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Cannabis Grow Tent Set Up

A Complete Guide

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: March 25, 2022

Cannabis Grow Tent Set Up – A Complete Guide

If you’re looking to set up your own marijuana grow operation at home but are unsure where to start, grow tents might be right for you. Not only are they efficient in size, but the ease of setup and fast learning curve, in comparison to building an indoor garden from scratch, filled a gap in the cannabis cultivation market. Starting to show up on the scene in compact, efficient, safe, stealth, easy to assemble kits with everything included, they get you growing with a simple DIY operation. Ideal for those with limited time, space and budgets, these self-sufficient, fully enclosed, home ganja gardens are the perfect solution for even the most novice growers. Though one may spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand or more, there are so many options to choose from for all budgets. From a simple pop up, to the super high tech and everything in between, the cannabis cultivation industry is big business with a multitude of products, growing methods, and high-tech equipment involved. It can all seem more than overwhelming for the beginner grower. Less expensive than the pricey, complicated, and often dangerous home grow-ops, tents can be tucked, safely and discreetly into a corner of the basement or back closet, no one will ever know where that chronic dank you always seem to score came from. Hop online, have a look at the different options available, research which size and style would best suit your requirements and give your own show a go.

Why Use a Grow Tent?

There are many reasons to use a grow tent. Each individual situation will have its own unique circumstances and requirements which will determine if there is a product to suit your needs. Everything is included, along with full instructions on setup and use so expect it to be easy peasy. Ideal for novice growers, tents take the guesswork out of what you will need and what to expect when growing your own ganja. Whether you have limited time and space or for those wanting something more stealth, grow tents are a great solution. Along with ease of size and simplicity, this simple indoor system provides an ideal grow environment for those baby Janes, so you’ll be producing some fat nugs in no time. New technologies such as cooler LED lighting and smaller carbon can filtration systems have enabled even more options in the grow tent industry. Some have separate dual room photoflip chambers for the veg/flower stages of growth, but even a small, efficient grow tent system has the capacity to produce some surprisingly massive yields. There’s everything from simple, basic tent set ups using just fluorescent lighting and a few dirt filled pots, to the super high tech, hydroponic or drip method systems, LED lights and even Co2 canisters. A basic knowledge of marijuana plant botany, some thorough research, and a proper grow tent can have anyone quickly on their way to smoking their own homegrown. It’s almost as simple as popping up a pup tent in the living room.

What To Consider Before Buying an Indoor Grow Tent

The first thing to consider before buying a grow tent will be what you are expecting from it, whether it’s a stealth, high tech production operation, or more destined for personal use. Where you will be setting it up and how much space you have should be predetermined before making a purchase. Level of growing experience also comes into play. Some tents can be extremely high tech and novice growers may not be experienced enough to utilize all the features properly. For instance, once every aspect of the plant’s environment is perfectly on point, some high tech grow tents will have Co2 canisters for that extra boost. If the plants are not in optimal health, this feature may go to waste. How much yield you can expect from a grow tent is basically limited by size, but even a small operation may produce some pretty decent yields if properly set up and maintained. It’s not all just gravy, grow tents are user friendly and will do most of the work for you, but basic knowledge of cannabis botany is needed in order to avoid costly mistakes. Now is also the time to consider the type of strain, a Sea of Green (SOG) friendly strain with a small, compact stature and high yield specifically bred for tight areas might be best. Also, whether or not your grow will be a complicated hydroponic system or a simple pot and soil medium are decisions that should be made before purchasing your grow tent.


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