeds for sale online. This strain leaves you feeling cheerful and tranquil.

Harlequin Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds

An Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain gives you a nice blend of THC and CBD with the latter being slightly more prevalent. It’ll help with pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

Purple Urkle Cannabis Seed

Purple Urkle has a well-rounded flavor profile ranging from sweet berries to the stereotypical skunky essence. It’s helpfully sedating and provides a euphoric effect.

Big Bud Photoperiod Cannabis Seed

Big bud is a fan favorite indica hybrid known for its large, dense buds in a relatively short 7-9 week period.

Keep in mind, these are only a few of the current favorites. They only make up a fraction of what’s available to everyone looking to buy cannabis seeds online. Browse our extensive selection, and don’t be afraid to step outside the box.


How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

If you’re ready to order cannabis seeds online, the process is simple. First, just look through our selection to decide which strains speak to you. Then, call us at 1-844-807-1234 or email us at ok@weed-seeds.com. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be on hand to get those seeds from our seed bank into your hands.

Common Misspellings, Versions & Abbreviations

At times, you may find your marijuana seed searches just don’t quite generate the results you’re looking for. If so, the problem may be the spelling of your main point of interest. Perhaps you inadvertently typed in cannibus or cannibis rather than cannabis. Maybe the informational sources you’re browsing spelled it incorrectly, as in canibis or canabis.

You’ll find any number of alternate spellings in circulation these days. A couple of additional examples might be kannabis and kanibis. Whether you specifically search for canebus or some other variation of the word, Google will most likely understand what you’re looking for and bring up the right cannabis search results for you. Buy cannibis seeds online from Weed Seeds USA.

Interesting Facts About Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana has been around for millennia. During that time, it has amassed quite a lengthy and colorful history. From medicinal to recreational uses, it’s certainly one of the most interesting herbs on the planet.

  • It’s a Time-Honored Remedy Cannabis is one of the oldest medical substances known to man. Its therapeutic effects date back thousands of years with records of its use spanning numerous cultures across the globe with a special time of day.
  • Marijuana Is Extremely Varied Being available in numerous strains and varieties is only the beginning of marijuana’s diversity. It affects people differently depending on their brain and body chemistries. On top of that, its effects can vary even among members of a single strain from the same crop.
  • It Was Once a Mandatory Crop During the early days of American colonization, laws were in place requiring colonists to grow hemp for various uses. If they didn’t, they had to pay fines. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many other notable political figures grew cannabis crops. American cannabis seeds were an important component of the nation’s history.
  • To Weed or Not to Weed? According to some historical accounts, Shakespeare not only consumed cannabis but grew it in his garden. You might say this is proof positive of the creative influence of some strains. Edgar Allan Poe partook of the ganja as well.
  • It’s Patriotic. Hemp appears in various places throughout America’s history, but it’s more integral than many people realize. In fact, rough drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper, and the nation’s original flag was made of hemp cloth.

As you can see, chronic seeds have a long and interesting backstory. They’ve made headlines over the centuries for numerous reasons both positive and negative. No doubt, cannabis will continue to tell an ever more fascinating tale during the centuries to come.

Place Your Cannabis Seed Order Online Or By Phone TODAY

For all of your indoor and outdoor cannabis seed needs, visit Weed Seeds USA. Choose from Cream Candy, Jack Herer, Chocolope and others. We have kind and courteous sales agents ready to take your call and get you growing with the best cannabis seeds in America. Call 1-844-807-1234 today.

What to Expect

What to expect from buying a canibis seed online, now that is a big question. How experienced are you in growing cannabis? Have you chosen strains which will work within your space and time frame? Have you a chosen method of cultivation? These questions are important because every strain is different, and every seed takes on a life of its own when it pops.

To have a clue as to what to expect when you pop a seed in the ground assists the grower in becoming prepared and being prepared is half the battle. On top of providing the right environments for the foliage and the roots, you will need to train your cannabis in order to maximize the energy input to yield ratio. This is never too difficult and requires only basic supplies.

No matter which strains work for you, no matter what level of inexperience you suffer or experience you possess, no matter how dedicated or lazy you are in your efforts, you can expect Weed Seeds’ weed seeds to be everything they need to be so that any grower can see success.

Contemporary cannabis news will tell you that both home and commercial cannabis investments are on the rise and we at Weed Seeds USA are proud to offer the very height of quality to all cultivators within Canada and the U.S.

Best Cannabis Seeds For Sale Near Me

Having trouble finding seeds at your local cannabus dispensary? Yep. We hear that all the time. It is rare to find seeds available anywhere but online these days and that process can be a chore. So, listen up all ye wanderers through waste! No matter where you are in Canada and the U.S., we have the beans for you!

All you have to do is call 1-844-817-1234, Mon-Fri, 9-6 (CDT) or hit up any of our product pages. When you find the right combination of strains for you, hop over to our contact section and let us know. Payment is a cinch and delivery is quick and quiet.

Don’t allow yourself the nightmare of trying to navigate through hundreds of different names when only one makes sense. Weed Seeds is your 24/7/365 supplier of the best beans and we deliver everywhere!

Visit our State section to check out individual states’ recreational, medicinal and legal climates. Get the low down on Florida cannabis laws, Washington and Wyoming, California, Colorado and all the rest!

How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last?

When talking about seed-storage, it doesn’t matter whether you mean cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. Storing seeds is an important aspect of cultivation and is pretty simple to get right.

As long as you have a cool, dry place, like the back of your refrigerator, you can keep marijuana seeds up to ten years, in some cases. Keeping them in a blackout bag is also a good idea as repeated exposure to light can degrade the seed. Even though this happens little by little, it will shave some viability time off your seeds.

Short-term projects like germination require a couple factors as well, including time. If you have over-moistened your paper-towel, your seed will have very little time to react before it begins to rot, so it is important not to over soak, but to lightly moisten. This creates a humid environment which, along with temperature, is all you are looking to create for germination.

What is Canabis Oil

For every type of hash coming from every type of weed, there is an oil to be made and an extraterrestrial stone to be experienced. High-grade THC cannabis which leaves you feeling like you have been hit with a great big cannabis club is what you want when making oil and extracts for recreation, though any grade weed can be used, and the process is rather simple.

By simply separating your trichomes from the plant material by washing the material with an alcohol such as isopropyl, then evaporating the liquid, you can make some incredible oil. Starting with trichomes only can produce clear oils, like honey and cherry, and these can be out of this world.

Oil is also available in capsules for our medicinal communities and to those who prefer to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without smelling like it. Oils of a variety of THC and CBD levels are available, depending on the needs of the consumer, as are tinctures and topicals.

The smoking kind tends to hit hard and should not be taken lightly. A little goes a long way with the good stuff and it is always better to play it safe. Check out our 710 seeds, specifically designed with extracts in mind.

Grow Bigger Ganja Buds

Bigger buds! More massive yields! Crazy huge harvests! If these are the important points of growing marijuana for you, then you need to check out our vault.

Aside from choosing the right genetics by shopping weed-seeds.com, growing bigger buds is a matter of climate, growing medium, nutrients, humidity and light. When these things are dialed-in and on point, if you have chosen a quantity strain, you can be certain to pocket some serious yields.

Weed Seeds is home to some of the highest-yielding strains on the market. We are also the home of award winning cannabis strains, developed and preserved right here on American soil. So, when you want some old-school strains, guaranteed to act the way they have for ages, check them out.


How to Dry Pot

Learning how to dry canibis is a relatively simple process. It’s maintaining the right environment and ultimately curing cannabis which is a bit harder to master.

To dry your cannabis, choose a dark, clean, well-ventilated spot, sized according to your needs. Get the temperature to 70F and maintain 60% relative humidity. Many growers chop the entire plant at the base of the stalk, hang it on a coat-hanger and aim for a week to ten days to dry properly. Aiming for this window allows the microbes in the weed to eat up remaining chemical agents and to start breaking-down the chlorophyll.

However you hang your weed, you want that air circulating well around the buds, but not blowing directly on them. Dry your weed until the leaves crunch, but the bud is still a bit spongy. If you have hung a whole plant, you want the main stalk to snap without breaking. Another rule is, try rolling a joint. If the joint stays lit, then it might be ready for the jar.

The curing process is in place for the chlorophyll to finish off and for the cannabinoids and terpenes to develop further. If we are not careful, this is where we are going to see mold. Aside from the powdery mildew seen in overly humid grow rooms, cannabus mold is a major thorn in the side of curists. This is why maintaining 62% rH and burping your jars a few times a day for the first week, then once a day and so on until the curing process is complete, is so vitally important.

How to Make Cannabis Tea

Tea is a tonic as old as time. For a hundred thousand years, mankind has been mixing water and leaves in order to promote health and wellness and every strain of cannabis can be prepared in this fashion.

Some people mix oil with tea leaves in order to create their preferred blend. Another method is to add a few drops of your favorite tincture to a steamy cup of their favorite tea. But in order for the cannabis plant itself to produce the desired effect when ingested, it must first be decarboxylated. Don’t worry, it isn’t as scary as it sounds.

If you simply want some weed tea, baking those buds first in a 220F oven for 30-40 minutes activates the cannabinoids present in the nugs, shifts THCa to THC and makes your potion that much more potent. You could just grind up a bud and steep it slowly in the near-boiling water, and that works fine. However, you will notice the difference if you decarb beforehand.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

There are a few places weed can show up in your system. In the blood and urine, marijuana can be detected anywhere from 1 to 30 days after use. The more you use, the higher the levels in your system and, for those who consume a few grams a day, you may be looking at beyond 90 days before THC is undetectable in your system. This is even true for saliva swabs, just in case you were curious.

If hair is the material to be analyzed, you can expect marijuana to show up until you get your haircut, though standard testing generally looks no further than 90 days. Those who grow their hair long may have been clean a while, yet, looking back through the years, any and all drugs can still be detected.

THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) is broken down by the liver into 80 metabolites. These will rest within certain tissues such as those of the kidney and, over time these metabolites will be released through bodily excretions.

Those ticketed medical cannabis registrants don’t have anything to worry about here. The world understands that you have a condition which requires medication, and that medication is cannabis. Only in rare cases will this be an issue and, as the country changes, so do the rules.

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Yes, we ship souvenir seeds to all states in the US of A! Please germinate with care and only when allowed by state authorities.

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